Prabhudeva to direct Salman Khan's Dabangg 3

Salman Khan is having a very busy schedule. The actor recently wrapped up Tiger Zinda Hai and has already moved on to his next project Race 3. Now according to the latest reports, he will start working on Dabangg 3 in 2018 which will be directed by Prabhudeva,

The producer Arbaaz Khan says, “Prabhudeva is directing Dabangg 3. We did meet last week, but all three of us are busy with our own careers. Salman is shooting for Race 3 and will have two films around the same time. We are likely to start shooting in April 2018, and need some time to work on the script as well as the pre-production of the project.”

He also said, “We are still ideating. Just because I am the producer of the film, it doesn’t mean that I won’t creatively contribute to the venture. Prabhudeva and I are on the same page. He is someone who is open to suggestions.”

Arbaaz Khan was promoting Tera Intezaar with Sunny Leone. The film will release on 24 November 2017.

54 comments on “Prabhudeva to direct Salman Khan's Dabangg 3”

  1. I wonder why is he is doing dabaang 3..prabhu deva films are no longer popular now..his lst few films were bad except sib..and dabaang type stories may also not worl well..tzh is good..he should do more films like sultan bb and tzh

    1. He is doing this only for his brother.......Even he knows that its a risky project now, perfect example of good Brother and Friend.....Same mistake he did last decade and now again he is doing same thing working with Brothers and friends (give opportunity to Daisy and Remo in Race 3).......

  2. @jahangir Its right that audience will never accept aamir in kick or ready..and taalash was an above average and mangal pandey record opener..
    and aamir will never do a kick or ready..same for salman..ppl will not accept him portraying pk(he will not do justice to it and he never does such films)for stupids who say dangal is for mahabir ji's inspiring story..then the director could easily go to irrfan as he would take 200% less money than aamir(its combination of everything)..why should an actor do a movie like kick??who could play such characters in dangal,3 idiots and pk or lagaan..its script sense..and srk also refused 3 idiots..
    Bt still aamir haters keep saying that aamir is only for content..where does stardom goes when they do a movie like tubelight,fan,jhms,boss or himmatwala??its always about content..tepk would perhaps do 75 crore without akki..dangal max 80 crore..sultan max 100 crore..ce max 100 crore..
    All films worked in current decade were good/entertaining ,mnik,ce,hny,don,bm,dangal,pk,dhoom,bb,dabaang,sultan,prdp,ett,kick,rr,yjhd,Airlift,rustom,agneepath,golmaal..
    And if srk has not been able to give a clean hit doing films like dilwale,raees,jhms,fan in lst 3 years..then giving 3 consecutive atbb with good content movies are way better..let aamir be a content based Indo "Chinese" puny actor!

    1. Abey ceiling atleast Salman ne tubelight ko apne stardom k dum par 100 crs cross karaya par tera aamir to 60 crs k liye struggle karta... Talash 3 saal k ane k baad bhi badi mushkil se 90 crs cross kiya to ek saal k ane k baad kya haal hota... 70 or 60 or 50..? ? ? Waise bhi Aamir ? xmas dependent star hai.... Aur sab se jhoota actor bhi... Pehle usne kaha tha Dangal film nahi karega par usne kiya aur ab bol raha hai Rakesh Sharma pe film nahi banayega par future mein zarur us film k sath ayega... ? ? ? jhoota aamir, jise katti batti dekh kar rona aya uska kya kehna... ?

  3. Prabhudeva directing Dabang 3

    Remo d souza directing Race 3

    Not happy with these choices. Better to trust Salman with his choices as he has proven himself more right than wrong with them

    Regarding the last sentence of the article who cares about Tera Intezar. Have noticed @bollyarena has been quite keen on promoting Tera Intezar. Trailer and every song shown here.

  4. Salman is getting typecast. He is going the srk way. Even superstar rajnikath last two movies flopped because people slowly out grown his typecast role.

    Do something different roles sallu your audience is more open than you think

    1. Do a bit like aamir khan , sallu bhai dont get typecast.Its going to be tough but you will have a vast open audience who will accept you in a large variety of roles

  5. We want fan2 jams2,3,4 and it will release fan2 on eid jhms2 on diwali jhms3 on Christmas.jhms4 on 26jan.
    All are great movies .........
    Dabangg3 is brand director does not matter whenever it released going to be blockbuster.......
    For shake of sharuk he will do don3 it will rock box-office.

