Padman and 2.0 will not clash: Akshay Kumar

Few days back Akshay Kumar announced that his upcoming film Padman will release on Republic Day. This news confused the fans as another Akshay starrer 2.0 was scheduled to release on the same date.

Now finally Akshay Kumar has revealed that there will no clash between Padman and 2.0. In an interview to Mid-Day, Akshay said, ‘Why would I clash with my own film? It will be either Padman or 2.0.”

“While Padman is a film that I have produced, 2.0 belongs to Shankar, Rajinikanth and Lyca Productions. They will decide whether they want to release the film on Republic Day. If they do, I will postpone Padman and if they don’t, I will go ahead,” the actor said.

The sources close to the production house have revealed that 2.0 will not be ready to release during Republic Day. In fact, it might not even arrive in April due to the extensive post-production work and could be pushed to Eid 2018.

30 comments on “Padman and 2.0 will not clash: Akshay Kumar”

  1. Akshay bhai teri movie nahi hai woh..

    Padman ko eid pe lao.. 2.0 toh rajnikanth ki movie hai

    1. Toh Akki ki solo posters kyun hai aur Ise Akki ki film bataa kar kyun promote kar rahe hai hindi belts me jealous bhai

      1. Be clear Rajni sir will take care of southern belts n Akki will take care of North belts

        1. Ajay last solo hit 1998 PTHT(no rohit n no multicast)
          Ajay solo hit kab dega
          20th year running.......

          His fans r dying to c that

          100 cr club started in 2008
          No solo 100 cr Grosser on his own leaving Papa Rohit Shetty whereas every youngster has given atleast a single 100 cr Grosser
          10th year running ...
          Always talking about 90s Hallucination
          Pata nahi hum srkians aur ADians kab tak 90s me hi jiyenge
          Srkians n ADians talk, live, dream n die in 90s

      2. Rohit needs Superstars like srk n Ajay????
        Joke of the millennium????
        Ajay last movie Baadshaho – 66cr
        Srk last movie jhms – 65 cr
        Srk 200 cr ce – Rohit
        No rohit no 200 cr for srk
        Only HNY 180 + a fluke
        Ajay 100 cr Grossers – Rohit
        No rohit no 100 cr
        Highest Grosser 88 cr sos
        Highest opener - 32 (Rohit)
        No rohit Highest opener 12 cr Himmatwala
        Srk stardom - 130 cr
        Ajay Stardom - 80 cr

        This is not 90s where u can make a fool out of audience by spreading hands n take all the credit
        Today’s audience is mature enough to differentiate n know whom to give credit
        Like Aamir, Salman, Akki, Rajkumar n Rohit ,SLB, Rajamouli whoever it is

        1. You are calling other people movie fluke? If its fluke why is it we have only 4 superstars with 200+ movies? The closest are the future superstars of bollywood who really know how to act and they know how to manage Big Budget movies thats Ranveer and Ranbir 165-180. Hrithik is the only most likely candidate to touch 200 cr with good script be it his Papa banner atleast in history his name will be cemented in that group of people. He too he is not a superstar for only poor low budget directors?. So if i were you instead of gettin your actor bashed because you are the one bashing other actors cos you cant digest those yummy numbers?...i always say respect others and it will be reciprocal. Even here my earlier comment had nothing to do with Akshay i was only showing who Rohit Shetty thinks he is...before you started bashing all those actors! Why cant you be matured for 1day? Even @ Devgun left this site with a standing oviation comment for Akki but here your jealousy and stupidity will always make you a retarded childish civilian!!

