Padmaavat Box Office Prediction - Bobby Sidhu

After all of the controversies. After all of the questions…..

“Why is there no official announcement of the release date?”

“When will it release?”

“In which areas will it be banned?”

Is the film even going to release?”

Finally, it’s arriving. I use the word “it” because this is no longer a film. It has become a national event!

I’m not going to get into the details of any of the controversies. After all, the likes of Arnab Goswani, and a million other news anchors/channels have already been in your face covering the whole story. I will only do what I do: cover the box office aspect of the film!

To say that Padmaavat is carrying enormous pre-release hype would be an understatement. The film has gained so much publicity across India due to all of the controversies surrounding the film. The film has managed to reach even beyond the casual moviegoer.

All of that hype will surely translate into an excellent opening, sure. Speaking of the opening, I have been reading some analysts (and others as well) predicting an opening day collection in the 35 crore range, some even predicting 40! However, I feel that one needs to remember some important factors here. The biggest factor is that the film is releasing on a non-holiday (the 25th). The highest non-holiday, Hindi film opener (not including Baahubali 2) is Tiger Zinda Hai, a big franchise, Salman/Katrina YRF action starrer. To expect a film with Shahid/Ranveer as the main leads to open at a similar level would perhaps be expecting too much. With that said, there is no doubt that the film will take an excellent opening, nonetheless!

Hype/opening is one thing, but what really matters is content. Content is what determines the direction of the lifetime collections. Normally, I don’t like to read any sort of critic review before writing my prediction, as I don’t want that review to have any sort of influence on how I feel the film will perform at the box office. As it turns out, I accidentally stumbled upon a tweet by a certain popular trade analyst, who hailed the film as a “masterpiece,” which makes me believe even more that the public Word-of-Mouth will be very strong. As it is, the trailer of the film received a phenomenal response by viewers! Also, the last film from the combo of Ranveer-Deepika-SLB, Bajirao Mastani, received a terrific response from the audience. Therefore, I’m sure that this film will also be loved by the public. Ranveer Singh in particular will get amazing feedback for his performance from the public, is what I feel.

The film only has a two-week free run as Padman and Aiyaary release on Feb 9. Also, the costs of the film are on the higher side. Given the expected excellent opening and appreciation for the film, however, two weeks should be enough to get the job done at the box office!

My Box Office Predictions for Padmaavat (Hindi version only):

Opening Day (January 25th, NOT including paid previews of 24th): 24 crore nett

Opening Weekend (Thurs-Sun, including paid previews of 24th): 130 crore nett

Lifetime: 230 crore nett

Overall Verdict: Hit


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28 comments on “Padmaavat Box Office Prediction - Bobby Sidhu”

      1. Some of his fans had started calling akki King of clashes ? seriously speking the special screening of padman and padmavaat clash did happen

        1. Abhi bhi tumhe koi sharam nahi hai . Bhansali requested Akshay to postpone Padman . U idiots are calling him Bhagoda. Shane on u idiots. He is most generous human being in our industry. We all should appreciate Akki and his kind step . I am with Padman .
          Best wishes for Padman.

          1. Reality is akki knew padman will be crushed by padmavaat. Padmavaat vaat laga deti Padman ki. Akki is smart. He wanted a way out. Bhansali gave him a respectful exit by requesting. If it was 2.0 releasing on republic day instead of padman, akki would have never postponed it coz 2.0 was a bigger movie than padmavaat.

            Every one know why akki escaped clash except for akkians who wont like the reality

            King of Clash my as* ?

            Also tell me where was Akkis generosity when he clashed with his close friend’s (hrithik) biggie Mohenjodaro. Every one knew mohenjodaro needed a solo release as costs were higher yet akki released it. Roshans were not happy still akki clashed. This generosity reasoning is bullsh*%

            Face the facts. Akki was confident of rustom against mohenjodaro so he released it. About padman he knew that padmavaat will crush it so he ran away

            1. U idiots also don't know that if Padman released with padmavat. They also face protest of padmavat. Log Dar k mare Padman dekhne b nahi aate. So akki take a good step. Bc jab bahar Aag lagi ho to log ghar beithna jyada pasand karenge.

            2. Beta @Vijay sach sab ke saamne hai . As a solo bhi padmavati Kitna struggle kr rahi hai.
              Day collection may not cross 15cr.
              Socho agar Padman bhi saath aati to Nuksan padmavati ka hi hota .
              1st day collection dono ka same hota .
              Around 15cr.
              Padman with 20cr budget = 15cr
              Padmavat with 200cr budget = 15cr
              What a shame.
              Then also some dogs like Vijay are barking.
              I think u should watch press conference of SLB and Akki and then study whole scenario.

  1. Thank God finally u are back. I thought you will also disappear forever like Indicine. And was so upset and missing your site. Amy ways welcome back..

    1. When are you returning to the cricketing field Bradman Sir? Huge fan of your batting skills

      1. Are you serious? Dude I am not Don Bradman. I am only one of his billions of fans in the world. I just used it as my ID name. And FYI he died in 2002. Please check your facts bro.

  2. It seems like this guy bobby sidhu is a blind Salman khan fan. Matlab jo man me aaya bhonk diya. FYI biggest non holiday opener is dhoom 3 not TZH. Dhoom 3 did 36 cr and TZH did only 33 cr that also after 4 years of dhoom 3. Shame on salman. Now wait for TOH it will open 45 cr+ even on non holiday i.e. diwali day and slap you once again.

  3. 1st day 20-22 crore
    1st weekend 105-110 crore
    1st week 145-150 crore
    lifetime 190-200 crore
    verdict average

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