PadMan 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

PadMan 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar's Padman collected 2 crores on its second Friday. The film dropped at the start of its second week which means that it will not emerge clean hit.

Padman was facing competition from Aiyaary and Black Panther. Though it was not a big competition but the impact can be there if the film is not accepted. The lifetime gross of Padman is now expected to be in the range of 80-85 crores which will make it a decent grosser.

Akshay Kumar's 100 crore streak will be broken with Padman. Though the business has mainly come due to his name as otherwise, it would have been a washout. There was a similar film Phullu which released last year but no one knows about it. Actually, it is hard to make films on taboo subjects in India

Day 110.26
Day 213.68
Day 316.11
Day 45.87
Dat 56.12
Day 67.05
Day 73.78
Day 82.10
Day 93.15
Day 103.78
Day 111.50
Day 121.25
Day 131.0
Day 141.0
Day 150.50
Day 160.80
Day 171.0
Day 18-211.21
Total80.05 cr

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    1. Salmans consecutive 100 cr was saved as Tubelight released solo on Eid. Tubelight Padman ki release date par aati tau Padman jitna hi karti 80-90 crore

      1. @Sach baat, Bhai tubelight mein Eid Monday ko tha aur 1st weekend mein hi 64cr hogaye the pre Eid effect ke sath.
        According to boi its realvalue ignoring preeid effect was 72cr.
        Toh agar eid nahi bhi hoti to bhi tubelight 72cr weekend se 100cr toh definitely karleti.
        In the range of 105.& That too with extremely negative wom yahan toh wom excellent hai phir bhi 80

        1. Comment to parh lai jazbaati honai sai pehlai. I said if tubelight released on padman date. padmaavati ka onslaught tubelight par bhi parta agar tubelight padman ki tarah notmal weekend par aati after 2 weeks of padma. Tubelight kai pichlai week ya saath mein koi release nahin tha. Padman ki release date par aati tau 50 -55 karti opening weekend mein

    2. Bobby sindhu kaha h tu aur kya hua tera prediction Jo 130crs tha,,,,,,,I love akshay sir but tera prediction ab band kar de Bhai.....aur doob mar...

      1. Where is padman 200crs & roric ab kya excuse doge tum dono ,,,sach kahu to akshay sir KO is topic pe film hi nhi karni chahiye thi bcuz these Indian audience only like craps film like PRDP,,,dabangg2,, dhoom3,, kick,,,CE,,,HNY,,,ragini MMS ,,, etc

  1. BOI figures

    Padman : 64 crore
    Fukrey Returns : 78 crore

    Will padman beat Fukrey collections

    1. Yes it will Suresh.
      You don't worry.
      There isn't a comparison between mass oriented franchise film and a film on taboo subject.
      It need guts to do such bold movies.
      None of the khans, hrithik or ajay dared to try this till date.

      1. 12 years back on this date Indian film Fight Club released. Director of English film Film Club almost got heart attack after seeing the Indian version.

        If sequel of Indian film Fight Club starring Sohail Khan, Zayed Khan and Dino Morea release today it will do 100 crore biZ

      2. @salman Bhai aajse 13 saal pehle salman ne aids ke upar movie banayi thi woh bhi singlescreen era ab toh multiplex era hair audience jyada mature hogaye hain.
        Accept the failure & move on

    2. Haters get a chance whenever a superstar does a less appealing film..anyway i am dure if any of khans or hr would do this it would collect 16 crore+ opening..
      There is big margin between khans and others..all 3 are distinct..and superb.haters of khans-
      Fuselight(8 bb this decade
      Jhms(nothing much to say about this superstar..even fan opened huge)
      Ss(where aamir had only a cameo lol

  2. You r right it is very difficult for taboo films in india. Collections are only because of akshay kumar.

    But one thing is sure that it will be a clean hit and Akshay's consecutive 6th success .

