PadMan 6th Day Box Office Collection

PadMan 6th Day Box Office Collection: PadMan has again witnessed growth on Tuesday. As per the estimates the film has collected approx 7 crores.

There was a partial holiday for Mahashivratri and Valentines Day which has boosted the business. It has done pretty well over the weekdays due to the holiday season. The total collection of the film now stands close to 60 crores. The hold on the second Friday will be crucial in deciding the lifetime total of the film.

As of now the film is heading for a semi-hit status at the box office. But a strong hold in second week can push the film to a clean hit.

Day 110.26
Day 213.68
Day 316.11
Day 45.87
Dat 56.12
Day 67.05
Day 73.78
Day 82.10
Day 93.15
Day 103.78
Day 111.50
Day 121.25
Day 131.0
Day 141.0
Day 150.50
Day 160.80
Day 171.0
Day 18-211.21
Total80.05 cr

30 comments on “PadMan 6th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. It will cross 100 crores!! Even if salman would have done this film it might not collect 110 crores bcoz his core rural families fanbase would hesitate to see this taboo subject

    1. Awarenes and appreciation are more important than collections.

      Collectionwise it is a successful film already according trade site boi.

    NAHI TO 60-65 APPROX.

  3. The movie is really amazing . Besides menstrual hygiene , it has many other messages to give .
    It will make u know reality of life and how a person faces hardships in life. In movie also Akshay does good and people are against him and in reality also He is trying to bring a change and people are not watching his movie.
    Soch badlo yaar. And watch this movie for every women in your life.

  4. This movie deserves 100cr . Guys please watch Padman .
    Instead of wasting ur Valentine's week with someone else. Dedicate this Valentine to every women in your life . Go and watch Padman with your mother sister wife and any other women in ur life.

  5. I have watched Padman on last Saturday only .
    But yesterday I dedicated my Valentine to my mother and grandmother . And went to watch Padman with them again . They are really happy .
    And I was also very happy. And I really found that my money spent was really worth .

    1. Rightly said @beast

      But dont worry people are coming slowly but surely padman is a horse of a long race...

      schools are organizing padman shows. Its great feeling.

  6. Akshay kumar is the best actor of india and has been doing subject oriented social issue based films since last few years and is turning out to be a super duper hero especially for women. He has done really well. Padman is a really nice movie. It will definitely cross 100 crores at the indian box office. Lots of love and god bless AK.

  7. aise galat aur gande concept pr film nhi bnni chhaiye cchhi! kucch bhi keval paiso ke liye
    pta nhi log shariya ke khilaf kyu ho rhe

  8. Top 5 male stars of all time( including stars who has debuted close to the 90's, not including the likes of Amitabh or Dharmendra or generation before that)
    1. Aamir
    2. Salman
    3. Hritik
    4. Srk
    5. Sunny deol
    Top 5 female stars of all time
    ( not including hema malini or sridevi)
    1. Deepika
    2. Katrina
    3. Madhuri
    4. Kajol
    5. Kareena

    This list is made respectively according to the boxofficeachivements of the stars

    1. @dishonest man I think u are a big idiot . If u are considering all factors than Akshay and Ajay both deserve position in top 5 . Giving 300cr grossers is easy but staying in this industry for 25 years and competing with Young actors is very difficult.
      Sunny Deol , Govinda , these were biggest crowdpullers then but they also don't have work now .
      If u are considering all factors than ranking is:-
      1. SRK (Best track record )
      2. Aamir Khan (Viewers Choice)
      3.Salman Khan (Biggest Name now)
      4. Akshay Kumar (Highest success count)
      5. Ajay Devgan (Versatile Actor)

    2. This guy @honest man is high on weed
      Lol Katrina top female star?? bigger than madhuri and kajol
      And I can see how much you love srk
      And when sunny deol debuted close to 90s?
      If you are talking about all time box office achievements then how salman khan ahead than srk??
      Only this decade salman and aamir are ahead from srk.
      and hrithik too ???

      1. Honest man biggest chu.. I have ever seen
        All time me Srk Salman aamir or yaha tak ki hritik se bhi peeche hai ?
        Srk 90s me 1st ..2000-2009 me 1st ..2010-2017 me 3rd
        Salman 90s me 3rd ..2000-2009 biggest flop actor not even in top 10 ..

        Srk 59 movies 27 hits only 19 flops 13 average (10 blockbuster
        Salman 75 movies 28 hits 34 flops 13 average (13 blockbuster

  9. Without akshay koi bhi rating possible nahi hain. No.1 is only akshay sir. Love u akshay sir.

  10. Is this statics of Pluto ? Top actors of India according to BOI are following -
    1.Shahrukh Khan
    2.Salman Khan
    3.Aamir Khan
    4.Akshay Kumar
    5.Ajay devgan
    Hrithik is not even in top 5.he is at number 6 followed by Ranbir kapoor.

  11. @ housefull. That list is made according to the numbers of blockbusters, all time blockbusters, all time grossers, highest grosser of the year, record openers, 2 and 3 crore footfall films, highest grosser of the decade a star has given in his career. Aamir and salman deserves the top two spots in those things. Between hr and srk if you compare them from 2000 onwards where hr debuted you will find hr ahead in those that's why he finishes third
    And sunny is.ahead of Akshay and Ajay in those things that's where he is fifth

  12. @honest man bhai
    Iss logic se to tiger shroff>>SRK
    Because from 2014 tiger had 3 hits
    Srk has 1 hit only

  13. Why don't u tell that now Ranveer and Shahid are also bigger than SRK.as their highest grosser Padmavat collected more than SRK's highest grosser CE.

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