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Puli Movie Review


Puli Review:

Puli is a Tamil fantasy adventure film directed by Chimbu Devn. It stars Vijay, Sudeep, Sridevi and Shruti Hassan. Puli will be releasing on 1 October 2015.


The film has been made on a huge budget of 120 crore. It is also the widest release ever for any Vijay starrer. The promos have raised the buzz and hype further. So the expectations are huge from this fantasy film. Let's move on to Puli review to see if it lives up to the expectations.

This is only a short review. Detailed review will be updated soon.

Puli Movie Review

First of all if you have watched Baahubali recently, then do not compare it with Puli as the two films belong to different genres. The film tells the story of fantasy world so anything can happen here,. Puli revolves around the journey of Maru Dheeran (Vijay). He travels back in time and reaches in the kingdom of Sudeep and Sridevi. The later has some magical powers, by which she can travel to any time period. Shruti Hassan plays the love interest of Vijay. He also had good education and acquires skills in all kinds of fighting. Due to the increasing popularity of Vijay, Sudeep becomes very jealous of him. The subsequent twists and turns leads the story forward. The story is the USP of this film so it will not be fair to give too much details.

The script isn’t absolutely new or fabulous but still it is very much enaging. Chimbu Devun has come up with a very different story line. He deserves distinction marks for thinking up an engrossing screenplay which has masala for the audience and yet is not frivolous.

Puli Review: Direction, Editing, Screenplay

As might be evident, the first half of Puli isn't exactly riveting. It teeters between funny, spectacular and tragic, depending upon how keen-eyed the viewer is and how much acting is required of the cast. Chimbu Devn gives us a terrific interval point, and the film moves briskly in its second half.

Though this swashbuckling adventure relies heavily on CGI and VFX, it doesn't lack emotional resonance. Computer graphics, animation and visual effects are top notch. Production and technical values are grand.

Cinematography is excellent. The music is decent and works well in the films. The editing should have been better though.

Okay so the problem is, it will be compared with Baahubali. Visually the kingdom in Puli also seems to be inspired from BB. Though visual effects are not comparable to Bahubali. But overall these two are completely different films.

Puli Review: Star Performances

Vijay shines in each and every scene of the film. He brings much by way of performance through his sheer intensity. We could not imagine anyone else playing this role with such ease.

Sudeep does what he is famous for. Shruti Hassan looks pretty and acts well. Hanski Motwani does a decent job in her short presence.

But it is Sridevi who steals the show with her brilliant performance. Her stunning and never seen before avatar will mesmerize the audience.


What's Hot:

♦ A complete out of the box plot
♦ Lead Performances
♦ Visual Effects
♦ Entertainment Value


What's Not:

♦ Stretched story
♦ Too many twists and turns
♦ Some flaws


Puli Movie Review: Verdict:

On the whole Puli is thoroughly entertaining. The director needs to be applauded to think some thing out of the box. It will surely roar at the box office and shatter many opening records. If you want entertainment, then Puli is the best bet for you on this weekend.




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51 comments on “Puli Review - Vijay”

    1. Dont lie, there is no theatre in USA running this movie now, first show starting Eveningtonight(SEP 30) in USA.

    1. Cut the crap... Movie is much better than bahubali.... Best entertainer from my side.. 3.5 is a true credit...

  1. The movie is SUCKS. Every scean in the movie, i wanted only one thing REFUND. Even though i didn’t pay for the ticket but i still want my money back. ??

    1. First correct your English and then comment about Puli or Vijay. The movie is worth a watch. Don't just blabber anything.

    1. R u ajith fan y u guys are doing like this even yennai arindhal attu flop but u guys are telling like semma hit nu :)


  3. World best ever green great,fantastic,marvellous,unbelievable,mind-blowing,tremendous film ? puli ... Vijay fans Ku feast...

  4. Don't' watch this movie mokka flim its only vijay fans only, don't' waste your time guys .

  5. Not upto the mark. . . Sutable for kids. . Nothing intresting. . Nor funny. . I will not recommended this movie. .

  6. Its a low class movie with Poor VFX. Kids will be interested to watch it. As if they feel, they are watching some Cartoon Network channel on Big Screen.

  7. Being a Ajith fan am telling. The flim is good according to my way. Vijay acting is too good in his screen play. Must watch, the total change from Vijay.

    And, plz dnt compare this flim with BAHUBALI as the two screens play travel with diff root.

    Good entertain flim.

    Good to go !!!


    Thala fan

  8. It is nonsense movie this is fantastic flop movie i think vijay dont act is better for whole people in the world.

  9. First hatsof to the director chimbudeven & vijay for a different attempt. Chimbu has taken vijay to the next level.
    It's a fantastic fabulous fantasy film. And the movie is technically strong

  10. Now Watching #Puli with my Total Family.. Everybody loves and Enjoying fantasy ride.. Thanks TO Thalapathy & puli team
    #Puli 3rd Time

  11. Chimbu Devun has come up with a very different story line. Vijay's dare to try to diff attempt & director taken tamil cinema to next level

  12. Comment:thalapathy a nambit film ku poram...but knjm kuda sense illa ma direct pannirukaru simbudevan.
    fantancy film la ella facny la irukanga.....

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