Padmaavat 3rd Wednesday Box Office Collection

Padmaavat 3rd Wednesday Box Office Collection: Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat got another boost on its 3rd Wednesday due to the partial holiday. As per the official figures, the film collected 4.50 crores on 20th day.

This has taken the total collection of the film to 265.25 crores. With the ongoing trend, it seems that Padmaavat will remain steady in the 4th week too. There will be competition from Aiyaari however the target audience of both films is different.

Day 119.0
Day 232.0
Day 327.0
Day 431.0
Day 515.0
Day 614.0
Day 712.50
Day 811.0
Day 910.0
Day 1016.0
Day 1120
Day 127.0
Day 136.0
Day 145.50
Day 155.0
Day 163.50
Day 176.50
Day 188.0
Day 193.20
Day 203.75
Day 214.50
Day 222.50
Day 231.75
Day 243.0
Day 254.0
Day 261.55
Day 271.25
Day 281.23
Day 291.25
Day 300.88
Day 311.56
Day 322.02
Day 330.75
Day 340.65
Day 350.50
Day 360.29
6th Week6.98
7th Week3.82
Total300.26 cr

6 comments on “Padmaavat 3rd Wednesday Box Office Collection”

  1. 3rd week 268 cr
    4th week: weekend- 10cr & week days 5cr
    5th week 5cr
    6th week 2cr
    remaining weeks 1cr
    life time 290-293 crores
    verdict - super hit (coz budget high - 200cr)

  2. How much impact Padmavati, Aiyaari & Black Panther (is it release tom?) will collectively have on Padman collections tomorrow onwards?

    Bollyarena? Anyone ?

  3. Don't take the ranking of dishonest man seriously .
    Hrithik is ahead of SRK ?
    How , with just 8 hits in 18 years career in which 4 hit are his father's directed films.last 2 films opened below 10 crore .he was never consistent.after KNPH ,series of underperformers came till K3G.after K3G again waited a hit till KMG.after fabulous 2006 again series of flops and gets a hit in 2011.No Hit after KRRISH 3.
    I am not against hrithik.he has great acting skills.but if someone is telling wrong then I have to show true facts.

    1. I really like @honest man comments
      Hey @honest man aapna Twitter handle do bhai

  4. Historic trend! Superhit!
    @Bollyarena.. Plz give updates of Secret Superstar.. BOI has already got too shocked that they have stopped updating about SS China collection

  5. tzh day 20 - 2.30cr ..
    padmavat day 20- 4.50cr..
    which is biggest hit ??
    padmavat wom is excellent..
    padmavat should be biggest hit than tzh.

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