PadMan will be as entertaining as Sholay: R Balki

Akshay Kumar who was recently seen in Toilet Ek Prem Katha is on a roll. After the super success of his last release, he will be now seen in PadMan which focuses on menstruation and women’s health.

The film is inspired by the life Arunachalam Muruganantham, who found a way to make cheap, affordable sanitary napkins for women in his village. The director R Balki has said that it will be as high on entertainment as the evergreen Sholay.

Talking about the recent trend of social films, R. Balki said, “I don’t know about that, but I was just fascinated by the life of the man on whom the film is based. I also feel sanitary napkins as a subject has not been touched in this country. It’s a revolutionary thing, what he did. It must be spoken about… People are so shy about it,” Balki told IANS here.

He also said that Padman is not a social or messaged based film. “His (Muruganantham’s) life itself is equal to ‘Sholay’. It is as entertaining as the biggest masala entertainers… And when you have a life that is so entertaining, why do I need to add entertainment,” asked Balki.

“I would like to always do original stuff. This is the first time I am doing something based on someone else’s life. I would never like to base a film on a book. If the product would not have been this — sanitary pads — I wouldn’t have done this film.

“I felt there will never be a chance again to do such an interesting subject… I prefer to write original content. Sometimes, fiction is a lot more interesting… you don’t know where it goes and you can dream up whatever you want to,” he added.

“But it doesn’t mean you have to stay faithful to it. You have to fictionalise it sometimes. Like I was speaking to Arunachalam Muruganantham, and he was saying, ‘I wish bits and parts of this film were what I lived like’. So, it (the fictional bit) adds to his life… Anything that adds to his life and makes it more interesting, who is going to say no to it?Fundamentally, I feel that, as a filmmaker, you must respect the person and his life.”

Also starring Sonam Kapoor, PadMan will release on 13 April 2017.

30 comments on “PadMan will be as entertaining as Sholay: R Balki”

  1. Will be blockbuster also like sholay
    Only Akkian nd amir is only superstar of Bollywood
    Others do only Same type of movies

    1. Ram Rahim Singh needs to be hanged for these rapes! Bloody rapist!

      And look how many people in India are supporting him just shows how messed up some people are!

      Die and burn in hell ram rahim singh!

    2. you are wrong man..... Hrithik is in discussion with super 30..... a movie based on mathematics.... HR does justice to every role he plays on screen.... dont underestimate him....he is a gift to bollywood..... he one step forward to Akshay and Amir..... Amir only brings collections...some movies does not need collections.... Baby is one of them....also Guzarish.... but no doubt Akki 2.0 will smash previous records.....

  2. Hit agree
    Super hit agree
    But blockbuster what a joke.
    Every director compare their film with sholay.
    First topic is very sensitive about women secrete thing.
    Women does not like such topic.
    Family don't go such film with children.
    Already a same topic film released again maker releasing 6 October.

  3. still it will take a 12 crore opening. a man can not be considered as a superstar who can't give even a 20 crore opening. even if you give dhoom4 to akshay kumar still he will fail to give it a 20 crore opening.

    1. That's why his underperformed film like tmk, cc2c got big initial last decade last decade 25% record breaking opening belongs to akshay kumar Anne do universal appeal movie like 2.0,rr2, Battle of saragadhi , gold opening pata chal jayega

  4. " Din raat logo ke hote hain, Shero ka zamaana hota hai. "
    This applies to Akshay and SRK. Din abhi Akki k chal rahe h , lekin Zamana to Sher yani SRK ka hai.

  5. Ha ha ha biggest joke of the year......BTW akshay me fan uska naam aamir ke saath leker sochte h....akki ko bada star category me daalte h....but truth is.....wasse ye roric prshaya ye sab akki ke fan h but they show that ki aamir ke fan h

    1. @sachin
      I also like Akshay but every one knows I m a Aamir khan fan.

      I only hate sallu fans coz of their arrogance.

      They think bhai has no competition but every time Aamir thrashes him very badly.

      Still sallus chase continues to beat PK domestic collection forget ww

      N for dangal he will have to take 7 births to beat it.

      1. Abe ghadhe,

        Aamir is genius but fan like you are useless having no work...stupid....always talking trash....creating negativity..

        Also do some other work rather than wasting time on these pathetic websites....

        1. You are giving him such so called advise but why are you here on this same pathetic website you hypocrite moron?

  6. Akshay Kumar is really doing a great job... The films he is doing are all master class... He is doing great service for the country...

  7. One more meaningful film and for haters
    Opening doesn't matters verdict matters
    Prdp, hny opens more than dangal it doesn't mean hny is better film than dangal

  8. Reminds me when Varun Dhawan compared Dilwale to Inception. Given Akshay's recent record, we do expect Padman to be entertaining movie with social message but, no need to hype it up so much.

  9. 25 % record opening of last decade belongs to Akshay ?
    As far i know Akshay have only 1 record opener in last decade as well as in his career, that was Singh is King.

    1. 1st check then bark. 2003-2010 akshay was top 2 stars in terms of opening. And lifetime also. Check opening figures on any site

    2. @prashanth abhishek kya opening opening ki baat kar raha hit ki aukat nahin tum srkians ko opening ka baat kar raha hai kisko chahiye openings hit dekhe baatao baat karne ki aukat nahin kya openings se film hit hotha kya kya ukada fan aur jhms dono dono acha openings dia akshay movie se leking 100 cr bhi cross nahin kia abhi bol kya karega openings se n daar ke movie ko prepone kia jhms dare karne ka himmat nahin clash ka agaya baar karne and yeah 2003 se 2010 ka akki ka openings check karo in all sites and come dont bark like a dog,aukat hai tho akki ki tarah non holiday mein movie release karke block buster karke deekao rowdy rathore 1st june non holiday dull period is a blockbuster srk ka movies bina holiday release nai karsakta n yo barking here arey blockbuster ki chor hit karke deekane keliye bol non holiday pe do baar try kia fan n jhms sab ko pata halat kya hai uska shame on u, n i pity u past ka chor akshay openigs srk ka openings n all coz past is past present situation kya hai woh baat kar ek hit dene keliye tadap re srk akki ne 5 back to back 100s span of 18 months kabhie zindagi mein srk kar sakta kya....

  10. Akshay fan utsav started this matter of opening.He told 25 % of record opening of previous decade belongs to Akshay. But he have only 1 record opener Singh is king.so i am talking the truth only.
    And Fan, Dear zindagi, Raees and JHMS are non holiday releases.

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