Padmavati is now banned in Gujarat

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming film Padmavati continues to face new troubles with each passing day. After Rajasthan, UP and Madhya Pradesh, the government of Gujarat has also banned Padmavati.

Reports are that Kshatriya community leaders from BJP have apparently written to the Chief Election Commissioner demanding the stalling of 'Padmavati' release ahead of Gujarat elections.

Vijay Rupani, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, said today, "The government of Gujarat will not allow Padmavati - a movie hurting sentiments of Rajputs - to get released in the state. We can't allow our history to be distorted. We believe in freedom of speech and expression but any foul play with our great culture is not tolerated."

“There are elections here and there could be a law and order situation. Many sections are hurt and have opposed it too,” he said.

Padmavati which was earlier releasing on December 1, has been postponed. It is unlikely to release anytime soon now.

40 comments on “Padmavati is now banned in Gujarat”

    1. I feel very sorry for the entire team of padmavati..I can see hoe hard they all worked...india needs to be more flexible..even if these movies carry something offensive..its not going to have such a big affect like it is being protested now..ranveer gave a whole year..deepika shahid and everyone I thonk did a fabulous job..its heartening cause ranveer really has the best potential after khans, kumar, ajay and hritik to cutt off with both masses and classes..I dont know whether it will even release nxt year

      1. Ajay career ended after 1998 after last solo Hit PTHT
        2000s decade zero hits
        After 2010 - surviving under the shadow of Rohit Brand.........

      2. Well said @Ceiling...Always talented Shahid, Pre-Superstar Ranveer and İnternational ambassador Deepika dont deserve this act of hallucination from so called History protecters!! No offense to the Rajputians.they are a proud and well repetable tribe only few extremist there is turning it into a National issue.

        1. Rohit proved he is a Godfather of Ajay…..
          Rohit relied on Ajay as he was a newcomer for movies Zameen n Sunday but Ajay disappointed big time n Rohit realized Ajay doesn’t have any stardom n Ajay career ended after 1998 then he changed the gears n showed his calibre n talent n brought 2 Big Franchises n became Biggest Mass Director of Bollywood ever n Biggest Bollywood Brand….

          In the same manner Rohit relied on srk for Dilwale n his so-called Jodi with Kajol (DDLJ , KKHH) n again they disappointed him big time n Dilwale ran only due to Rohit Brand. Then he realized that srk doesn’t have any stardom n his success was only due to Big Banners Yash n Karan……..

          Now Rohit is a Brand n he can make a Blockbuster with Tushar or Shreyas or anyone……Just like South Brand Rajamouli

          Rajamouli n Rohit r 2 such directors their movies success solely credited to them n nobody else……….
          Rohit ZINDABAD ???????

    2. Hahahaha bhut achaa hua. Or ye log soch rhe the ki tzh se clash Hoga hahahaha . Bechara road pe aa jaega ye log

  1. Padmavati article mean again a series of comments from @drjhangir. Fail to understand his arguments honestly. Too intelluctual for me.

    Fiction story pai gussa, extra marital pai gussa, bhansali kai naam pai gussa, BM ko classic (against dilwale) kehnay pai gussa, rani kai dance pai gussa

    @drjhangir you can contact the spiritual healer, Sambha baba for your spiritual cleansing. Itna gussa, jealousy acha nahin seht kai lye. Will do your treatment for free

    1. Bhansali bol bol kar thak gaya hai kai deepika-ranveer ka dream sequence tak nahin movie mein.

      Par yeh rozana apne dream mein Deepika-ranveer ka extra marital relationship dekhta hai. Aur extra marital ki kahani yahan akar shuru kardeta hai

      I have already requested Salmaniacs to recognize this dharti ka bhoj as an official Salmaniac as he loves salman too. Pls Salmaniacs ?

  2. Now it will release on diwali 2018 with thugs of hindustan...hip hip hurrey 2 parshaya....

  3. Mitroo.. Swag se karunga Swagat Is a copied song. As usual Salman maintained his expectations by copying.. Mitroo do you want link to know abt the copied song..? SALMAN FAN’S can’t digest this ???

