Padmavati banned in Madhya Pradesh, UP, Punjab, Rajasthan

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati is in deep troubles due to all the controversies. Now the governments of many states have sought a ban on the film.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has banned the flick in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Rajput Community had reportedly submitted a memorandum before CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan seeking a ban on 'Padmavati'. The CM has reportedly said that he won't be allowing the release of Bhansali's magnum opus in his state.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that although no one should take the law in their hands, filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali is also at fault because of the situation he has created with his film. The deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Keshav Prasad Maurya, announced that he will not let Padmavati release in the state until all controversial scenes are removed.

Punjab's chief minister Amardiner Singh has also supported the protests against the movie. He said, “Nobody will accept the distortion of history and those who are protesting are rightly doing so.” Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje said that Padmavati will not be released in Rajasthan till necessary changes as per the suggestions given to the Centre were incorporated in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie. Gujarat government has requested the Election Commision to release the film after elections.

CBFC has not screened the film yet as they are under a lot of political pressure. The delay in certification has pushed the film to February 2018. But with the current scenario, the release seems highly unlikely.

37 comments on “Padmavati banned in Madhya Pradesh, UP, Punjab, Rajasthan”

  1. Bollyarena any updates abt release date ?? Padmavati...
    Better to release Jan 12th r 26th...

    1. Hahaha SB bol rhe the ki Padmavati clash ho jaega tzh ke saath ...hahaha ultaa 4 states me ban hone tak ka baat aa Gaya . ..one of the biggest flop of Bollywood loading ...hahahaha bhut sahi hua

    2. Congrats Rohit to enter to 200 cr club???
      My gift to Ajay n his fans for this

      Now let us c Ajay performance in 2000s
      Decade 2000 – 2009
      Acc to BOI

      1. Deewane – Flop
      2. Raju chacha – Disaster

      2001 ?
      1. YRPHK – Flop
      2. Lajja – Flop
      3. TMSR – Disaster

      2002 ?
      1.company – Average
      2. HKKN – Flop
      3. Bhagat singh – Disaster
      4. Deewangee – Below Average

      1. Bhoot -. Hit
      2. Qayamat – Avg
      3.chori chori – Disaster
      4. Gangajal – Avg
      5.parwana – Flop
      6. Zameen – below avg (Rohit debut)
      7.LOC – Flop

      1. Khakee – Avg
      2. Masti – Hit
      3. Yuva – below avg
      4. Raincoat – Disaster

      1. Insan – Disaster
      2. Blackmail – Disaster
      3.Zameer – Disaster
      4. Tango Charlie – Disaster
      5. Kaal – Avg
      6. MAHH – Disaster
      7. Apaharan – semihit
      8. Shikhar – Disaster

      1. Golmaal – Hit (Rohit)
      2. Omkara – Flop

      1. Cash – Flop
      2. RGV ki Aag – Disaster

      1. Halla bol – Flop
      2. Sunday – Flop
      3. U me hum – Flop
      4. Mehbooba – Disaster
      5. Golmaal 2 – Hit (Rohit)

      1. All the best – Avg (Rohit)
      2. London dreams – Flop

      Total – 39 movies
      Hits – 4
      Flops – 12
      Disasters – 13
      Avg – 10

      Removing Golmaal series n extended role Masti
      Ajay 1 hit – Bhoot (urmila lead)

      2000s decade
      Ajay – 0 hits of 39 movies (Ajay Stardom only)

      6 Disasters (All Time Record)

      2004-05 ?
      5 back 2 back Disasters (All Time Record)

      Wow!!!! Terrific Records by Ajay????.

      1. Top stars acc to Bollyarena
        1. Aamir khan
        2. Salman Khan
        3. Srk
        4. Akshay
        5. Varun
        6. Ranveer singh
        7. Hrithik
        8. Ajay Devgun ????
        9. Sushant singh
        10. Ranbir kapoor

        1. Acc to Indicine
          Ajay performance whole career
          (INC. Rohit movies update upto shivaay)
          Disasters – 17
          Flop – 28
          Below Average – 9
          Average – 11
          Above Average – 7
          Semi Hit – 1
          Hits – 11
          Super Hit – 4
          Blockbusters – 2
          All Time Blockbusters – 0

          Success Ratio (Above average or better) – 27.78%
          Hit Ratio (Hit or better) – 18.88%
          As I said in previous article,
          That's not my analysis proof☝
          Now get lost......

