Padmaavat 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection

Padmaavat 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection: Ranveer Singh starrer continues its terrific run at the box office as it collected 3.75 crores on third Tuesday. The film showed growth due to the partial holiday.

Padmaavat will again witness gains today as there is Mahashivratri holiday and Valentines Day. The film has now crossed 260 crores after 19 days. It is now sure to beat Dhoom 3 lifetime gross in its 4th week.

Day 119.0
Day 232.0
Day 327.0
Day 431.0
Day 515.0
Day 614.0
Day 712.50
Day 811.0
Day 910.0
Day 1016.0
Day 1120
Day 127.0
Day 136.0
Day 145.50
Day 155.0
Day 163.50
Day 176.50
Day 188.0
Day 193.20
Day 203.75
Day 214.50
Day 222.50
Day 231.75
Day 243.0
Day 254.0
Day 261.55
Day 271.25
Day 281.23
Day 291.25
Day 300.88
Day 311.56
Day 322.02
Day 330.75
Day 340.65
Day 350.50
Day 360.29
6th Week6.98
7th Week3.82
Total300.26 cr

25 comments on “Padmaavat 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection”

    1. Aamir khan gayo nahi aamir khan aayo... he has made India proud by setting a huge fan base in china..
      Paanch saal purani movie ko abhi beat karne par bolte ho aamir to gayo.. shame on you mann

    2. Salman khan to gayo already. Because padmaavat already thrashed ETT and Kick released in 2014. Abe lallu ghanchakkar comparing a 2018 movie with a 5 years old movie dhoom 3???? Dhoom 3 was ATHG when released and at that time no other film crossed even 210 cr. Shameless moron why don't you compare it with 2014 released kick and 2015 release PRDP???? Because padmaavat already thrashed those films more than a week ago. Ha ha ha. Get a life illiterate moron. By the way had it been proper released without ban then it would have also thrashed only a month old TZH by big margin without Christmas release. Ab le. ?????????

  1. Padmavat and Bahubali prove that if the film is good it doesn't need EDX.
    People will come to theatres irrespective of festivals.

  2. The best thing about Deepika is that she is achieving huge numbers without the help of big star. She could have easily worked with big stars but she rejected films like kick. She decided she will do films where her roles are strong. She choose flop directors like slb inplace of sureshot blockbusters like kick. She is the only actress to make heroine oriented films gross similar to big stars films.
    She is the biggest female star of all time
    Madhuri lacked here. She worked almost with all the stars in 90's. In most of her big grossers like khalnayak, ramlakhan, tezaab her role was not strong. When she tried to do heroine oriented films like mrityudand and gajagamini they flopped.

    Madhuri is no match to Deepika, she is more comparable to Katrina. Both had pretty faces, good dancing skills. They are known for their hit numbers like cholie ke piche, shiela ki jawaani. Both of them can't take a heroine oriented film to success.actually even Katrina is ahead of Madhuri in that as she has new york atleast

    1. Deepika, relying on her own stardom, is “Finding Fanny”.

      Deepika, with help of hit stars is CE, Ramleela, BM, etc

    2. Your analysis is world famous third class analysis

      Deepika maximum without hit stars is Piku. Her normal range in India otherwise is Finding Fanny - xxx return of xander cage.

      Kangana max without hit stars is TWMR.

      Deepika should deliver 150 crore + movie without hit star. Then she will be equal to Kangana. To be equal to Madhuri, she has to deliver decade of stardom.

      1. Like the length of your comment your chutiyapa also seems to be never ending.. Great and firstclass chutiya u are ?

    3. @Fraud man what the he'll are you talking about you moron???? Who are you to degrade an evergreen actress like Madhuri and comparing her with plastic expressionless doll like Kat??? Are you on weed or something??? Madhuri single handedly pulled HAHK on her own shoulders and made it such a huge ATBB and pulled 7 cr footfalls with her acting skills and dance (well I don't even need to mention the obvious thing.) You moron your taste shows you are useless fellow. Deepika is good but not comparable to madhuri yet. And in terms of stardom madhuri was far more bankable in her time.

  3. @Honest man
    What heroine oriented role are you talking about?
    Forget Khalanayak, Madhuri's role was the strongest in Hum Aapke Hai Kau, a film with such an ensembel cast.
    Madhuri's role was the strongest in Beta, and it was the only blockbuster for Anil KApoor in entire 90s decade.

    Atleast Ranveer and Ranbir are huge among youths. Madhuri gave a blockbuster with even Sanjay Kapoor named Raja,

    MAdhuri had the strongest role in Saajan

    Gaja gamini flopped because it was a crap movie, and Madhuri was over till then. She was over after Raja

    Padmavati is not female oriented movie. The last female oriented blockbuster was TWMR, before that The Dirty Picture and before that it was Raja

    Recently BOI wrote an article: Padmavat: The credit goes to whom? And it said that all the credit should go to the hype.

    1. But dirty picture me Emraan tha ..supporting role tha but tha ..Haan dirty picture me strong role Vidya ka tha
      Vidya ka kahani 1 bol skte ho

  4. i hope valentines day be huge collection for padmavati like 8-10 crores... ranveer deserves to reach 300 crores

    1. Article was uploaded in morning & then removed ? Legendary bobby had predicted 18 crore biz and disaster for Aiyaary ?

