Padmavati is now banned in Bihar

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati has now been banned by Bihar Government. CM Nitish Kumar issued a statement saying that the film will not be released in Bihar, until the concerned parties issue an adequate clarification.

Reportedly protests are being staged outside Bihar legislative assembly, with several politicians of the BJP protesting against Sanjay Leela Bhansali's controversial film.

The decision has come after the Supreme Court dismisses a plea to ban the film.
“When matter is pending for CBFC’s consideration, how can persons holding public offices comment on whether CBFC should issue certificate or not? It’ll prejudice decision making of CBFC…All concerned people, holding responsible posts must be guided by rule of law and shouldn’t venture into passing comments on films which haven’t been cleared by CBFC. It’ll prejudice minds of board members while taking a decision."

Earlier the film has been banned in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Initially slated for a December 02 release, the film has now been indefinitely postponed.

39 comments on “Padmavati is now banned in Bihar”

  1. good news....jaisi karni waisi bharni...HAHAHAHA..

    Bhag bhasali bhag....kerni sena wale aayege....

    1. Ghante ka indefinitely postpone
      According to my sources slb is releasing it on 1 Jan secretly without promotion
      When u will move to nearby cinema hall of ur locality u will see its poster on 1 Jan
      So it is the biggest gift that I will get on new year

    2. Tum jaise mental patient k liye ye toh good news hi hongi... This is just horrible for Indian cinema.. shame that India still have so much prejudice.. absolutely disgusting.. so cheap mentality for these so called 'desh-bhakt' politicians

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    3. @ Dr. Jahangir.

      S very happy... Bhansali and Deepika was very quite when SRK movie Raees was having a controversy for Pakistan actress. Pakistan actress worked in Raees movie as government of india approved her visa for working in india. Also india and pakistan relation was not that bad during when raees was made.. Still all were behind Raees and SRK.. I am very happy Deepika's movie is now in trouble..Jaisi karni waisi bharni..

  2. lesson to those who says BM and PADMAVATI is master piece....

    BM pure extra marital affair or what else pls someone explain...padamavati no less..

  3. Next target for Bhansali…
    Mumtaz .......Rani laxmi bai ....under Master piece and History

  4. yaar mujhe bohat bora laga raha hai...masterpiece Padmavati 2 din bad release hu rahi thi ab nahi hogi shayad kabhi nahi...master pieace dekhne walo ka nuksan hoga....LOL...really feel pity on Bhasali.....

  5. Jab movie har jagh par banned ho rahi hai toh maker release Kyu Karna chate h... Ise movie Apna budget bhi Nhi nikal payegi... Maker ko direct online release Karna chaie like amzone prime, you tube, Vodafone play and hotstar etc

    1. The problem is still huge number of people do not watch movie in digital media. Therefore if it does not release in theater there will be huge loss. From now on people will be scared to make movies based on history, politics or social stigma. Comedy, romance or revenge story will be safe zone for the director/producers. Culturally we are going backward.

    2. America has Batman, Spider-Man, Superman...but India and my superhero is our very own Angry Young Man, @SrBachchan Sir, rightly the Indian Personality of the Year ! #IFFI2017.

      , “I have done several films with you and in many, you have portrayed the role of my on-screen father. You’ve played the role of father to many other heroes too. So, today, I would like to officially say that you are the father of our industry. We have learned so much [from you].

      I must have been 12 or 13 when I went to Kashmir with my parents and he [Bachchan] was shooting there. When my dad asked me to get his autograph, I noticed he was having grapes and I wanted those. Even when one of the grapes fell and I was about to pick, he saw me but pretended he didn’t. He then gave me the autograph with a bunch of grapes, which I ate, though they were really sour. But its essence remains with me even today.

      (Great gesture from one of the Leading Superstar of İndia )

      for Acknowledging Shri Amitabh sir today @ İFFİ PERSONALİTY OF THE YEAR... respect Sir,and thank you for praising Amit Sir on behalf of his millions of Fans?

      Just a shame some wants their İdol to be mention everywhere...if you dont mention they call you hypocrites not knowing that praises will always come for each and every big celebrity just depends on the topic you are talking about but for arrogant fans they take offense you skip the Subject....