          1. Right and according to your box office he has 34 succesful movies currently including GA. Acc to your Boi he also is ranked no.3 with highest succesful movies...by the way who is İndicine? Your consultancy firm?...pls dont pollute every article with dumb analysis,if you are posting somdthin let have a valid source what are all these %age before Shivaay got to do here? And i hope the time you use to reserach,edit your stats to suit yourself every night and day,the same amount of time you also have for reading your school books. Am ending here..just try a little harder to avoid Thinking and dwelling most of your time on Ajay Devgn....you cant change anything about him whether you post the whole of your primary school notes here...it removes nothing from him. So crying always about him only shows the public visiting this site everyday how insecure you are about him yet you spend sleepless night thinking what to post about Ajay Devgn today @bollyarena...i mean for Real...so much obsession so much time you have for him??? Get well soon...end it or you will look more stupid here before your own fans!!

            1. For your stupidity,
              C why Bhoot movie belongs to Urmila

              Taran Adarsh wrote about her performance,

              "...the film clearly belongs to Urmila Matondkar all the way. To state that she is excellent would be doing gross injustice to her work. Sequences when she is possessed are simply astounding. If this performance doesn't deserve an award, no other performance should. It beats all competition hollow."[5]

              Bollywood Movie Award – Best Actress - Urmila Matondkar
              Filmfare Awards
              Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress - Urmila Matondkar
              Star Screen Awards
              Screen Award for Best Actress - Urmila Matondkar
              Zee Cine Awards
              Zee Cine Award for Best Actor – Female - Urmila Matondkar

              I have facts not a jealous or insecure kid like u....... U Fool

            2. Talking about INDICINE,
              Until the INDICINE shut down you were licking their boots n now u migrated to Bollyarena . Now telling me who is Indicine this is the same one to whom u were very loyal......
              Now it's over u betrayed.......
              Jis Thaali me khaaya usi me Chhed HARAAMI...

      2. Let c Ajay performance this decade
        2010 – 2017
        1. Golmaal 3 – 108 cr Blockbuster (Rohit)
        2.Toonpur ka Hero – 3.5 cr All Time Disaster
        3. DTBHJ – 28 cr Flop

        1. Singham – 98 cr superhit (ROHIT)
        2.Rascals – 33 cr. Flop

        1.Tezz – 15 cr All time Disaster
        2. Bol Bachan – 100 cr. Hit (ROHIT)
        3.SOS – 88 cr. Hit

        1.Himmatwala. – 42 cr Disaster
        2. Satyagraha – 55 cr. Flop

        1.Singham returns – 140 cr SH (ROHIT)
        2. Action Jackson – 57 cr Flop

        1. Drishyam – 68 cr Average

        1. Shivaay -. 84 cr Flop

        1. Baadshaho – 68 cr. FLOP
        2. GA – 200 cr. Super hit

        movies – 16
        Hits – 6
        Flops – 9
        Average – 1

        OUT of 6 hit movies
        Ajay has 1 hit – sos
        Remaining 5 hits = Golmaal series n Singham series n Bolbachan = Rohit Shetty

        Removing Rohit movies Ajay has 11 movies
        Out of 11
        1 hit
        9 flops
        1 Average
        Wow what a stardom of Ajay
        This decade only 1 hit (Multistarrer)
        Hatsoff ????to Megastar Ajay

    3. Using 2.0 logic....


      Bhool B because of Vidya,Shaheen
      Housefull….Riteish Sonu Deeps
      Hey baby … Vidya, Riteish Fardeen SRK cameo .
      Welcome Nana Anil Kat(sequel almost 100 cr proof Nana Anil jodi?)
      Sik…Javed Jaffery Sonu Sood Ompuri + Katrina+ Neha+ Snoop !!
      Bgm bg..Govinda Lara Jackie shroff
      Phir hera pheri…Suniel Paresh? Bipashu.
      Garam masala…Paresh +John?
      Msk…Salman + Priyanka + music

      İf Bhoot is Urmila???

      Andaaz …Lara Dutta + Priyanka …BEST DEBUT Lara + BEST DEBUT PRİYANKA so you should know who carried the movie!!!

      ?2000-2010…akki on his shoulders could not carry any movie HİT??


      Elaan….Show Stopper Amrish puri + ROJA and PAK super success Madhoo!

