Poster Boys Trailer - Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol

Poster Boys is an upcoming comedy film starring Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpade. The film will hit the theatres on 8 September 2017.

Synopsis: The movie revolves around 3 men – the docile Vinay Sharma (Bobby Deol), the over enthusiastic Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade) and the explosive Jaagavar Chaudhary (Sunny Deol), to their surprise , find their pictures on a poster promoting vasectomy (Nasbandhi) and how this mistake turns their entire lives upside down. Ridiculed by their families and village alike the Poster Boys set out to take on the system which leads them on a crazy journey that no one could have foreseen. Inspired by a real life incident this mad caper is sure to keep you in splits!

Watch the trailer and tell us if you like it.

22 comments on “Poster Boys Trailer - Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol”

    1. Ghanta rock hoga
      I respect sunny but his time has gone
      Except yamla all upcoming films were flop
      So he sud remain inside his house peacefully

      1. Shut up idiot.
        Yamla pagla gayal 7+ opening
        Singh sab 5+ opening
        Yes this number is nothing But Even akshay ne struggle kya remember joker 3 cr opening

        1. Fadu trailer love Deol's acting..bache Indian history ki sbse badi blockbuster Sunny paaji ne hi di he..and that record is unmatchable love from Akki fan ye movie jarur hit hogi.

      2. This guy again.beta akshay kumar is such a gentleman and decent guy and look at you.sharam kar thoda.dusro ko bolne se pehle that he should remain home.you should go out of your house bro.Do some work.even if akshay kumar gets to know your existence he would be really sad that people like you are his fan

    2. bobby surprisingly looking good......sunny pa ji also good .. waiting to watch this movie.....but sunny ko border...damini,ghatak jaise powerful role karne chahiya .

  1. Faddu trailer
    Sunny bhaji back
    And superb performance by bobby
    Haha last scene was superb
    Kon dharmendra
    Nahi unka beta??

  2. Maza aa gaya. Excellent trailer . Movie is looking very funny . Strory is fresh . This movie will be surprise Super Hit .
    TEPK k baad yahi movie dekhne jaaunga.

  3. Looking fun film with logic & social element.So it will better than the mindless comedy.

  4. Sunny deol is now a shadow of himself. Not his fault. That's what age does. That is something Khans/Kumar/Devgn will also face in few years.

    If u want to see how good he truly was (in his heydays) just watch his one film : Ghayal. That will tell you how good actually he was in his prime.

  5. Bobby deol should do thriller movies like gupt, ajnabee and humraaz not crap movies like this

  6. Great trailer really loved it when it comes to films like these I don't care about economics coz I know public will not give it a fare chance but if it releases in uk I will definitely watch it.

  7. But it's remake of Marathi movie poster boys name also same but movie outstanding I m defiantly watch bcoz of sunny paji

  8. Indeed....this movie belongs to Bobby Deol for his outstanding performance..... Bobby has improved his acting level.....so first day...first show .....

  9. Fantastic trailer ?
    Guys Plz watch this movie..
    Really nice movie..

    I have watched Marathi movie with same name n this is remake of that movie..
    I think it should be released against TZH.. TZH ki to waat lag jayegi for. ?

  10. superb trailer, sunny deol back wid bang. Films looks good, it ll work at box office. Fingers crossed.

  11. flop -

    dharmendar ji wasting money ....

    sir ji incoming is stored and why u want start outgoing loses ....balancesheet will be complete negative.

  12. Bobby is the best looking hero in bollywood. He is known for his action movie such as badal, bichhu, humraz, soilder. He is fit for every role, but he is best in action.best of luck for poster boys.

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