  5. You are telling right @ sayar.huge success of Padmavat goes to huge hype and controversy.Buzz was all time high.if Padmavat would have released peacefully and controversy -free then it would have maximum collected around 200 crore like BM.BOI also said it took good opening due to controversy .and it is trending well because Sanjay bhansali made a good film and audience is liking the film .
    Then after it came to actors' performance.
    This dishonest man only gets a excuse to praise Deepika and snatch credit from others.whose potential is how much it will be cleared after the next release of its actors- Shahid's Batti gul meter chalu and Ranveer's Simba.

  6. @ srkian sayar. hum aapke hai Kaun was sooraj salman combo which was big after mpk. Sanjay Kapoor was not big but indrakumar was a big director. Madhuri always selected big stars or big directors but Deepika choose flop director slb. That's the difference. Ranveer singh till date has crossed 100 crore only with Deepika. Ranbir Kapoor was a big star after barfi but he was not so big that he can set weekend record beating dabangg2. Raam Leela, yjhd, love aaj Kal, cocktail, bajirao mastani, padmavat, piku etc from small to huge hits she has given all of them without big stars. Madhuri should have made films like mrityudand work to prove herself. And as far as hahk is concerned that film released 5 years after mpk which grossed 14 crore net. Tell me how many films of Madhuri has crossed the 14 crore net of mpk before hahk. Till hahk her highest grosser was beta at 13 crore net. But before ce Deepika's highest yjhd collected more than srk's highest ra one.

  7. @Honest man
    Same logic:
    When YJHD released Ranbir's highest was Barfi-110cr and DP's highest cocktail was below 100cr......
    If MAdhuri didn't prove herself by mritydutta, DP didn't do it by Finding fanny either

    SLB is not a flop director. Devdas was 2cr+ ffs, HGOTY. HDDS was also a hit.

    Chennai Express may be SRK’s highest grosser but it is not his biggest hit. His biggest hit is DDLJ. Infact, CE is SRK’s 7th biggest hit after DDLJ, KKHH, K3G,KA, Mohabbatein, DTPH.

    Salman's biggest hit was MPK till then but it was his debut film. How can I credit him for that?

    Until 1995:
    Aamir’s biggest hit till Raja Hindustani was Dil-with Madhuri
    Anil Kapoor’s biggest hit(infact the only blockbuster he had in the whole decade was with Madhuri-Beta)
    Sanjay Dutt’s biggest hit was with Madhuri(“Saajan”)
    Salman’s biggest hit(Infact the only one of the two solo blockbusters he had was with Madhuri)
    Even with Sanjay Kapoor Madhuri had a blockbuster-Raja.
    Also the biggest hit of Jacky Shroff till then was with Madhuri!!!
    She was the queen till 1995. She was even mightier than Sunny Deol and SRK.

    Inder Kumar was big with only 3 films-Dil, Beta, Ishq. Except ishq all other 2 were madhuri's films.

  8. @ srkian sayar. madhuri's first big hit where she had a significant role was dil released in 1990. So if she was over in 1995 that means she had a career of only 5 years. There is a difference between becoming a showpiece in big blockbusters and choosing a heroine oriented film or small hero film and making it blockbuster. Saajan film was named after the character which Sanjay dutt played then how it was heroine oriented. In beta film who was playing the beta, it was anil. It was a film about relationship of mother and son. Khalnayak was a film where Sanjay was playing the main character. In raja who was playing the role of raja, it was sk . Though because he was never a successful hero the credit goes to Madhuri but even that film was not heroine oriented. As far as films like tezaab, ramlakhan, tridev are concerned watch those films and you will know that madhuri's importance in them. Madhuri never did heroine oriented films in her peak which was till 1995. The moment she started doing them with prem granth, mrityudand, gajagamini, pukar she failed. In short Madhuri worked with all stars from the biggest sunny deol to the smallest Sanjay Kapoor. She worked with all the big banners and directors from rajshri to Yash Raj to subhash ghai. It was not important for her what was her role in them. In some of the film's her role was strong and in some she was doing what Katrina did in singh is king or dhoom3. So she was bound to get big hits. Deepika decided she will not do films where her roles are not strong even if the film was a sureshot blockbuster and just to get strong roles she chose people like ranveer singh in place of salman but still look at her career. She has also conquered the impossible January period. Deepika is yet to work with Aamir and salman and still she is the biggest but Madhuri did not left anyone. Few heroines who have gone the Deepika way of doing only strong heroine oriented subjects and rejecting khan starrers like vidya and kangana after getting 1 or 2 successes their career went down.

  9. @honest man
    Doesn't matter whatever the name was
    Name Sajan as Sajinu, still box office would be same
    Name Raja as Rani, still box office will be same...
    And DP hasnt made any female oriented role blockbuster wheras Vidya Balan and Kangana have
    Even Nargis in Mother india

  10. @honest man
    Doesn't matter whatever the name was
    Name Sajan as Sajinu, still box office would be same
    Name Raja as Rani, still box office will be same...
    And DP hasnt made any female oriented role blockbuster wheras Vidya Balan and Kangana have
    Even Nargis in Mother india,

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