PadMan Trailer - Akshay Kumar

Superhero hai yeh Pagla! Here's the Pad Man Trailer, this one's for the mad ones, the ones who are crazy enough to change the world.

Catch the movie in theatres on 26th January, 2018.

91 comments on “PadMan Trailer - Akshay Kumar”

    1. New concept same story!

      The only thing that will save this movie is Akshay Kumar!

      1. Akki Rockssss ????
        Sureshot Blockbuster.....
        Biggest Blockbuster for this genre...
        150 cr on the cards......
        Super hero hai ye pagla......
        Super-duper Star toh ye hai hi.....
        Akki stole the show in this trailer.....

        1. Yrr Maza aa gaya . Aisa mazedar trailer pehle kabhi nahi dekha . Akshay sir ki simple looks aur Smile hi kaafi hai is movie ko blockbuster krane k liye .
          My predictions :-
          Day 1 = 24cr
          Day 2 = 22cr
          Day 3 = 25cr
          Lifetime = 185cr

    2. Some people are saying that Padman kind of story is a very risky project in india because we people are not use to watch such cinema. Specially the subject on Woman pads. I agree some way but if look at tepk it was also same risky subject. I mean who wanted to see movie which centralized on toilets. But we all know tepk broke all the sheters and became super hit. Now lets see where padman lands.. I think one more super hit of akshay sir...

      1. "Akshay Kumar- Bollywood's man for all seasons
        He wears his discipline like an armour and tackles four films a year when others stick to one"
        Mr consistant kumar

  1. It's Refreshing, entertaining and Humorous.....
    Super Hit on cards...
    Akki Rocksssss as always..

  2. What can I say about these trailer,,,, ekdum hatke h but I think it is TEPK2,,, umid zyada tha but I am little bit disappointed... Any way best of luck akshay sir

  3. Haha utter flop ..padman vs aiyyary
    Flopman 1st day 7cr
    2nd day 6cr
    3rd day 8cr
    Weekend 21cr
    1st week 35cr
    Lifetime 50cr flop

    1st day 8cr
    2nd day 7cr
    3rd day 10cr
    Weekend 25cr
    1st week 42cr
    Lifetime 70cr hit ...aiyyary only

    1. Phle apne dadaji ki billi zinda hai Usk bare me Socho,,,,,,150cr b kr le to bhut h,,,,flop movie,,,,

    2. @tiger zinda hai haha very funny solo release woh bhi salman ka favourite eid ka release tubelight ka halat kya hua sab Ko pata u better concentrate on tiger zinda hai solo release fuss light kuch ukad nahin paya aur ur taking about padman lol I know you are fucking jealous about akki coz what ever akshay is doing salman cant do it agar salman tepk and padman jaise movies kia tho 100cr bhi nahin ban pata u so called fans hi nHin dekaga wise movies coz u guys only want masala movies coz unpad log hai na tum log Ko ek item song ek achieved heroine aur bas fight hai tho bas hai grow up kid and 1st salman Ko bolo ask him to release on non holiday himmat hai tho then talk aukat nahin hai non holiday release ka aur baat karte phatu log.

      1. That flop collects more than 95% of Akki movies.....

        Tubelight 120cr is consider better then Akki Highest grosser 130cr till date.....HaHaHa

        1. @S.G I think u r mindless . PeoPlease like u remind me laxman of tubelight .
          Hahaha totally fools.
          U are talking about Salman flop collects 90 % of Akki Hit . Pagal itna kamake bhi flop yeh Salman ki wajah se nahi hui Balki budget ki wajah se hui hai .
          Ab 150cr budget waali movie 115cr kamaegi to flop hi hogi.
          Hit aur flop collections se nahi Balki return on investment se hoti hai .
          You should admit that AKSHAY is 100 times better than your budha flopstar.

          1. @Rustom;
            Bhai you reminds me of those kind of people who think that they know everything, but they are not more than stupid (sorry to say this).....Bro if you don't know anything then please don't comment or atleast use google for information before comment.....
            Tubelight Budget was 90cr (not 150cr) and it was Flop because it was sold to distributors at a very high price 120-130cr, that's why it was Flop.....If you consider budget then it was success......So Budget was 90cr and collection was 120cr.....
            Now You should admit that Salman is 1000 times better than your Chakki The Disaster Star......