      Yeh Dilagi…Saif + Kajol + ole ole ole?
      Suhaag…You need any explanatin?
      Mohra….Suniel Naseer Raveena Music
      Kkk…Maya Maam!! All d way + Hit actress Raveena
      Khiladi…Ayesha + Akki + Deepak Multi

      90s solo Hit …SBK only on his shoulder!!

      Deshbkt…+multicast without…RR Jllb solo!!

      Superpositive reviews of Tepk Airlift opening no much difference with critic bashed flops Himmatwala Action Jackson!!

      Footfall total….< Highest distribution< Bumper Opening Weekend Lifetime Worlwide Overseas Circuit Record breaking ....all lower than tera Baap ☝..and you shamelessly come here to bash Ajay!!İdiot...now get lost??

    4. Its indeed good news....it should be bann every other states....i dont want this Bhasali making extra marital affairs again in future as well.

  2. I was so looking forward to watching Ranveer’s performance who was looking seriously menacing and evil. Watching strong villanuous performances (be it SRK’s Darr, Ajay’s Khakee, etc or even Amjad Khan’s iconic Gabbar Singh role) from stars is always fascinating and Ranveer was looking awesome here.

    Feb 2018 or onwards mean a long wait to watch it. Not a good moment for a cinema lover.

    1. Very true bro...sad moment indeed. SLB had his faults while the protest front men hyper reacted. Sad such Big budget movie,with honest actings from Shaheed Sir,Deeps and next gen Superstar Ranveer Singh.
      Will wait...this now will make me yearn for that movie even more now.
      Hardluck Team Paadmavati but remember the slogan..."For every disappointment ,theres a Blessing in Disguise"

      1. Ya I have a feeling there will be a lot of interest around the movie whenever it releases. Don’t think the hype will go down even if there is some delay in release.

        Shahid-Deepika are looking good too. But take out Ranveer from that role and replace him with any other star (apart from Khans/ Ajay/ Akshay/ Hrithik) and I would have been certainly giving this movie a miss.

        He had a dark role in Lootera which was a pretty good performance also considering it was one of his initial movies. But this one is looking a full villanuous role and a powerful one so should be great watching it.

        1. Mee too, Ranveer was the best option after Khans Kumar Devgn and Roshan.

          Though must use this medium to really congratulate Ajay Sir for breathe taking VFX of Padmavati his company displayed just as his previous VFX projects he did for Dangal, PRDP, Tamasha,Both Bahubali series(joint collaberation with Makuta VFX), Theri(south), Shivaay,Bajirao Mastani and now Padmavaati. Tanaji big hope!
          Kudos ✌ NY VFX walla team!!!

          1. Sorry forgot to include Force 2 and Jagga Jasoos too projects that were also products of AD- NYVFX walla studio.

            1. When a particular site was saying Ajay Sir raises the bar normally in bollywood..many myopic people did not know what they meant,they thought it was been refered to his acting alone..but no this man iresspective of how people say insecure bla bla but i mean vesting millions of Dollars for establishing your own VFX studio, doing it for other big stars movies not only his , meaning all fan wars worth nothing, these actors help each other,respect each other, movies like Bajirao, Padmavati prdp dangal bahubaali(operational machinaries for both series) theri jagga jasoos, were all praised for their special effects but i know 90% of ppl here never knew it was Ajay Devgn inspired,trying to improve our industry by contributing at least something that can make us proud...yet you have people who just narrow their minds on Rohit Shetty? İts a pity...its so hard for people to acknowledge somebody ,his effort towards hindi cinema...How many people will know he is clashing with a big superstar movie and still make sure he completes the Vfx of that movie? Yes i am talking about Secret Superstar!!

              No doubts too say AD (Nysa and Yug) NY VFX walla is the best Vfx company we have in the country. Hope to see this Unity and contribution more and more among all the actors who does not even know some crappy fanwars keeps going on!!

    2. Hard to pick my favourite Villianous role be it
      Daar, Vaastav, Company,Deewangee, Agneepath, Anjaam Khakee Baazigar, Humraaz etc . my top picks would be

      Humraaz (one of Akshay khanna steller act)

      Special mention ...Sanjay Dutt Agneepath and Ajay Khakee....they were damn scary!!

      1. Apart from Humraaz, have watched all other movies and were surely great performances by all.

        Akshay Khanna is a superb actor so I am sure his humraaz performance should be a superb one too.