    1. To bata koi aamir ki film jo niche genre ki ho... Hypocrites.. ? ab pata hai ye rona dhona le ke baithega k Dangal niche hai... ? ? ? aur apne aap ko intelligent bolega.. ? ? ?

  6. Chulbul panday is a larger than life role.
    Chulbul panday achieved great public attention.
    It's a brand .

  7. When will aamir beat prabas bahubali record?
    Ha ha ha
    jab beat karuga tab aamir ka fan

  8. Aab toh remake sequel ka hi
    sahara hai

    Sallu fans kuch toh naya karne ke liye bolo sallu se

    Audience pak gayi sallu ke sequel and remake and copy se


    1. GAHJINI Remake.. 3IDIOTS story based... DHOOM 3 franchise.. PK. Omg n Koi mil gya copy. Dangal real life story.. SS To Diwali m ayi na fr b 60cr Lol hogya ab cameo cameo mt krna yehi 100 krta to. Amir amir krta ab kaisa ghuss gya 2200 screen m 60cr lol Yhi aukat h uski.. thug of hindotsn clash hogyi Dhamaal k sth to 250max wrna 200 bht h.. Screen k. Liye roeyga nh to wo jaisa Secret superstar or Great grand masti k. Liye roya th fattu star

      1. Jinke khud k ghar shishe k hote hain wo dusro k ghar pe paththar nahi mara karte.... Suna hai Aamir MR. PERFECTIONIST hai to phirr pk jaisi unrealistic film kyun banayi... Kya sach mein koi gola hai jaha pk jaise C log rehete hain... ? aur logo ka hath pakad kar uska language and past bhi padh leta hai... ?

    2. Aamir ko amitabh kaa hi sahara thaa ab thugs of hindostan nahi chali toh parshya aunty kahengi amitabh bachchan ji kaa main role thaa like SS aamir ki movie nahi thi?? btw parshya aunty thug k baad aamir ki kaunsi movie nd kab aa rahi hai tab tak tum buddhi bhi ho jaogi ? @parshya

  9. Dabangg 3 flop hoga like wanted,dabangg and dabangg 2

    salman kuch naya karona like tubelight hum picture nahi dhekega par bolne me bahut mazaa aata hai kuch naya karo kuch naya karo.jab aab karega toh boluga salman ne laashe bichadi

  10. Salman ke movies ka main content strong hota hai isle blockbuster dheta hai
    aamir ke movies ka content average hota phir be blockbuster
    ha ha ha

  11. EID 2018-Race3
    EID 2019-Dabang3
    EID 2020-Bharat(Remake)
    EID 2021-Tiger coma me hai
    EID 2022-Kick2
    EID 2023-Dabang4
    EID 2024-Race4
    EID 2025-Tiger abhi bhi zinda hai

    what a busy schedule!!
    Sallu fans bahot hi khush honge ha...

    Bollywood ka satyanash hone wala hai...
    arey bhai kuch toh naya karo
    stardom bacha ne ke liye sirf remake,sequel copy

    Aamir Akshay se kuch sikho bhai........

    1. Amir b Konsa New story sb to copy h Ghajini. 3idiots.D3.Pk.dangal.
      Ab ToH bhi copy h btao. USKE AGE B KOI MOVIE H WO B REAL BASED STORY P H WO B COPY H. Low budget movie k liye wo holiday leta h n rota h screen k. Liye. THUU H aise star p
      Amir kuch to naya try kr Kya wohi Real based story wohi Book k copy. Wohi remake FATTU star k fattu fan Rote rhte hmesha
      TOH BHI REMAKE H Bta ab Prashya Konsi movie uski New story p jo kisi bh movie p based nh h koi b real story nh h kisi p inspired nh h koi b book k nh h. Chl salman to remake krta h ab bta Amir konsa new story p Movie bnaya h..
      Fattu sala. Bs mujor ho tm
      Wo to screen n holiday k. Liye rota h
      Or tm salman salman kr k rote..

    2. So even if we consider your illogical prediction, Atleast it depicts one thing! That Salman will remain a superstar till next 8-10 years atleast! Can't say the same about Amir ?

