PadMan 2nd Day Box Office Collection

PadMan 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar's PadMan has shown good growth on its first Saturday. According to the official figures, Padman 2nd day collection is 13.68 crore. The growth from the opening day is close to 35%.

The opening day was on the lower side which meant that there was scope for growth. The main jump has come in Mumbai and South India. PadMan has underperformed in North India which was expected due to the genre. Though Akshay's core fan following is in North but it has not really helped and the trending of the film is more like other content-oriented films.

There will be more growth on Sunday but it needs to be on the similar lines as Saturday for the film to emerge a 100-125 crore grosser. The initial word of mouth is positive however it will be interesting to see if it is accepted by the famil audience.

Day 110.26
Day 213.68
Day 316.11
Day 45.87
Dat 56.12
Day 67.05
Day 73.78
Day 82.10
Day 93.15
Day 103.78
Day 111.50
Day 121.25
Day 131.0
Day 141.0
Day 150.50
Day 160.80
Day 171.0
Day 18-211.21
Total80.05 cr

37 comments on “PadMan 2nd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Akki is doing niche films for Metro audience.... We Akkians are Proud of him for the Social films he is doing ....
    He is a Different kind of Superstar...
    Sunday 17 to 18 Cr

    1. This is fantastic growth. Another reason to celeberate today for Akshay fans is completion of 8 years of Patiala House movie.

      1. padman is going to beat lifetime collection of JHMS in week one and fan lifetime collection in week two and the film is much better than all srk recenter movies. the weak collection only because of it is taboo subject only god knows how much this film will earn if it is have other star only akki sir can make such kind of movies earn this much collection

        1. What about raees? You failed to mention that. That was a recent srk movie. Must be because u think it won't beat that and u want to spread fake propaganda

    1. i agree the growth is good but the start was bad.. it suld have started at 12-13cr and then gone for a 20cr weekend which his movies usually do.. i have doubts that it will cross 100cr mark as it is facing strong competition from the padmavat and next week aiyaary is releasing which is again a 100cr potential movie

      week one is looking to finish at 63-65 cr and life time can be predicted at 93-95cr.

      I strongly believe it should have released alongside padmavat at least it would have got a 1 week free run with Aiyaary releasing after 2 weeks of its release & would have assured a 100 cr for padman

  2. Our country is full of idiots . Now also stupids are watching Padmavat instead of Padman . I don't know what is good in crap padmavat .
    And a well made movie like Padman is struggling.
    Is desh ka kuch nahi ho skta.
    Kabhi nahi badh skta yeh.
    Soch badlo , Go and watch Padman for every women in your life .

    1. Yeh saara bhashan ussi waqt kyun yaad aata hai jab apna fav star aisai social topic par movie karta hai ?

      Jab doosra star aisi movie karta hai us waqt to yeh sab emotion nahin hotai.

      Frequently movies release hoti hain on different important social topics. Never see such emotions then. Why? Kyun kai apna fav star us mein nahin hota na

      1. @tired of hipocracy I think u are a big fool who can't understand relation between a star and his fans . Har insaan kisi ka fan hota hai aur uski bhawnaae apne star se judi hoti hai.
        Bhashan to tu de raha hai . Aaya bada apne aap me intelligent ban raha hai .
        Our country has 130cr people and very one has one star in his life . And everyone is concerned about him .
        I think you are unintelligent to understand this . So instead do ur work and stop acting oversmart.

        1. Mein apnai aap ko intelligent pehlai nahin samajhta tha. teri hipocracy ki spelling parh kar lag raha kai mai waqayi intelligent hoon ??

          Waisay terai jazbaat nai mujhe buht impress kia hai. Padman dekh kar aur Padmavat na dekh kar desh ko zaroor badloonga. Aur 1 year baad Housefull sequel kar bhi desh badloonga. Har Akki movie ko cinema mai dekh kar desh ko badloonga ? Tu nai mujhe convince kar lia aakhir

        2. @Housefull is correct. Watching Padman will lead to change and improvement/sudhrao in country. Some idiots will never understand. It is not that complex. I can prove it

          (i) Watching Padman will lead to increase in Akshay’s bank balance as his wife is producer

          (ii) Increase in Akshay’s bank balance means he, as consumer, can spend more in India

          (iii) Increase in Consumer (Akshay) spending leads to increase in India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as per economic theory

          (iv) We all know gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country's economy. Increase in GDP means improvement in India’s economy.


          Therefore, watching Padman ➡️ lead to improvement in economy.

          I told you it is not that complex to understand how watching Padman will lead to sudhrao of country.


          The above economic theory will stand applicable only if Akshay bank balance increase leads to spending in India and not in any other country like Canada

          1. Lolz

            Learning Economics was never this much fun. Interesting mix of Padman, Akshay, India GDP minusing the spending in Canada ?

    2. Padmavat is not crap. It is really a beautiful movie. I did like Padman as well. But I had aleady watched menstural man (documentry on Arunachalam sir). Do watch it to know the real struggle of the real Padaman of India. Padman is a fictionalised and more entertaining version (specially second half) of the same. It is not necessary to hate a brilliantly made movie like Padmavat to like Padman. Both are very good movies.

