Padmavati New Posters

The makers of Padmavati have released three brand new character posters from the film. It features Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji, Deepika Padukone as Padmavati and Shahid Kapoor as Ratan Singh.

Padmavati is scheduled to release on 1 December 2017. However the film is in deep troubles due to all the controversies. In the latest development, Haryana government has said that they will approach CBFC to ban the film. Though Supreme Court has already refused to stay the release of Padmavati.

Padmavati will also release in 3D. Check out all the new poster.


36 comments on “Padmavati New Posters”

  1. wow fantastic ...
    BTW TZH trailer is worlds most liked and disliked trailer in just 4 days.

    it will definitely cross 100k dislikes.

      1. I have no jealousy coz I know sallu fans never break Aamirs record even in dream.

        Badi badi batein karne se kuch nahi hota.
        ? ?

    1. Top youngstars who can make mark-
      1)Ranbir-(barfi rockstar)
      2)Ranveer-(lootera, bm)
      3)Varun-(judwaa badlapur)
      4)Sushant-(not if he chooses movies like chand mama and raabta)
      5)Tiger-(not untill he makes mark)
      6)Arjun-(not bad..bt doubtful..no special performace so far)
      7)sidharth-(few chances)
      8)rao- bt he will perhaps never enter commercial place

    2. Useless pic epic disaster is coming.... Shahid a flop actor,,,,ranbeer over acting king.....SLB worst director..... And Deepika SRK made actress.... Lifetime 90cr+ ...epic Disaster

  2. AAMIR KHAN:- Like ROHIT a good boy,Less hundred but big one & 4,5 diehard fans

    ŠÄĹMÄŇ BHAI:-Like KING KOHLI a bad boy, many hundreds but not so big & Most diehard fans

    SHAHRUKH KHAN:-Like DHONI, good days gone just draging his career…destroying himself & some diehard fans

    rest i don’ care

    1. Most die hard fans of Salman which went missing during 2000s? Poor Salman had to piggy back on multi-starrers to survive. Read his own words:

      “There was a time when my career had dipped. I was not being cast for solo hero films, I piggybacked — I jumped on to Sunny (Deol) and Sanju’s (Sanjay Dutt’s) backs. I did a film with Rahul Roy and lots of other people, too.

      The most sensible thing to do is to realise that meri picture chal nahi rahi hai, so I should rather do a two-hero film and make it work. Once the film works, I’ll start getting back films the way I used to, when my career was shining. That is exactly what I did and the younger generation doesn’t understand that.”

      BTW I adore and respect Salman for his achievements and his honest sharing in the interview above. No such adoration and respect though for many of his arrogant fans.

    2. @not so super Salman ha ha ha ha ha. It seems like you blind fool has no idea about what is called die hard fan following. Look at aamir's fan following in Turkey, china and you will see what's called die hard fan following. A girl started crying in Turkey when aamir landed on airport. Does salman have that kind of fan following. Just look at aamir's entry in who wants to be a millionaire Turkey version and you will see how they welcomed him. Look at his craze in China which is distant dream for Salman and srk. Salman only has fan following in india but not outside of that. Aamir is most popular both inside and outside the country. Whether you accept it or not it's your problem. Live in reality and grow up. And if you don't believe his die hard fan following in india then listen up you idiot. Aamir has been creating crowds covering all streets and highways in cities like Baroda, Pune, Ludhiana, Banglore, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, South cities, Delhi and many more. So kindly shut up. I dare you compare aamir with rohit next time. Because Salman deserved to be compared to rohit or Kohli while aamir is like Sacgin. Best in his field and most consistent still down to earth.