      1. Sapne dekhna chod de mink,,,,,,suruat to fuselight se ho hi gai hair aur age b disaster ki line hi lgi rahegi,,,,bhut din ghatiya acting,south ki remake k sahare chal gya lallu 2014 born star,,,,

        1. Srk ko bhi advice de deta ki vo South k remakes kar le! Shayad bichare k movies bhi chal jaate ?
          Pani aukaat k actors ko troll karo, 64 cr! Ye Salman khan jaise 300 cr vale actors ko troll na karo toh hi better hai!

    3. Kya Sikhe Aamir se copy karna;
      RDB: COPY Of Arjun (Sunny Deol's Movie)
      3 Idiot: COPY Of Chetan Bhagat Novel
      Ghajini: COPY Of South Movie
      Dhoom 3
      PK: COPY Of OMG
      Dangal: COPY Of Sultan
      TOH: COPY Of Pirates Of The Caribbean

      Aamir fans kuch to naya karne ko bolo aamir se......Kab tak COPY ke sahare Stardom bachayega......LOL

      1. Ye lo Remake ki bat kn kr rha abe Koi Sharam Naam ki cheez be hti h agr h to doob Ke marjao.

    4. Well said parshya . Yes the most overrated copycat star aka bhojouri star lallu is nothing without remakes. And his gawaar fans bark against the most sophisticated class and talented megastar like aamir khan whowe remakes are also far better than original movies. Aamir has done remakes but they are far better than original and they make even original films in shame. And these gawaar lallutards without any proof keep ranting like dog that TOH is a copy even though it is not even released yet. ROFL. People are not just saying that lallu fans are the most illiterates gawaar backward people with low thinking and narrow mind.

      1. This is called insecurity... ? ? ?
        Crap film ko Blockbuster banane wale ko Salman kehte hain aur Original films like Talash sene walo ko Aamir Khan kehte hain... ? ? ?

        1. @Ragnorak insecurity is what flop actor Salman fans are having. crap movie no All time blockbuster banane waale ko aamir khan kehte hai aur remakes like tubelight and jai ho ko disaster banane waalo ko Salman kehte hai. ??????????

      2. Narrow mind..bacche matlab bhi pata hai narrow mind kaa?upar jo bhi tune likha uss se pata lag gya kiski soch narrow hai..bangalore mein hai naa so bangalore mein rahiyo..

    5. Yeah... But aamir ko to xmas milta bhi nahi hai.... Itne sare crap aur bollywood ko dubane walo ko Eid free mil jata hai par King of Bolywood aamir ko xmas free nahi milta... ? ? ? aur xmas k bina apni film ko release bhi nahi karta ? skipped 2015 coz srk and 2017 coz of Salman and now will skip 2019 too coz of Salman's Kick 2. Dum hai to har saal xmas pe movie release kare. ? nahi karega.... Fattu actor hai.... Jo insan katti batti dekh kar ro de uska kya kehna

  12. Dabangg 3- A mass festival

    Time has come for megastar salman to rub salt into the wound of tis goofy haters by announcing no entry 2 and kick 2


    1. Bs ye sequel hi kr payega, original krne ki to aukat hai nhi iski,,,,sure disaster,,,,,, ek aur ghatiya movie,,,,,,

      1. Milo koi is besharam se jise khud Don 3 ka intezar hai (jo srk ki doobti hui nayya ko bachayega... Wo bhi not sure) wo salman ko sequel banane par troll kar rha hai... ? ? ? ? ?

      2. Srk ki koi movie hi hit nahi ho rahi so bichara sequel kya banayega btw ra.one 2 kab aa rahi hai any idea guys?

  13. Cult charcter Pandeyji is back
    swagat nahi karoge aap hamara

    Prabudeva is the best option to direct massy crazy film dabangg
    he is better than arbaaz and we r not expecting soraj barjatya or kabir khan to direct a dabangg type movie

  14. Tiger alive,Race and dabangg 3

    all wil be super duper entertainers
    we want more... devil and prem back...blockbstr perfmce of Golmaal again is positive news for No entry makers

  15. Prabudeva is a mass director.... some scenes in action jackson and R rajkumar r super massy.if script is strong prabu wil execute it well

  16. I think Dabangg 3 will come either in the last of 2019 or in 2020, because after Race 3 he will be doing Bharat which will come on EID 2019......In 2018 he has only 1 release which is Race 3.....

    1. To phirr comment bhi kyun kar raha hai... Agar interest nahi to article hi mein na ata... ? ? ? this is call power Of Salman....main to akki k article ko open bhi nahi karta hu.. ?

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