People show fake honesty for selling their books, movies and ratings: Kajol

Once Kajol and Karan Johar were BFF in Bollywood. However they had a fallout last year and Karan even mentioned it in his autobiography.

On the other hand, Kajol who is known for not mincing words and speaking her heart out stayed mum. However recently she has given an interview to DNA where she talked about the spat, “I think that the best thing for me to do right now, as far as this entire topic is concerned, is to stay silent. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. When and if I choose to give my opinion on this particular topic, I will make sure the world hears of it”

She also went on to further add, “People often tend to misuse honesty for pretence and I think there’s a lot of fake honesty going around as well. I really do. There are a lot of people going around and saying, ‘You know I’m being honest’ and actually, it’s just for selling books, or movies and ratings. (Is she indicating at Karan Johar?) I don’t know, there are a lot of reasons for faking in front of the camera. Or in front of the public, for that matter. I think honesty has been abused over time and space”

“I think relationships are like that. Relationships are about working things out. So I do believe that if they are worth it, two people will make the effort to work through it.”

3 comments on “People show fake honesty for selling their books, movies and ratings: Kajol”

  1. I am with kajol mam
    This kjo sud be thrown out of India
    Spreading homosexuality and talking about nepotism and making flop films and most imp destroying our culture

  2. If she wasn't faking it firstly she wouldn't bleach her skin and do surgeries to make herself look better! I'm not Karan Johor side but he is just a clever business that does what needs to be done so that he makes profit what's wrong in that! Is it because he's not sharing the money and where was kajol since al these years in sure she always knew how Karan Johar having done the maximum movies with him but maybe now she no longer needs him so whose more selfish Karan Johar or Kajol? Well in all it's us who are losing out because no we might never ever see srk and Kajol in a Karan Johar movie!

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