      1. ohlolololo...it hurts, KEEP CRYING & consistency comes when you hit 100s regularly not like hitting a big one long time
        Aamir have big grossers but in 2 years thats why i compare him with rohit

        ohh yeah you can compare him with sachin if size does matter

        1. Faaltu Salman ????? LMAO. Salman ki height kitni hai lallu? Salman is also short in height so better shit up. And you gawaar giving back to back ATBB and ATHG consistently is not a cup of tea you jerk? Who are you by the way? Loser jobless attention seeker no body knows who you are. So jealousy is expected from lifeless moron like you. First achieve at least .00000001% of success of aamir which I am sure you can't because you are a jobless beggar. In that case even Salman is a rohit sharma who scores big once in a while and after so many failures and flops. Where was Salman before 2010 you idiot? His consistency and success ratio is the most poor among top star's. Forget aamir and srk even akshay is far better than him in consistency. Everyone knows how many producers got bankrupted after working with flop actor Salman in last decade. Thanks to south remakes and eid his career got saved. Otherwise he would have been nowhere. Don't even dare to compare him with aamir. Stardom me aamir baap hai sabka.

          1. @die hard AK Salman is taller than your tingu & neveri talk about ahshay, i dont care 3rd class star...
            BTW we are same in profession

            1. @Faaltu Salman then same 3rd class akshay is much taller than your tingu. You know what attention seeker you are auto waala beggar so it's actually a a shame for me to argue with you. I can understand your jealousy and pain because aamir is kicking your ass since 2001. And your tingu Salman is as tall as aamir so better not teach me. Tingu salman will remain a local star. AAMIR is international megastar.

      2. Srk is most famous actor in outside India ..Srk ka bhi turkey me fan base dekh le TB bolna ..Aamir China me aage hai
        But Germany Russia Egypt south Africa turkey me Srk ka alag level ka stardom hai

    1. Oh you really desertved to be casted in this magnum opus right popat? So sad that you are not even getting a job of a spot boy but shahid is there in this magnum opus. So it happens. I can understand your jealousy and pain. Get well soon baby.

        1. Whatever weather shahid is big star or not at least he is a Bollywood actor who has considerable following and at least he is part of this magnum opus but why not talk about yourself? Did you even get a chance to act as a supporting actor to shahid? You are nothing but a jobless beggar so kindly shit up. What is your success you dumbass?

          1. are you really a spotboy ? BTW i'm CA....do you even know what is CA.
            again shahid kapoor a failure actor

            1. Ha ha ha. Even a beggar would say that I am a billionaire on social media. So what should we believe it? First of all CA ki ABCD bhi aati hai? CA means charter accountant so don't teach me kid. The principal of the school which you attended still comes to take lessons from me. So dont try to act smart In front of me. And yees you are a poor jobless spot boy baby. And shahid still has far more money than you will earn in your life. Poor jobless gut pity on you that you don't have a single fan while shahid has far more than you. And by the way I live in UK and I am running a recruiting company and hire many people internationally. So don't even dare to talk about my profession..

    1. Suna hai Rajni nai 2.0 kai last scene mein Akki ko buht peeta hai. Just cannot wait to watch 2.0. Insaan, Mohra and Ajnabi are my fav Akki movies

      1. So what's wrong ? Many top stars got beaten in one movie or the other in their career still it's Rajni....

          1. Ek baar Akki kaise dhulaayi ki Ajay ki suhaag me jaakar dekh phir tuzhe pata chalega mazaa kise kehte hai???

            1. Suhaag check ki mein nai. Mujhe pata nahin tha kai Akki Nagma sai bhi pita hai ? buht maza aya woh scene dekh kar. Thx for telling me abt Suhag.

              Now my fav Akki movies are Insan, Suhag, Mohra & Ajnabi. Top 2 are Insan (Ajay thrashing Akki) and Suhag (Nagma thrashing Akki)

  3. Actually the impact of padmavati reduced big time after the trailer of TZH...
    Good tht the movie is coming befr TZH.. if it would had come after.. zaroor pit jaata

  4. Another record by TZH it crossed 30M views in only 4+ days....

    TZH: 4 days, 12 hrs
    Padmavati: 6 Days
    Dangal: 24 Days

    Parshya Aunty dekho kanhi Heart Attack Na Aajaye...... LOL

    1. @S.G. calm down baby. Action movies trailers always create new records of views so that's no surprise. What is shameful is that aamir's non commercial dangal thrashed salman's commercial sultan within no time in terms of views and likes/dislikes ratio. And wait for TOH baby. It will easily beat TZH in number of views and number of likes/dislikes ratio and no need to talk about box office because you will cry once again.?????

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