    3. Tiger ji aap apne budhe ki fikar karo . Padman will be blockbuster and it's written all over . So I think TZH will be a bigger disaster than fusslight .
      Now Padman predictions .
      Day 1 = 25cr +
      Weekend = 65cr +
      Week 1 = 100cr +
      Lifetime = 160cr +

      1. Still it collects more than Chakki's Highest Grosser......HaHaHa

        Idiot Troll karne ke phele apne star ki limit to dekh le......LOL

        1. S.G. LOL. Akshay saal me 3 baar aata hai aur super hits aur hits deta hai. Agar Salman akki ki tarah saal me 3 baar aayega aur woh bhi non holidays pe to yuvraaj 2, marigold 2, God tussi great hi 2, main aur Mrs khanna 2 jaise kahin sequels mileage. ROFL.

      2. @zoo zoo akshay toh jaise bada young hai?btw akshay ki last kaunsi movie blockbuster huyi thi..bloody illiterate pehle research kr phir bhonkiyo

  4. Padman prediction
    1st day 21cr holiday
    2nd day 19cr
    3rd day 22cr
    Weekend 60cr
    1st week 90cr
    Lifetime 135-150cr clash me bhi blockbuster

    Aiyyary 1st day 5cr
    Weekend 16cr
    Week 25cr
    Lifetime 35cr flop

    Take screenshot

    1. @Abhishek bacche hit yaa superhit hogi btw aiyaari ko underestimate naa kr yeh naa ho ki aiyaari 100 cr cross kr jaaye aur padman...if you what i mean??

  5. Haha ghatiya trailer..tepk me comedy jam se kam tha isme to vo bhi nahi hai ..flop

    Vaise mujhe kya mtlb isse .mujhe to agle week mtlb hai tzh

  6. Why this racism d @ arena
    The trailer was released at 11:15 am and u r posting it now so that its like and views get reduced as its main star is Akki
    If the same movie has srk aur sallu then u wud HV post immediately
    Next time plz be fast

    1. Due to thee stardom of Akki other actresses and actors are getting their first 100 crore movie
      Ex:- nimrat kaur,ileana,Esha,bhooomi,and now in this list two name will be added radhika and great legend Amitabh

      1. And due to Khans other Actor & Actresses get their 1st 200cr and 300cr movie....

        "See the Difference"

    2. Ya you r ryt padman genertening huge huge terrific on you tube which have not been seen ever before if they posted it early here than TZH total views so far has been broken till now by padman
      Hhhh ? Lol
      Padman speed even less than 0.5M per hour on you tube

  7. Not sure whether it'd be entertaining but it's nice to see a major superstar creating social awareness through his films

    1. Bro,
      I support your thinking......

      But But..... har woh cheez jo gold dikhaie de woh jaruri nahi ki gold hi ho......yeh bollywood world hai.....hathi ke danth khane ke liye kuchh aur dikhane ke liye kuch aur.......

      Think deeply.....He hardly did this deshbakti drama before Airlift......Jaisa BJP/Congress waisa hi thinking Akshay kumar ka.......

      He is a good man...But why to do this over the top drama??......He is a hindu also...so he gets support from us mainly......

      Next film should be advicing people on healthy sex...then food.....then water....air...pollition.....so and so on.....

      Don't take it personally......

      1. Akshay ki deshbhakti se agar hamare desh ke sainiko ke pariwaro ko madadh mil rahi hai toh yeh bahut badi baat hai.

        1. I am also a member of those families where most of mine relatives(father,uncles,brother) are in army(state/govt.)......but i am thankful to mine relatives for protecting us from enemies not to akshay kumar dikhawati deshbakhti drama......yeh sarkar (previous/current) kya kam hai desh ko ullu banane ke liye??......

  8. 2018 year of akki
    Padman 150cr
    Gold 200cr
    2.0 300cr
    Total 650 3 movie
    2019 Kesari 250cr
    Housefull 4 200cr

  9. Trailer is ok.
    But this film is not belong to single screen.
    Film topic is outdated .
    Film is completely belongs to multiplex audience.
    In multiplex no family want to watch such topic with children.
    It's totally adult movie .
    Such topic never discussed with children so family audience avoid so totally based on youth and entertainment.
    My prediction is maximum 80 to 90cr.

  10. Superb Trailer...
    This will be the best movie of 2018...

    We don't need heroes like Superman, Batman or Spiderman...
    We don't need heroes like Aamir, SRK or Salman... We need heroes like Padman...

    This movie will inspire all... Should get Tax Free in states...
    These type of movies dont require any box office success. So, I am commenting on box office collection because this movie is above that.
    And Akshay's acting is top-class. This movie will surely bag all awards in 2018.