      1. Bollyarena...whats wrong guys you are slacking!!! Though just hooked up now to due to workload but only 1 articles today???......!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  6. TZH ka naya song dekh ke mujhe aisa lag rah hai kam se kam 300cr tu Gaane ke hi hai….pori film 800/900 cr…yaha hi hu gaye…1200cr…

    dangal pandey tu tutega ha hi….Lage hath BB2 Ko bhi lapet le lege….GO Tiger Go

    1. @Saleem
      Agar koi history pe movie bana raha to tujhe lag raha hai ki history bigaad raha hai
      Arey 67 years pehle tere upar historical film bani thi "Mughal e azam" usme to tujhe Anarkali ke saath romance karte hue dikhaya tha to vo bhi to fiction tha. Reality mein koi Anarkali nahi thi tera asli naam saleem hai tere Mughal emperor banne ke baad tera naam Jahangir hua tu to apna naam bhi theek nahi likh sakta tera naam Jahangir hai Jhangir nahi
      Jab Mughal e azam aayi thi tab to tune strike nahi kiya ki meri galat history dikhayi hai

    2. @Saleem
      Tiger zinda hai bahubali ka record todegi hahahahahahahahahahaha
      Tujge pata hai bahubali itna kaise kama paayi kyonki bahubali ke paas pura India hai(east,west,north,south) lekin salman khan ke paas sirf noth hai
      Bahubali did 500 crore in north and tiger zinda hai cannot gross that much in north and except north nobody in rest part of India watch bollywood movies
      South mein dangal ne 13 crore kamaye
      South wale bollywood film kabhi nahi dekhenge
      Dangal bahubali tak isliye pahunch pasyi kyonki uske paas china tha
      Salman ke paas na hi south hai aur na hi china
      Salman ke paas north hai aur overseas hai iske baad bhi tu sochta hai ki TZH bahubali ya dangal tak pahunch paayegi
      Agar TZH ne bahubali ya dangal tak nahi pahunch paayi to tu mujhe 10000000000 rupees dega
      Mujhe pata hai tere paas itna paisa hai jo mughalon ne india se loota hai tum bhi to ek mughal hi ho tum Akbar ke bete ho

      1. tu ye screen shot le ke rakh....Mai chahata hu ....sirf SRK or SK ki movie hi top pe rahe baki sab chindi chor The LAASH actor ke moive utha ke phek do....

        1. Compounder ha ha ha. Laashe actor is Salman and srk. Tubelight fuse ho gayi. And jab Buddha met sejal to 60 cr bhi mushkil se kar paayi. ????. And you want such chillar acrore movie on top? Only Megastar like aamir khan can give a movie that is on top earning. He saved Bollywood after the utter embarrassment of bollywood in front of baahubali 2. So stay in your limit. TZH 200 cr Kare yahi bahoot badi baat hai. Forget 300 cr and forget dangal and baahubali.

  7. I cannot understand when prolific figures like Deepika Padukone and SLB are receiving death threats why the government is mum??....If each and every attention seeking morons and 'wannabe famous' parties / groups can issue death threats against celebrities (and normal people for that matter) where are we headed to as a nation...?? It is shocking to see nobody from the ruling government yet has condemned this act of insanity. They as usual will silently allow all these to happen and then will make a statement after all the damage is done....

    1. Yes. Absolutely right... Kya yeh sanskar, tradition aur history hai ki dusro logo ko death threat dena?? Kis type ki tradition ka support kar rahi hai is log??

      1. Jab P M Midiji par fatwa aur maar dalne ki baat ki & sonu nigam par fatwa jaari kiya tab yeh Bollywood wale kaha gaye the . Sonu Nigam is also part of Bollywood but nobody stand with him .

  8. You're the biggest disgrace to Srk and his fans Doctor jhangir sahab.
    If Padmavati is banned it'd one of the saddest day in Indian democracy.

    1. That celebration was yesterday.

      Today it is celebration of 20 years of Sunil Shetty’s movie Dhaal ?

  9. Whats Happening ....

    Abb keh usne dance kyoo ki , kutch abhi...

    1st said - why their is scene betwn 2..

    Basically problem is not with film or mentality -- problem is somethink else..

    and that is.....


  10. Once CBFC Clears d padmavati then see d masterstroke of bhansali
    It will have release on 29 dec
    Mark it.

  11. Yeh hamara culture nahi hai.padmavati jab bhi ayegi na hum
    Swag Se kare sabka swagat

  12. Yeh movie jab release hoga toh jis state ab ban kar diya hai uss state main ek naya record banayega
    bahubali 2 toh gaya

  13. If Padmavati won't release on 22nd or 29th of Dec, then I am afraid that our Parshya Aunty, may not be able to handle this tension and she will commit Suicide......

  14. Martin said to salman "Overacting mat karo"
    it is just for fun otherwise sallu fans will hate martin also.

  15. @bollyarena
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