    3. ye kasoor desh ak nahi ye kasoor khud akshay kumar ka hai... usko padmavat ke saath hi release karna chahiye tha .. ab generous ho kar phas gaya hai... peeche padmavat aur aage aiyaary

    1. PR of such person! Everyone knows you people are blind PR who are paid by Akshay and BJP

  3. I am not trying to blame any fanbase but it is true that if same movie is done by sallu then it will cross 300+
    Becoz people r concern about starcast not about content

  4. So a superstar needs excellent word-of-mouth to do even 100 crore in lifetime. Akshay Kumar is extremely lucky that his latest films are getting excellent word-of-mouth that's why his films are crossing the 100 crore mark, the moment his films will start getting mixed or negative word-of-mouth he will again become 60 crore actor like he was before.
    As far as padman is concerned from nowon it needs extraordinary trending from Monday onwards to reach somewhere near tubelight
    I think the max potential from here is 125 crore net. Let's see.where it reaches till the end but I think it will somehow cross 100 crore net because word-of-mouth is positive.
    This film also proves that only positive word-of-mouth is not enough. Superstars are needed to achieve huge lifetime with positive word-of-mouth
    You make bajrangi bhaijaan with Akshay Kumar it will do 150 crore max because the opening would be 10-12 crore net. You make bajrangi with srk it will do something like prdp because of 14.69 crore opening. So only content is not enough.

    1. You are a MORON. JHMS was the worst SRK movie of all time, it had zero buzz , trailers were flop and it released during non-holidayn Otherwise we know that he can get RAEES to 20 Crores on non-holiday with a clash or FAN to 19 Crores without songs and masala. Bajrangi Bhaijaan with SRK on Eid would gross 300 Crores, and with Akshay too it would comfortably cross 250 on EID. Padman is a movie on a sensitive topic releasing on a non-holiday, exam period. Tell your SALLU to release such a film(us ki aukaat bhi nhi hai) on Menstruation and then release it in non-holiday exam period. The opening won't be more than 15 Crores. Maximum lifetine would be 150-160/Crores even with SALLU or AAMIR. Better salute the guts of this man to make a film on such topic and trying to educate and entertain people at the same time.

  5. Yes but when he will do 20 30 crore opening ?
    You cant say that he is not giving 20+ because of content orienteted movies because Housefull3 fails to do 20+ and 150+.. Singh is Bling too..
    Even totilet did 132 thanks to Tax Free & 1 big holiday..
    Even Ajaydevgn managed to do 30+ twice & 1 200+ movie..
    Ranveer Singh did 200+..
    Akshay have to do some big masala movies like Rowdy Rathore.
    Even a crap movie like JHMS did 16 & Tubelight 20 (EID)

    1. Plz refer to boi
      Sib opens to 20 crore opening and
      Ajay without Rohit is flop example is baadshaho

    2. Lol. Ajay devgn?????? That guy is not able to give 11 cr opening without Rohit papa directed golmaal/singham frachises. Remove those films and even an out and out mass entertainer like shivaay and baadshaho opened less than 10 cr. Shame shame.. is that what you call a stardom? Compared to that akki still gives 12 cr opening consistently despite 3 or more films a year. He is the 4th biggest crowd puller in india. Like it or not. Wait for 2.0 hindi version.

    3. Lol. One more joke. Ranveer singh. Ha ha ha. I can only laugh at you. How many films of Ranveer Singh and ajay devgn crossed even 100 cr without same director i.e. bhansali and rohit?????? Ajay's all 100 cr and 200 cr films directed by rohit shetty. Same for Ranveer. His all 100 cr films are directed by bhansali. Without them both are yet to cross 100 cr life time and 13 cr opening.

  6. Saw Padman yesterday it’s a really good. Great performances another gem from akshay 3.5/5

  7. I heard Akshay kumar going to do Milk man.. Really?? Then I will never watch it even in piracy. . He can't take his fans for granted.. I have seen Akkians celebrating Padman with a big fake heart.. They knew this movie is a one time watch not twice thrice.. Aftr toilet then padman.. Seriously.. Then y don't he join Ngo n work there.. He is a star n suppose to entertain not by taboo films back to back.. Salman has learnt his lesson.. Even Srk.. N Hrithik will too learn this lesson..

  8. Cinema sirf entertainment hoti hai paisa kamane ke liye kuch bhi bana sake to cinema nahi documentary dekho college school meain quality syllabus lana hoga

  9. Agar Dipika se bhag na jata to movie achhi collection kar leti ek badi cinema aayi to dusara cinema chal nahi sakti

  10. Will never understand why people say that Akshay Kumar is not a star? He is the person who has thrashed Salman Khan 4 times in clash in both opening and lifetime(Sangdil Sanam vs Hum Hai BEmisaal, AAA vs Suhaag, Kyu ki vs Garam Masala, blue vs mamk). If Akshay does a mass film movie with action, masala then opening will be above 30cr easily. In fact Rowdy Rathore was the highest non holiday opener. Salman never crossed Akshay's Khiladiyo ka khiladi opening in any solo lead movie till 1999, Mohra till 1997.

    If Salman does this film, opening would be around 5cr because Launde Lapades don't like such movies.

  11. Ha ha ha....someone is consistently making good cinema on social issues rarely addressed by anyone before and some people are here just to bash him. Have some respect and if you don't like such movies , don't see it. Jai hind.

  12. Lol due to low of tickets price Akshay Kumar made This, And Still Is Not Star...?

    Can 1 of 3 khans flow thesame way An remain....?

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