Pak artistes come with permission, terrorists don't: Salman Khan

Salman Khan, who recently congratulated the army on the surgical strikes in Kashmir was spotted at an event for Being Human recently. At the event when asked about the strikes, the actor said, "Terrorists the na? Proper action tha."

“Ideally it should have been a situation of peace between the two countries. Every action has a reaction and what happened now was our reaction to an action. At this stage, I think it would be better if we stay with peace and spread love across the border. I think our action was proper because they were terrorists”

He also said, "Terrorists and artists are different. Do you think there is no difference between an actor and a terrorist? Actors come here with a proper visa granted by government. They have a proper work permit."

However, this candid expression of his might create a controversy for him.

8 comments on “Pak artistes come with permission, terrorists don't: Salman Khan”

  1. What Salman Bhai said is absolutely correct….Even I have been saying this for a long time now…..Banning Pakistani actors is not the solution, they are not the terrorist, I also support the action taken by the Indian Army, it is the best way to reply to those terrorist…..Salute to Indian Army and Indian Government for this step……

    We also should avoid the situation that brings war, because no matter who win this war, but ultimately it will bring destruction (mentally as well as financially) to both the countries…..which we should avoid and try to make peace between both the countries….

    We should also understand this one thing here, that if we protest against ADHM and Raees then from this only Indian Producer and Actors will suffer…….I think instead of banning these movies, we should leave this to Indian Audience whether they want to watch it or not…..

    I also read few comments here, that we should not allow Pakistani actors in India because they are snatching opportunities from Indian Actors…..I want to ask everyone here are we really so much insecure that few Pakistani actors makes us worry…….No we don’t, in any field and any time we Indian are more Talented and Capable than any Pakistanis……

    At last I just want to say that we should not behave like Pakistan, there is a difference between Pakistan and India and we should not go down to their (Pakistan) level……

    Jai Hind...

  2. Here comes the TRP for media.Now no need to worry for better news than this for next few days.Btw I fully agree with Salman Khan.They are artists not terrorists.This is ridiculous to say that these artists should have condemned the Uri attacks.

  3. You are right Bollyarena Team, those who don't have brain and only have hatred in their heart will try to create controversy from this statement......But those people who believe in love and peace will understand his statement and his feeling.....

  4. udhar hamare jawan mar rahein hein aur inhe buisness ya talent ki padi hein....ye pakistani actrors ne ek bhi tweet nahi kiya...ye khali idhar ate hein aur paisa kamake jate hein....udhar hamare jawan desh ke liye jaan de rahein hein aur hum pakistani actors ko panah de rahein hein....to kaay ke liye kashmir drama de do kashmir unhe sab thik hojayega....sabhi jagah aman hoga....aise nahi chlata ....kashmir hamara tha hamara hein aur hamara rahega...bhai wo log hamari filmein ban kar rahein hein....hamare jawanoko mar rahein hein aur hum art aur talent ke sath buisness ki soch rahein hein.....pahle desh bad mein sab...
    bhad mein jaye pakistan aur unke artist...pakistan murdabad

  5. What is this non sense where is the updates of ms dhoni movie? Why ur not updating Bollywood arena?

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