Padmavati to release on Republic Day 2018?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati was postponed after the violent protests. The new release date of the film has not been announced yet, however, the makers are eyeing the Republic Day weekend for Padmavati.

Reportedly the producers have decided to wait until the Gujarat elections. “We won’t even announce a date until the elections,” asserts a source from the team of Padmavati. Apparently, the ‘instruction’ to hold the release till the crucial elections have come from the ruling party’s high command.

“Well, if you insist on knowing, we are looking at early January. If you look at the January schedule, there’s only one major release, and that’s Padman. So January looks like a good time to release Padmavati. We plan to have selected screenings, as soon as the CBFC certifies the film,” the source adds. In fact, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures also intends to invite the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to watch the film.

If it happens then there will be a clash on Republic Day between Akshay Kumar's Padman, Neeraj Pandey's Aiyaari and Padmavati.

41 comments on “Padmavati to release on Republic Day 2018?”

  1. Release it on 1 January so that it can effect tzh business
    If slb try to clash it with padman then Iska bhi wahi Baal hoga Jo rustom vs mohanjodaro ka hua tha

      1. First 2.0 ran away from diwali clash. Then ran away from republic. Now padman will run away from republic

        Bhaag akshay bhaag

        Time to do sequel of Bhagam Bhag for akki

        1. Padmavati shud not clash with Padman coz padmavati will b denting it's own collections huge budget biggie n padman won't b losing anything due to its niche genre......
          Anyways I pray both shud get solo release n become Massive success....

        2. Finally you accept that 2.0 belongs to akki.
          that a great news from akki haters.
          thanks bro

      2. Finally some good news about padmavati. I Think it will release on first week of january. But question is will it get a clearence!

        1. Padmavati is a big budget project and it needs a solo release to recover. Clash is not a wise decision. Loss of screens too. Lets see what happens. Lots of clashes in 2018

          1. padmavati shud not clash with Padman else it will dent its own collections coz Padman is a niche movie so it won't be losing....on the other hand padmavati is a big budget movie so it needs solo release .........
            I wish both gets solo release ....

      3. Am wondering how you guys went to the conclusion that Padmaavati will clash on 26th jan? From the above comment by the source...they said that Jan has only 1 major release which is 26th so they are available dates for January...could be 1st week 2nd or ok lets even assume its clashing on the 3rd week but they did not say its 26th...they are still looking at various options so whats d point saying ots going to clash with 2movies? After all that happen you think it deserves a clash to regain its profit ? No doubt it will win clash over Padman in terms of numbers but its collection will be dented at the same time talk more of Another clash with #Sids next movie. Any which way am waiting for it!!

    1. Roric shut up..evn if padman is an outstanding film..if padmavati releases with it..padmavati will surley succeed and padman may also flop..mohenjodaro was a very bad film..hr is far more popular than akki

      1. @ceiling khan
        Yeah roric comment was idiotic
        But no one can stop padman to become hit.
        If padmavati is not mohenjodaro then padman is also not weekend film like dilwale.
        If they release padmavati solo, then it has everything to cross 200 crore but if they release with padman, then maximum limit for padmavati will be 150.

    2. @Roric.... ? you are right, it should release on 1st jan so that it can affect TZH's business or TZH will break each and every record of opening day, weekend, week and days.... ? ? ? ? ? or it can also come close to Dangal a content film... ?

    3. On this happy news of clash Raising A Toast for 23 succesful years of Zakhmi Dil, one of many mega flops of Akshay

    4. @roric wo salman se jeet jayega or akshay se hrr jaega whh re tera logic. Wo to waise he wo iss br 100 nh krega agr padmavati or sid k movie releyhogyi to 70 akhri hahahah akshay to gaya

    5. esa ni h roric sbko apni2 realesed date agye piche krni chye agr box office m acha collection krna h clash krke padmavati padman or aiyaary teeno fir flop hojyengi sbse acha jisne date book kri phle wo apni2 released date p hi kre padmavati dec m hi ho or aiyaary 26 jan or fir padman next week kre toh teeno successful movies hongi box office m

  2. Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahah #Padmavati 26th January ??? Ab Canadian Ko Pata Chalega Indian Ka Power ??? Akchhay Ko Bhagna Parega Beta Canada ab???

  3. Agar 26th Jan Ko Confirm Hoagay To #Sid Ki postpone hogi and Akshay vs ranveer

    Padman - 60cr
    Padmavati -180-200cr
    Is baar canadian ko BJP RSS Wale bacha ni paenge ? pungi bajegi ab Canadian ki

    Note- koi b mujhe Gyan pelne na ana - jab aamir khan ki wife ne india se bahar jane ka kaha tab yahi canadian aamir sir ko troll karte the tabhi se me canadian walo ko troll karta hu ??

