Padmaavat 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Padmaavat 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection: Padmavati has shown huge growth on its second Saturday as it collected 17 crores. The growth is 70% from the yesterday which itself was very high.

The collections are close to the opening day level and will go above on second Sunday. It is definitely the best trending film since Baahubali 2 released last year. The film has now beaten the lifetime gross of Bajirao Mastani which was the last film of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

Padmaavat has still not been released in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Though the protests have died out in last few days and Karni Sena has also withdrawn the opposition. So there is a chance that it will be released in banned states soon.

Day 119.0
Day 232.0
Day 327.0
Day 431.0
Day 515.0
Day 614.0
Day 712.50
Day 811.0
Day 910.0
Day 1016.0
Day 1120
Day 127.0
Day 136.0
Day 145.50
Day 155.0
Day 163.50
Day 176.50
Day 188.0
Day 193.20
Day 203.75
Day 214.50
Day 222.50
Day 231.75
Day 243.0
Day 254.0
Day 261.55
Day 271.25
Day 281.23
Day 291.25
Day 300.88
Day 311.56
Day 322.02
Day 330.75
Day 340.65
Day 350.50
Day 360.29
6th Week6.98
7th Week3.82
Total300.26 cr

24 comments on “Padmaavat 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection”

  1. It will be interesting if can do a 23-25 today ..
    From here.. after 2nd weekend 215 cr
    If can do arround 7 on monday after 2 weeks will be arround 235-240
    Lifetime arround 280

  2. Qki ye weak m koi new Hollywood ya bollywood mai se koi badi movie release nh hui h isly itna jump aya n screen count zyda km nh hua h. Ye he h resn

    1. Sahil Bhai Tjh ko v 2 open week Mila the with 4500 screen k sath...Padmaavat 3 state me tho release hi nahi hui fir v 200 cr hogaya ...250 tho pakka hain...

  3. So this film is now set to become first film to cross 250 crore without edx and that too being banned in 3 states. With a proper release it could have become first film to cross 300 crore without edx. With edx and a proper release it would have crossed Dangal. So it can be safely said that this is the best performing film of this decade. This films performance is far better than the all time grossers of Aamir khan if you look at all the conditions. So for me as far as bollywood is concerned padmavat is the film of this decade and not Dangal and I think every Aamir or salman fan will agree with this.

    1. with due respect to Padmaavati team and all the star cast who did tremendous hard work and they are getting the result and achieving great success so congrats to them but don't try to degrade dangal you fool. Dangal was non commercial movie with no massive budget, no commercial heroine, no promotions, no controversy and still it took bumper start and became ATHG and that was only because of Aamir's super stardom and then content. Padmaavat is a team's effort and credit goes to director, top actress, story and genre. So dont make this foolish comparison.

    2. Decade khatam honay may avi tak 2 saal baki hey and iss saal toh abhi just suro hoya hai lol. Dekhay hai biggest hit when the decade started 3 idiots 400cr and dangal 2000 cr

  4. MP,RAJASTHAN,GUJARAT mein release hoti toh ? ka shikar kar deti 20 din mein..

    Sallu fans r lucky...
    Padmavt sabhi state mein release nahi hue varna republic day par tiger ? se behtar shikar karti...

    Aur ha abhi bhi ? ka shikar kar sakti hai agar tino state mein screen ing chalu ho jaye toh..

    Sallu fans pray karte honge 3 state mein ban hi rahe varna tiger ? ki marna tay hai..

    ? ?

  5. ? ?
    Sallu fans in coma...
    Aab sultan ka record tutna tay hai without 3 state..

    Agar 3 state board pe aa gaye toh samjlo Tiger ? ka shikar ho gaya..

    Note:Overseas mein already tiger ? ko buri tarah mar giraya hai..

    1. So far I know now you (Parshya/Khurana) are also a Salman Khan fan as you committed it just before TIGER ZINDA HAIN release.You said you will be a Salman fan if TIGER achieve PK's collection!!!

    2. Charshya you illiterate do you have any other job except for making yourself look like a clown on social media and trolling salman all day??? get a life moron.

    3. uska asli naam kya hai? Sunil khurrrrrrrrrrrrana :D :D.. OMG..
      Sharam nahi aata hai be alag alag naam rakkhe id banata hai :D
      Tu abhi bhi zinda hai.. mujhe laga bollyarena freeze hone ke baad tu bhi freeze hua hoga :D

  6. Padman will be effected..it can move on 2nd march..because its good film and can do good business..
    Also i think 2.0 will move to 15 august and gold to jan 2019

  7. Bhansali's Biggest hits:
    Padmavati-3cr+ footfalls expected
    Devdas-2.1cr footfalls
    HDDS-1.8cr footfalls

    Meanwhile our Akshay Sir's biggest hit-2.1cr Multi starrer Mohra


    1. Before every movie release Akki fans say block buster coming.

      After every movie release biz is max 130 cr and then they give varying excuses:

      1. No EDX
      2. Movie was niche
      3. Audience remained at home due to cold weather ?

      Let us see which excuses follow post Padman release

  8. It will be so special if this film reaches 300cr+ it will be a boost to young talents like ranveer deepika and shahid

  9. I predicted that it would do extremely well overseas and locally where it is not banned. I also pointed out that the protestors and the would be suicide fireflies are stupid and made themselves and their belief , a laughing stock in the world. The film was good and is an outstanding production of an outstanding woman.

  10. bollyarena...

    yarr tumlog pahle se ekdum Slow ho gaye ho....mujhe baar baar 'Addatoday' website pe jakar Collections check krna par raha hai

  11. Parshya anti tum Tu bass tiyar raho Salman fan banany ke liye kio ke tumne kaha tha if tiger zinda hai cross ok then you become Salman fan . I hope you remember

  12. watched padmavati yesterday..
    Decent watch..
    All are raving about Ranveer.. but for me it was shahids performance which stole the show.. i found him too good actually. ranveer is obviously nice but found him at the same pace throughout..
    deepika is good as always.. but not tht ravishing beauty fr which someone needs to kill for.. may b if allaudin had seen deepika.. all this problem wouldn't hav been thr :P
    All in all.. i think its the controversy which is pushing the film forward..

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