          1. I am a neutral fan not an obsessive Ajay fan like u do n jealous me I am very much happy for Aamir, salman, Rohit who gives 200 cr or 300 cr Grossers
            N talking about low budget oh yes Akki does low budget movies but he makes everyone Happy producers, distributors n audience n his movies ends up on 100 cr n others so called big budget movies not even able to recover investment n make others bankrupt
            I am not a fool like u who brings personal issues here when topic is something else like Rohit treats Ajay like a God those r just words n I talk about bo perspective
            All the time Aamir says salman, Srk n Akki r bigger stars than me , salman says Aamir srk n Akki bigger stars than me n same with srk
            So what ????They r just words to show humility n audience knows who is Bigger n it hardly has anything to do with bo.
            Don't your stupid mind get it??? When topic is about bo u talk about actors personal life n make a fool out of yourself
            Advice 4 u if u r obsessed with 90s Ajay n srk
            Then shut yourself in a room n watch 90s movies all the time n enjoy srk n Ajay Stardom n waste ur time n others for giving ridiculous statements

    2. Rajnikant ki movie north india me kon dekhta hai. Aaj tak ka record dekhlo rajni ki movie aati hai or chali bhi jati hai yaha north me koi notice bhi nahi karta. 90 kisi ko pata bhi nahi hota kab rajni ki movie release hui. Agar 2.0 me sirf rajnikant hota to yeh film bhi robot1(enthiran) Ki tarah hi hoti jee north india me kisi ne bhi robot1 nhi dekhi thi. Akshay ki vajah se ye movie abhi se itana jyada trend karne lagi hai.

      Robot1 Me hero dr.vasigaran tha lekin puri story chitti ke aaspass hi bani thi.

      Chitti was the main attraction of that version. And now in 2.0 akshay kumar as Dr.Richard is the main lead or main attraction of this movie. Akshay's role is main lead thats why it was offered to hollywood star earlier. And rajni is only known as tamil actor mind you. 2.0 is purely both actors movie, south belt for rajni and north for akki.

  2. Lol. Hume to pata hi nahi tha.
    Its common sense that why would Akshay clash his small budget mivie with his biggest movie of the career so far. Padman was announced just to create buzz and also due to uncertainty about 2.0 release.
    Anyways eagerly waiting to see 2.0 trailer. We have so many biggies in store like Padmawati,TZH,2.0 and then my most awaited TOH.

    1. It was common sense..bt the fact is why would 2.0 release on eid?and how many days a film needs for post production??2.0 needs a solo release..its not akki film bt north collections will be boosted for his presence..bt clashing with salman is very bad decision..both films will suffer..shankar is good director when on form..bt tbh i only liked jeans aparichit..shivaji and robot were high on vfx bt i felt both were average..I (movie) was also not too good i feel..bt he surely knows to make good films..i hope by overhyping 2.0 he does not dissapoint

      1. If thats a possible and available date then why not? I still feel the movie does not need holiday to gross high. It can be released solo...but issue is when do they want to release it??

    2. Yup the whole world knows the Fact except people Rohit Shetty who still considers Ajay sir being main reason WHO HE IS and his FATHER. someone pls tell Rohit sir that @2.0 has a message for him.

      Last article you posted Rohit Being the Biggest mass Director of Bollywood? Now the Blockbuster director says he is nobody without Ajay. Yes you call him Rohit made star same I or others will say Ajay made Bollywood Biggest Mass Director? But that will be so disrespectful to Rohit sir because no matter what,the man has seen ,passed through alot of obstacles in life from no money in his pocket, selling their house and 4 suv jeeps when his Dad died to now someone who gifted his mother 6 brand new suv jeeps due to his current success as we are talking today. His hardwork will never go invain so such statements i cant even say about Rohit Sir maybe thats the difference between you and I.

      The more you praise Rohit the more accolades is being heaped upon Ajay sir if you dont know,so stop being foolish n making a fool out of yourself more n more.

  3. Instead of Tweeting,both parties should sit down,make final conclusions and then come out with a positive news. Today this person tweets,tomorrow another...just getting confusing. If 2.0 wont be ready for Republic day...Padman should be release while whenever Lyca feels 2.0 is due for announcement they should then come out publicly and post or tweet.

    1. Making movies on high budget is actually risky..cause we cannot produce very high vfx like hollywood as it will go overbudget..i feel even if padmavati has mixed response it will flop as tzh is also coming after 3 weeks..akki is doing well giving good films in small budget and one or two biggies in two years..for ex spending 150 crores on ranbir can also be risky..also timing is imp..had jagga released at the time of 2014 after yjhd whn he was regarded as nxt big thing..it surely would have collect 50-60% more..kat was also in her prime

  4. 2.0 din par din date change ho rahen hai
    Lagta hai film main dum nahin hai

  5. Cased closed....calling someone...Baap of an actor and that same Biggest Blockbuster Mass Director in India according to you...come out publicly and calls that actor His BAAP needs no cracky brain like yours to even understand!