  4. Now not interested in padmavati!!
    We want a release in dec only

    U have 3 dates 15 dec,22dec,29dec
    I&B and CBFC report will be out before
    30 nove then why not in dec

    Come on otherwise its too late..
    Then no one can save Padmavati if it relased on 26 jan.

    1. @Parshya... ? sidhe bol na k dec mein release nahi hoga to wo TZH ko koi nuksan nahi pahuncha payega aur phirr TZH kuchh zyada hi paise collect kar lenge... ? ? ? ? ?.... Sidhe bolne mein fatt rahi hai kya... ? baat to ye hai k Padmavati k postponed hone se tumhari jal rahi hai... ? kyun k ab wo tzh par zyada effect nahi daal payegi aur tzh will break opening day, weekend and week records.... ?

    2. Parshya ,,Padmawati realise 2018 Diwali...(though off hindusthan realise dayt??????

  5. Firstly, Aiyaari postponed to february when 2.0 announced for 25 January.then Aiyaari preponed to its original date when Padman came to republic date instead of 2.0.
    Now when Padmavati is rumoured to release on 26 January then Aiyaari may again postponed to february .

  6. Article says early January release.
    Republic day isn't on early January. It's the end of the month.
    Making news out of nothing.

  7. 2018 will be vary big
    Dwarf Robot 2 race 3 Padmavati thugs of Hindustan ..SB agar 200cr + kr gayi to socho ..
    But mujhe lagta hai race 3 150cr bhi shayad kare ..robot 2 hindi version shayad hi 150cr se zyada kre ..Padmavati itna zyada delayed ho Gaya hai 200cr mushkil hai ..180cr tak Jaa skta hai ..dwarf and thugs are very big

    1. Dear abhi...race3 tubelight nahi hai jo ki Sirf 150cr karegi.. minimum 250cr karegi aur maximum 350cr karegi..aur TOH clash ho rahi hai air dwarf bho clash ho rahi hai..to zyada bol mut..150cr to dwarf aur toh karegi.. smjha...

  8. So now my prediction is for 2018
    Race 3 350cr ATBB
    Thugs of Hindustan 200cr ..average /semi hit
    Dwarf 180-200cr average /semi hit
    Robot 2 120cr flop
    Padman 40cr flop
    Raid 80-90cr hit
    Total dhamaal 130cr superhit
    Super 30 35cr flop
    Gold 130cr hit

    1. bhai itna jhoot bol kr aapne aap ko kaise samjha leta h chal theek h mana tujhe dusre actor ki movie achchi na lage kam se kam apne fav. salman ka bhi itna bura to na sochta race 3 bhi dangal tak nhi pahuch payegei or bahubali 2 tak to salman kabhi nhi pahuch payega tere anushar

      1. @akki to Akshay phochega kya wha tk. Phele bol. Usko 150 kree fr bna n waise b robot 2 k bharose ho tm waise b wo uski movie nh h

  9. HaHaHa, bechare Chakki Fans buhut uchal rahe the 2 din pehle, jab Padmavati Postponed news aayi thi, sab pray kar rahe the ki TZH se clash ho jaye, par ab dekho Padman ki hi Watt lag gayi.....Ab clash hua toh Padman 50cr bhi nahi kar payegi, aur shift hui toh 60-70cr max..........

    Chakki fans ko ab pata chalega ki "Jo dusaron ke liye gaddha khodata hai vo khud usme gir jata hai".......Aur bura socho Salman ke liye, toh vo sab Akki ke sath hoga..........HaHaHa

  10. Haha.....either 1st Dec ko release karo ya fir 26th Jan ko....bhul se TZH k 2 week phle ya need mein release mat karna warna Janet ho result.....


    Gud luck for padmavati

  11. If the clash happens Padman will definitely win bcoz Akshay Sir is all about winning clashes.l hope the clash will not happen bcoz I think Padmavati will release in 1st week of January.

  12. Run akshay padman run I predicted earlier it going to release on republic day.
    Bhag akshay bhag..

  13. it will take time for public to cool down.. so 2018 diwali is a good bet.. vs bugs of hindustan :D

  14. Padmavati should get released on 5th or 12th of January...If this happens,it will get good number of screens from TZH as days passes by...Nett result : Both movies r gonna be hugeee blockbusters for Bollywood n Fans...Have a great day guys !!! ?

  15. i always believe bigger film should get the release date it wants and the weaker film should compromise. padmavati is a way bigger film than padman so padman should postpone and padmavati should get a solo release in 26th january. but the problem is padmavati is already banned in many states, so can they recover that loss?

  16. If clash happens it will be the end of Toilet kumar
    madman LT-20 paise
    but i think
    padmavati wil come on 26 jan and madman wil run to feb

  17. Audience r dying to check it out (Padmavati) what is in this film?

    At first decidd not to watch padma becoz it release on decmbr zinda hai
    now i wil go for padma

  18. Padmavati-150+

    Madman-20 paise
    verdict-superhit becoz budget 10 paise not including
    makki fees 5 paise

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