  4. Before ghajini AAMIR was nothing....
    South remake and papa raju hirani saved little tongue career....
    2008- Ghajini was South remake first 100 crores in india too much hype
    2009 - Then papa raju hirani 3 idiots masterpiece was first movie to 200 crores deserving...
    2010 no film
    2011 no film yet again
    2012 - talaash with average director result average movie and yes he was the first actor amongst 3 Khans who failed to give 100 crores...hahaha
    2013 - dhoom 3 series of no. 1 franchise broke each n every record...dhoom always a brand...
    2014 - raju papa again brings him back with yet again masterpiece P.K 1st 300 crores deserving
    2015 no film
    2016 - dangal again a masterpiece with a master stroke from director and team which had all ingredients to cross 400 crores but still highest grosser till date for hindi cinema...

    Isse ek hi matlab nikalta remake, sequel and with great director and great story agar yeh sab nahi dog AAMIR kuch big nahi

    Plz bollyarena post this....thanx

    1. @Filmygawar

      Ye sab kya hai ?
      lekin sallu ka stardom Rakhi se bhi kam tha 2000-2008 tak


  5. Aesi filme banate hi kyu ho bhai. Duniya me or bhi bahut kuch hai banane ko.. Jab pahele se hi virodh chal raha tha lekin ruke nahi.

  6. Relax
    Loksabha ne report mangi hai 30 nove
    Tak I&B and cbfc se

    Definitely it will get released in Dec only whatever may happen

    Supreme Court also supports padmavati so no one can stopping its release

    Bhansali all Indians except some brainless people are with u


  7. How sad it may sound, and how unfortunate it is for a filmmaker to go through this but karma is hard to tackle. Remembering those Dilwale vs Bajirao Mastani times.

    1. Shush. Don’t use the “insecurity or intolerant” word. Like the Voldemort (who shall not be named), this word is which shall not be said.

      Off topic Don’t understand why Shatrughan Singh tweeted today and tagged Aamir, Srk, Amitabh saying why are they not commenting on this issue? Pehle hi aamir aur srk buht nahin bhukat chuke after they used the intolerant word?

    2. agar tujhe yaha Insecurity laha rahi hai to Country badal le...kyuki India to aise hi rahegi
      aur hmlogo ko aisa India pasand hai

  8. This is becoming pathetic...how far can these politicians go to gain some publicity before the elections ??? I really hope Padmavati will have a clear release. The audience will prove these haters wrong !

  9. Ye #BJP Walo Ko Vote Chahie ?? Gujarat Me Relese Honi Hi Chahie Ye Movie Bc ?

    #Rupani (CMO GJ) Bc Ne Bhi Public Me Vote K Lie #Padmavati Virodh Kiya ? Gandi Raajniti Khelne Lag Gae Ye Log Aakhhhh Thuuuu

  10. i think the protest makes sense..
    SLB has still not given disclaimer certificate which is myopic. he is supposed to disclose whethr the film is on true events or is it fictitious. No wonder why people are going bonkets because they now feel its distortion of history. its valid isnt???

  11. Someone please reply my this question for any cost. Why indicine is not longer running? is it permanently closed or what? i still see 2 months old article of them on top which is judwaa 2 related. Please reply me. Thanks.

  12. Totally bullshit.... happing in India some lando from rajput got wakeup from nid... talking nonsense all alone.. I don’t how u guys take this stuff... but we don’t stand today we won’t able to do shit... this shit will happen every fucking time... even tho SLB have given written statements that,,, there’s nothing between Padmavati and Khilji.. it’s there is some let’s Justice handle.. don’t go above the law. But I forgot india that will never follow law.. law ment to be equally not for rich ppl..

    My feeling not to heart any religious or anything but this is just bullshit..

  13. this is very sad but atleast bhansali itna bara film maker hai he should have a screening for rajput community. so called media k pathetic logoun ko dikhaye ja sakti hai move tou why not rajpuuts??Bhansali is also at fault.

  14. i personally feel the protest against this film is right.. look.. bansali has not given a disclaimer certificate to prove its backed by history or fictitious elements. The CSB is confused and will have people's sentiments in place before clearing the film..
    He.. i am sure mixed commercial elements with little history.. that will not go with rajputs who idolize padmavati..

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