Padmaavat 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection

Padmaavat 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection: The holdover release Padmaavat has an excellent third weekend as it has grossed approx 17.80 crores. The trend is very strong despite the release of PadMan.

Padmaavat has now crossed 250 crores mark in 17 days. There are a couple of partial holidays in the third week which will give a boost to film's collection. The film is on course to beat Dhoom 3 lifetime gross to become the 5th highest grosser of all time.

Day 119.0
Day 232.0
Day 327.0
Day 431.0
Day 515.0
Day 614.0
Day 712.50
Day 811.0
Day 910.0
Day 1016.0
Day 1120
Day 127.0
Day 136.0
Day 145.50
Day 155.0
Day 163.50
Day 176.50
Day 188.0
Day 193.20
Day 203.75
Day 214.50
Day 222.50
Day 231.75
Day 243.0
Day 254.0
Day 261.55
Day 271.25
Day 281.23
Day 291.25
Day 300.88
Day 311.56
Day 322.02
Day 330.75
Day 340.65
Day 350.50
Day 360.29
6th Week6.98
7th Week3.82
Total300.26 cr

15 comments on “Padmaavat 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection”

  1. So
    Ranveer and Shahid beat the collection of dhoom 3 after 5years gap in upcoming days
    Bt our so called megastar who have 3 billion fans in whole world need not more than 2 decade with deepika hhahaaha .....

    1. Last night saw #Padman and #Padmaavat back to back

      Got a dream that Allauddin Khilji surrounds Chittor, sets up a factory of sanitary napkins outside it just so that one day Rani Padmavati will come to buy one and then he will finally see her.


  2. Will this year's Xmas release cross this year's January release. We have seen in 2011 and 2015 that Xmas releases failed to cross post Ipl releases now let's see what happens in 2018.
    But Deepika has definitely proved herself to be the biggest female star ever.

    1. A comment from you without trolling Akshay and/or SRK ??

      Tabyat tau theek hai na aaj ?

      1. @ Concerned man : His comment is still on SRK if u read it. So he is feeling perfectly well. He looks Ajay/Salman fan but in actual his love for SRK & Akshay knows no boundaries. He comments more on Akshay & SRK than on Ajay or Salman.

        Reminds me of @navin from Indicine who was obsessed with SRK as much as this Honest man is.

    2. Dishonest man, No dude. Madhuri is the biggest star ever. She is the only actress who could pull 7 cr footfalls on her own in a time when no other film except sholay was able to cross 7 cr footfalls. She did it on her own star power without any big star she managed to pull boring overrated movie like HAHK to such big scale and made it ATHG, HGOTD and 7 cr+ footfalls movie. And her record still remains intact. No other film has been able to cross 7 cr footfalls. So madhuri is the biggest female star ever.

  3. Super strong trend ! Had it been a peaceful EDX release then it would have beaten each and every record.

  4. @ bollyarena: Where is the new song “Sanu ek pal chain” of Raid ?

    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan rocks as always.

  5. LOL. How will it beat dhoom 3 record??? In your dreams??? May be. Because in reality it wont. Dhoom 3 collected 286 cr and Padmaavat has collected 254 cr so far. So it needs 33 cr more to beat dhoom 3. And considering that it will earn less than 5 cr in third week it has no chance to earn more than 20 cr. So dhoom 3 is out of reach. Please think before you write something. Please wake up.

  6. Madhuri has delivered many blockbusters with non stars
    Raja(A C grade film)
    She is the queen

  7. @ Harry. That film hahk starred another star who already had an atbb mpk before and none of madhuri's film crossed mpk till hahk. But here Deepika is giving huge grossers consistently without big stars. Deepika has opened 150,200 and 250 club without edx and she has done that without big stars or atbest emerging stars

  8. @Honest man
    LOL. Chennai Express may be SRK's highest grosser but it is not his biggest hit. His biggest hit is DDLJ. Infact, CE is SRK's 6th biggest hit after DDLJ, KKHH, K3G, Mohabbatein, DTPH.
    Until 1995:
    Aamir's biggest hit till Raja Hindustani was Dil-with Madhuri
    Anil Kapoor's biggest hit(infact the only blockbuster he had in the whole decade was with Madhuri-Beta)
    Sanjay Dutt's biggest hit was with Madhuri("Saajan")
    Salman's biggest hit(Infact the only one of the two solo blockbusters he had was with Madhuri)
    Even with Sanjay Kapoor Madhuri had a blockbuster-Raja.
    Also the biggest hit of Jacky Shroff till then was with Madhuri!!!
    She was the queen till 1995. She was even mightier than Sunny Deol and SRK.

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