  11. Everyone aware of padman film topic in metros for villages and rural area such film is not going to release.
    It's totally risky project but presence of akshay business will go around 80 to 90cr at most.
    Akshay is trying different kind of role with TEPK and now pad man but pad man topic look little odd.but we don't know how family audience react about such topic.

  12. 5 6 sakoon se guzhar gai thi akshay ko flop movie diye begheer sakoon nahi milta twinkle khana disaster actor 13 me se 12 flop movie hain hit kaise ho sakti hain

  13. Just one word outstanding . I m so impressed with this trailer . A perfect dose of laughter with social message . Especially Akshay Kumar's English is the best part . Now I am sure about success of this movie .
    1st day = 25cr
    Lifetime = 175cr

  14. Best trailer of this year . I am really impressed .
    This is not only a message movie . I think it is also inspirational and Commercial with humour .
    26th Jan ko storm aayegi .
    150 + my prediction .

  15. Just Average trailer....Hope movie is good.....R Balki is just an average director but he may surprise me/us.......

    I loved Baby, Airlift , Rustom(not ending portion) ,Jolly LLB2 movies of Akshay Kumar recently ......I didn't like Toilet ek prem katha that much....my thinking.....

    All the best to Akshay Kumar and cinemagoers.....

  16. See I have no problem in watching many movies on same topic presented differently.......Be it Baby/Airlift/Take off/TZH or Phullu/Padman or any other movies.......(Not seen Take off/Phullu)

    My condition is only that the movie should be entertaining and good......

    When hollywood having so much money are remaking their own previous made movies...as they are presented somehow different from previous....what is problem with us?...if they are doinh the same trend in bollywood.....Stop this bullshit "copy" word......

  17. I m Unable to understand that what is good in the trailer... It's really embarrassing movie..

    1. Bro our India is backward only because of people like u . Now this is modern era .And this the time to revolutionise . Bro @javi if u think this is embarrassing than shame on u . I think the u would also be embarrassed of your mother being a woman . Very bad . Change your mind set .

  18. @aamir Khan I know u are trying to be sarcastic here against akki but trust me you are a horrible and worst actor like ur idol now u can guess whom I am talking about

  19. Alert to all ye jo bhi he '@tigerzinda he'.
    Ye fake id he as salman fan.
    Ye uski movie ka name apna profile bna kr Salman ke liye negativity kr rha he.
    ye real mr Salman fan nhi he

    1. Haan bhai sahi kaha Mai fake Salman fan hoon Mai film ka negativity kr rha ..

      Vaise v tiger Zinda hai ka koi negativity kr bhi rha to kya fark prta hai ..Salman ke Naam se hi tiger Zinda hai blockbuster hai

  20. Again akshay fan dreaming 150cr .
    Again it will fail again again dream dream padman fail gold .
    Gold fail 2.0.
    Dream such stupid topic for social msg look good for film purpose women hate this film.
    Utter flop film Max 70cr.

  21. Honestly vote....including Akshay fan.
    Can you watch padman with your family?.
    Yes...click like.
    No.....click dislike.

  22. Padman will be bright superht simple an best trailer more inspirational than other film 150-200cr

  23. Bengal’s superstar Dev on clashing with Salman Khan this Christmas
    It’s difficult to beat a Bengal Tiger!

    sallu se koi nahi Darta..

    1. Dev earlier also beat Sallu back in 2011 in Ready vs Paglu (Bengali) clash.. While "Ready" collected 4.5 cr+ from Bengal & Paglu collected 9.5cr+ from Bengal.. (Then a record for a Bengali film).

  24. Nothing new beside subject....execution is same like TEPK.....And akki fans don't call it non commercial....it has everything Romance, Comedy, Emotion, Drama......So its commercial movie with social message.....

    1. In haters ka kuch nahi ho skta. TEPK se pehle yeh kehta the ki it will be flop . Aur aage jo hua vo sab jaante hai . Is baar bhi waisa hi hoga.
      Padman will be a blockbuster.
      Lifetime = 175cr +

  25. Fantastic trailer... Really it was awesome! Akshay is now in a different level...
    & they should consider about 25th January as the release date to get the evening collections due to the holiday of 26th.. (Just like Raees & Kabil did last year)

  26. Best trailer of 2017-2018 sure. This is all of Akshay sir. R balki. This movie First superhit of 2018. Love u Akshay sir.

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