    1. Before zameen(2003) ajay has only flops n Disasters except 1 or 2 multicast n last solo hit was in 1998 PTHT
      After Zameen (2003) Ajay has flops n Disasters till hit Golmaal (2006)

      1. According the most loved sites you are obsessed with...Boi...He had 10 clean hits before Zameen considering 91-99.
        Zameen ....november 2003....Ajay Urmila starrer Bhoot may 2003...HIT.
        Gangajal,qayamat were successful ventures too..

        According to Boi...Akki has the longest no Hit Streak(OFFICIAL) Before Andaaz ..7 years!!!

        Ok how many clean Hits and above verdicts Rohit has without Ajay??
        Only 1....

        Seems like you are on drugs...Beta go and have a nap...you are going mad??? nd confusing yourself..

      2. Before Zameen, The Flop actor helped Suniel Darshan give a falling actor career a new ray of light in Andaaz. According to the Main Director of Andaaz (after 7 years 1st Hit) had Flop actor Flop actor not promoted and distributed and agreed not to act for his movie before Dhadkan , talking about Andaaz nobody wouldv known that actor??

  6. This will be height of stupidity if you approve other interview excerpts on other posts but when it comes to the subject above...what do you want yo hide @arena??

  7. Achcha Hua jo clash nahi ho raha hai, vaise bhi Padman solo mein 70cr kamati, agar clash hota to 40cr bhi nahi ho pata......Now atleast it will earn 70cr.....

  8. Bollywood Producer don't invest 70cr on Akki movie, last time Kjo invest 80cr on Akki and made Brothers (including Sid) and that was FLOP...... And here his dumb fans are thinking that South Producer invest 450cr on Chakki stardom......LOL

    Bhai 40-50cr is limit for Akki movies otherwise it will be FLOP.....

    1. Super hit movies are better than flops or below average high budgeted movies. We dont need budgets stastistics. We want good cinema as audience. Thats it

  9. TZH budget -140cr excluding salmans fee and marketing cost

    Means total budget-220cr

    I cant believe padmavatis budget is much more dan TZH even TZH have full of action and shooting in overseas location

    1. May be not more but not that much less either as there were lots of reshoots than stall production by circumstances which shoot up the budget. If padmavati's budget was 120c it would have been safe but its almost 200c. And also slb might make good movies but he is notorious for spending too much for his movies which in the end doesn't make that much profit even its makes huge nums

      Genius aamir khan is the best with budget than its varun than in the 3rd place is akki. These 3 are very good with budget

  10. Comment:@tepmperature lol akshay has given 7 hits before Jaanwar and doesn't matters what the movie verdict is but akshay is always popular than Ajay accept it how many people know and watches Ajay film people watch golmal series and Singham series just because of Rohit Shetty without Ajay sheety has given 140cr dilwale with negative wom
    and without sheety Ajay yet to croos 90 cr so who is goodfather of Ajay every one knows and akshay is 4 most successful actors of Bollywood after Khan's according to boi not Ajay akshay has given 2 times more hits than Ajay this decade and 2 times more hit than Ajay last decade only in 90s Ajay has given more hits than akki akshay is always bigger superstar than Ajay his niche genre movie easily collect 120+ cr even on nonholiday and Ajay highest grossing movies on nonholiday is Drishyam just 68 cr and without shhety highest 88 cr so whole world knows akshay is bigger star than Ajay and don't talk about collection Padman is akshays last niche genre movie after that all movies are universal appeal and all movies can definitely do 150+ cr except Padman its my challenge
    Ajay gives 1 hits after that he gives 3,4 flops then again one hit because of sheety this is carrear graph of Ajay in last two decades

    1. Bro , akki gives 3 hits in an year and ajay gives a hit in 3 years...Singham returns (2014) and Golmaal again (2017)...but I wish that akki at least gives a 200 crore film before he retires...perhaps gold or mogul can do that if not clashed

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