  3. Padmavati jaroor release hogi
    Hai dum to rok ke dikaho

    Supreme court already said there is no ban for padmavati

    Toh ye minister kaun hote hai ban karne wale

    Govt have to follow supreme courts order.

    #Release Padmavati on 15 or 22 dec

    1. @prashya ha ha ha tu paagal ho jayega,,.....clash hoga ki na hoga
      i can understand yr insecurity level......m really feeling bad for u..
      yar tere ko nightmare bhi aata hoga tzh ka......get well soon parshya

    2. State Gov have the rights to ban any movie by giving reason of Law & Order. No court can force to release any movie by passing state gov decision. So now SLB must settle down and negotiate with Rajputs as well as state Gov else this movie may not be able to release in many states !!

  4. Its enough!!!
    First watch movie and then react.
    If movie has questionable scenes then it should e banned immediately!!!

    If not then must punish these morons


  5. Padmavati will definitely be released. 200CR movie it is. CBFC will definitely get a breakthrough in this keeping Rajput n Kshatrias honor intact. BTW those pseudo seculars who bash BJP having their hidden agenda. I have a q for them. Do Punjab has BJP govt?? Or they have Congress Sarkar. Now go to the washroom and wash your face.

    1. Look yaar. Most of us come here for a break from our nomal lives, to have fun, enjoy movies and honestly don’t care who belongs here to which political party. Already this political stuff is there to bore us in our daily lives.

      My suggestion would be just chill and relax and have fun here.

  6. OMG! Producers are in deep deep trouble. The delay in certification has pushed the film to February 2018. So almost 3 Months dalay. SLB Should have been undetstood the situation when he started this movie. There was lots of opposition right from the begining of shooting. I think deepu's recent statement when she said none can stop padmavati from releasing had added oil in the fire..

  7. I know ki hameed tu kahega ki akki ans hate ajay but Devgn ne ye start kiya tha or wo ye karta tha tab tu kuch ni bola akkians ko kosta hai tu neutral ni hai to dikhawa mat kar ajay ka fan to banke the chmeleon mat bana kar Devgn se to darta tha or agar akkians ne kuch bola to kehta hai 90 percent akkians hate ajay Devgn ke ane se pehle koi ajay ko ni bolta the kuch main khud uska admirer hoon par jab w/o aya tab hamne shuru kiya uska tujhe dikha ni or sab akkians ko bolta hai hypocrite khike Tera jawab 2.0 degi bachche akki ko kosta hna beta us jaisa consistency ajay ke pass khi ni hai or rahi bat big grosser ki to wo to 2.0 honi hi hai opening se lifetime tak to wo shikayat bhi due to jaegi Teri just wait and watch bro till then chill hypocrite good night

  8. Pathetic & absolutely horrible from these so-called 'desh-bhakts' who wants to 'save' their 'history' and 'tradition' by threatening to cut the head of other people... So embarrassing for India in front of other countries.. this is really not 21st century staff!

  9. India never going to change at least watch movie before go on and on about it by few people’s reactions

    Might he just showing the story happened in past with good image of rajputs

  10. Means Ab Feb 2018 Tak Relese Na Hogi...??

    BTW jaha Jaha Banned Hai Waha Wese BhI Theatre Ki Kami Hai ? 190Cr Budget Hai Movie Ka ? Movie Dekhe Bina Band Karne Wale 2Cody Ppl ?

    BTW March-Aprile He Relese Hogi Tab Tabahi Machaegi...?

    #WeSupportPadmavati ❤

  11. i think deepika will suffer the most. she dedicated almost her 2 years for this film and she is 30 plus. it was a huge potential film for her and could have taken her career to new heights. bhansali and viacom is to be blamed for this. i can understand there is protest but why they have submitted incomplete film to cbfc. they are making this film for a long time then this last minute hurry is unacceptable. they should have shown this film to cbfc as soon as possible and make it clear for everyone that there is nothing wrong in the film. but inspite of doing that they show it to media. i think the makers were trying to take advantage of the hype and deep inside their heart they wanted the controversy to continue till the release date which would have helped the opening. and in that process now the film is in trouble.

    very sadly i have to say that this film is almost finished. because even if the film is released then how it will do business by being banned in so many states. and if now maharashtra also bans the film which is biggest for film business then the film will be completely finished. but i am only sad for deepika, not for the makers of this film.

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