Padmavati cleared for release in UK

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati has been receiving lots of troubles in India. The film has to be postponed due to extreme and violent protests.

However, it has been cleared for a scheduled release in the UK on December 1. The film has been classified 12A though some versions of this film are displayed in the 3D or IMAX format and some younger children may find them a more intense experience. It was passed without any cuts.

British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) tweeted the certification.

The film's producers, however, have clarified they will wait for a clearance from the CBFC in India before the film releases worldwide.

12 comments on “Padmavati cleared for release in UK”

  1. Feels bad for SLB and co-producer...they have spended such an huge amount.....if its not release how much money they will loose... plz karni and rest of who are protestin if u are some how sees our comments plz i humbly request to u plz stop doing this and let padmavati to release now its about someone life....

    1. Bhansali has a insurance for Padmavati so new india insurance company will pay to Bhansali

      But we want a release in dec..

  2. Padmavati should bann each and every corner....

    and those who says they are very intellectual personalities they dont understand simple thing....

    why bhansli didnt say this is fiction in disclaimer?fishy
    why dont he change name with any fictional charecter? fishy bcz his movie story will die down
    why he didnt say even there is no itimate scene between his husban Ratan singh? will kerni sena approve? no never....

    untill today Bhansali clarifies there is no secene in between khiliji and padmavati thats it...but he never admit even there is no scene between Ratan singh and Padmavati...once he clear this Air than everything will be ok.

    if you remember in 1997/98 there is moive name Ghulame Musthafa...which earlier name has Musthafa.....but producer change the name to Ghulame Musthafa to keep muslim sentiments.

    than why this Bhansali is not willing to change the name from padmavati to any fictional name Bhanuvati/Kalavati...bcz he actually borrowed the story from history real charecter padmavati and carve his own imagination around this character.

    1. You are just a Bhansali hater (and Aamir hater too for reasons like not attending filmfare) @drjhangir. This stuff about fiction and history is just a reason to hide your jealousy and hate.

      Your comments say it all. You have a problem with even Bhansalis name which goes beyond any logic. Aur zabardasti ka extra marital issue to alag hi hai.

      My gut feeling (on the basis of your comments) is you are simply jealous of Bhansali as its Bajirao Mastani was preferred over Dilwale and you have still not goten over that failure of SRK. Something which SRK, Ranveer, SLB everyone has forgotten and are friends with each other but you still can’t forget it.

      Whatever the issue is, apne paas tere jaisay intelluctual doctor sai argue karne ki capability aur time dono nahin. Keep crying on each Padmavati article or as an alternative avail my offer of free treatment.

  3. Film is insured and if not released in India theatrically then will receive rs.140cr plus with tie ins and music + tv deals the film is already made money for investors. I hope film releases overseas and makes atleast 250cr.

  4. India me jitne dange netagiri krna he krlo but UK n other countries me to pdmawati release hogi or hit bhi hogi krlo jisse jo banta he

  5. To Sanjay Bhansali
    If you are honest in your intentions, why are you afraid to show the film to the doubters and protesters? Dikhado aur baat khatam karo (show it and end the issue).”

  6. Sunjay Ab tak chup he bcoz uski strategy he usko to fayda hi ho raha film ki free publicity ho rahi he to film dikhakar loss me nhi Jana chahega wo jab release hogi tab sub thande ho jayge Dekhna

  7. This is called marketing strategy .everyone should follow controversial strategy why wasting so much money on publicity . account details of Viacom 18 and karni sena and its members should be investigate so that everyone will know that this is cheap marketing strategy by cheap Bollywood filmmakers

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