    1. Akshay does have very low star value.
      If opening would be 15 crors. It might be a success.
      But doing same. Things. Again and again.
      Tepk .
      All next same subjects will be bigger flops

      1. @vishal
        Yes agreed. He should not do such films in recent future.

        when tubelight got flop salman declared he would only do movies which his fans like to watch(i.e. Tzh). Same should be followed by akshay.

        Padman type movie can give inner satisfaction to a actor but his fans wont like much.

      2. What you mean same things... All of them are different subjects... And all films are master class...

  3. The PADMAN will definately enhance the credibility of AKKI and will remain as best film on social issue.

  4. So Akshay's consecutive 5 hit streak started from Airlift will be discontinued.but still Padman is a success.Gold has best chance to beat TEPK and crossing 150 crore .

  5. One didn't notice such consideration during tube light which was declared flop even after collecting 115 crores.

  6. It's coz of his dayan Wife he lost his streak.. N if u c in twitter his fans has gone mad by seing this.. They all had this fake smile with big heart n forcefully watched his movie more than multiple times to make his movie gross 100cr but they cudnt.. N yes Twinkle khanna is responsible for this..

  7. don't give excuses bollyarena. Last year a film on taboo saubject was released (ki and ka) and it did similar business and emerged hit despite having a much smaller actor.

  8. don't give excuses bollyarena. Last year a similar film on taboo subject (ki and ka)was made by the same director and it did similar business and emerged hit despite having a much smaller actor.

  9. So Akshay's.streak of 100 crore continued for only 5 films. And this is despite of the fact that the film had good word of mouth. God knows a man who gives 80 crore lifetime with good word of mouth what will he give with mixed or bad word of mouth. Salman's streak of 100 crore for 12 films will increase more and remain unbroken. When salman khan is crossing 100 crore net in weekend only and that too without extra holidays stars like srk and Akshay is failing to do that in lifetime and that too multiple times. But as I said earlier srk and Akshay 's stardom is the 8th wonder of the world so they can do things which will remain wonder for others.

  10. padman will be average .....distributors struggle lot..some ppl expecting it will do 150cr even more ........akshay kumar limitation is max 135 to 140cr.
    even gold will do max 140cr.
    first flop as per distributors collection.....

  11. no one family like to watch such topic film with children .....and some metro youth going thats it ...
    topic is already outdated why they made this film it tough to understand firstly it not going to release in villages ...village ppl required such awareness movie but Akshay not going to release in village ....my suggestion is Akshay spend his fees to release this film in villages with little ticket rate.
    sob dikhawa hai desh k liye paise kamana hai,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. honest man............tere salman ko bol padman kare aur 100cr karke dikhae

    action film mai to akki 3 din mai hi 100cr+ laega,, aukaad dekhi thi sabne tubelight se

    everyone knows what happens when salman does films on taboo or experiment-phir milenge and tubelightsssss

    1. @Akki Ka Deewana
      Salman's biggest failure
      Tubelight opening day (21cr)>>Akki's highest opening day (16cr)
      Tubelight weekend (61cr)>>Akki's highest weekend (54cr)
      Tubelight 1st week (106cr)>>Akki's highest week (94cr)
      Aajtak Akki ne salman ki experimental disappointed movie tubelight ki opening & weekend & week cross nahi kiya aur tum tubelight ko troll kar rahe ho.
      Jisne aajtak 55cr weekend mein par nahi kiya aap usse 100cr ki sapne dekh rahe ho hahahahaha lage raho
      @Bollyarena, please post my comment

  13. Actually 8th wonder is you yourself who always do nonsensical comparison.a simple thing is not going in your mind that Padman is very niche and limited appealing film.it is even niche than Airlift, Baby etc.whatever it is earning because of Akshay .it is not even a 80 crore film.
    Although it is waste of time to make you understand but still hopes at least 5- 10 % goes into your tiny brain dishonest man.
    And your Salman don't have courage to do these types of films like padman, FAN etc because his 100 crore streak will be discontinued.Actually your actor is coward that's why only playing safe .

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