Padmaavat Day 1 Box Office Collection Update

Padmaavat Day 1 Box Office Collection Update: The much controversial film Padmaavat (earlier known as Padmavati) hit the screens today after facing a lot of troubles in the last couple of months. However, it did not get a full-fledged release and as a result, the opening is also below the mark. Take a look at Padmaavat collection update.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's production has opened to around 40% occupancy in the morning shows. As expected the opening is the best in Maharashtra region. It was also pretty decent in South India and West Bengal where the protests were minimal and the film managed to get a smooth release.

Padmaavat Day 1 Box Office Collection Update

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However, Padmaavat has not been released in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The exhibitors have decided to not screen the film fearing the violence. This has happened after the state governments refused to guarantee the security. In fact, some of the states themselves banned the film, even though the supreme court has cleared the film.

In smaller centres, local authorities have also banned the film to maintain the law and order. Places like UP and Haryana have a very limited screening of Padmavati. Overall the film has lost around 35-40% of the market on the 1st day. The makers are trying to release the film in the banned states but nothing is certain as of now.

Padmavati collection from the previews are about 5 crores which is a good figure considering the recent scenario. The controversy might have helped the film to increase the buzz but it has also resulted in the ban. No doubt if the film would have got a smooth release, it would be a bumper opener. The makers took a huge risk and it did not pay off.


Padmaavat has managed to pick up the pace in the noon and evening shows. This is a very good news after a slightly underwhelming start. Probably the audience has come in areas where the situation was normal. Though it still has not got a release in Gujarat, MP and Rajasthan. But the places like Mumbai and West Bengal are performing extremely well. The later is not a huge market for films like this but the controversy has really helped the film.

Overall the situation is looking better but there is still a lot of ground left to cover. There is a huge scope for growth tomorrow and ideally, it should have gone over 30 crores. But the release in banned states is crucial, especially in Gujarat.

Padmaavat 1st Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

As per the early trends, Padmaavat 1st day collection could be in the range of 15-20 crores. It is very tough to make an estimate right now as the samples from many areas are not available.

Also, tell us what are your thoughts about Padmaavat day 1 box office collection update in the comments section.

27 comments on “Padmaavat Day 1 Box Office Collection Update”

  1. I am just waiting to see if the collection is going to be 'earth shattering' like Deepika claimed it would be :D

    1. Arena firstly u sud say sorry for not posting articles as many users HV a lot of hope from u
      And I HV watched padmavat and for ranveer acting he deserves Oscar at once

    1. Beta good ss story good h film business to kare gi dekho koimoi ki web par q keh china m good film n banti is waja se india ki film good business karti h

  2. Budget 200 cr and day 1 collection inspire sky high buzz is just 15cr .
    Socho agar Padman bhi saath aati to Padmavati ka Kya hoga . Bhansali ne Akshay se darr k use request kr hi di aur apni movie ko bacha liya .
    Agar Padman bhi 25th ko aati to padmavat k liye 10cr cross krna bhi mushkil tha.

    1. Smart choice by Padman producers to move date. This Padmavati was a time-bomb waiting to explode. Unnecessarily others movies would've faced the brunt. I know people at my workplace who were planning to go for Jumanji are in double minds now due to potential violence threat.

    2. Padmavati ka to jo bhi hota ..... 50 cr bhi cross nahin karti.

      Feeling bad that Akki is no longer King of clashes. He is Generous Akki now.

  3. Raees collected 20.3 crore crore against Kaabil last year.it was also faced heavy protest.Padmavat is released solo.so ideally It should beat Raees opening day collection by a good margin.

    1. It will beat JHMS collections and make you happy. Don’t worry.

      If u want to feel more happy than its lifetime will exceed all last 3 movies of SRK (fan, raees, jhms).

  4. Disappointing opening considering the scale, budget and hype. Hope the film somehow touches the 20 crore net which it needs to do atleast.

  5. This is a lesson for Bollywood. If there is a controversy brewing, don't keep milking it. Clear it at the earliest. Otherwise, it can backfire very badly as being witnessed in case of 'Padmavati'/'Padmaavat'. Controversy is like a red chilli powder. A bit of it spices the taste. Use too much & the entire dish is spoiled. Padman & Aiyaary makers must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. In this colossal mess, they would've unnecessarily ended up being collateral damage.

    Cinema is supposed to be enjoyed by masses for recreational purpose. It shouldn't become a war.

  6. Oh ....Karni Sena???....

    By the way ..in how many theatres its playing now ..??

  7. I watched d movie n i m really disappointed its not that good but ranveers acting is amazing ......

  8. Karnataka bandh is called for mahadayi river on 25th. It will affect the collections as Bangalore provided 3-5 crores for overal collections

  9. @bollywood arena. Your report is wrong. The opening is 50-55 percent. In Mumbai the opening is on part with tzh. Overall it's 15percent lesser than tzh. So ideally it's a 30 crore opener beating all the khan starter non holiday openers apart from d3 and tzh. But ban in the other states will pull down the opening by 25-40 percent. Whatever Deepika has proved that she is the third biggest star after Aamir and salman.

    1. @honest man... Tune box office india ka data lakee chap diya h. N ek bat or 3rd biggest star deepika h to Hollywood k ek movie thi Xxx wo 1cr k opining nh leti smjha isly pgalo wli bat mt kr. Or movie controversy k karn itna kamai h Jo hero h us k. Krn utna kamayi h smjha. Isly fltu k bat mt kr

  10. Hope numbers will be higher...let the film release peacefully and then it will show us its true potential !

  11. abe dishonest man,before blabbering u should know Raees opening was also 50- 55 % same day last year .it was also faced heavy protest every where.if Raees released solo freely then it was also 30+ crore opener on working day.But u are a anti SRK man.thats why u degrade him every time.but reality will remain same.
    Just wait, Opening of Zero will prove .

    1. Ashant Abhishek dude calm down. Don't throw your frustration here. Facts are facts. Sach hamesha kadwa lagta hai. After disastrous JHMS No one is interested in your oldie srk' s movies at all. Even his so called fan following is becoming zero and I think that's why he is giving his next movie's title Zero because the he knows the box office performance of that crap so he himself admitting that. ?????.

  12. leave it @ sahil.he is anti SRK man.we had seen Stardom of Deepika when Piku took 5 crore opening.When Dilwale and BM clashed Dilwale took bigger opening.it shows Who is bigger star.he can say Dilwale got more screens.but if Deepika is bigger star than SRK then why BM got less screens .he will not understand.

  13. Biggest stars of Bollywood.
    1. SALMAN
    2. Amir
    3. Deepika
    4. Akshay
    5. Hritik
    6. Ajay
    7. Ranveer
    8. Anushka
    9. Varun
    10. Srk

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