Outfits announce 5 crores bounty on Deepika and Bhansali’s heads

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati is witnessing the most violent opposition seen by a film in recent times. The things are going uglier with each passing day.

The most vocal group Rajput Karni Sena, which had attacked Bhansali in Jaipur and vandalised a theatre in Noida few days ago, is threatening to harm the lead actress Deepika Padukone by referring to the nose chopping of Surpanakha.

Another prominent opposer, Meerut-based Sarv Bhahmin Mahasabha, had shot off a petition with blood to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and announced a bounty of Rs five crores on Bhansali's head. And now, a Thakur leader from the city has also included the lead actress Deepika Padukone’s name in a gross threat.

“Anyone who brings the head of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone will be rewarded with Rs 5 crore. Rani Ma Padmavati had sacrificed her life with 12,000 other women in mass immolation (Jauhar), and Bhansali has raised a question on her courage by showing her in bad light in his film. This is unacceptable. Either both of them should leave the country or get ready to be beheaded,” Thakur Abhishek Som, national president of Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Yuva Mahasabha, was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

Padmavati is scheduled to release on December 1.

Via Deccan Chronicles

33 comments on “Outfits announce 5 crores bounty on Deepika and Bhansali’s heads”

    1. India intolerance countey hai
      Bhakts - abe to Jaa Pakistan Iran Iraq north korea me jaake reh

      Abe akal ke Dushman tum sb kharab country se compare kyu krte ho ? Duniya me or bhi baki 200 countries hai usse compare kyu nahi krte ? .. Pakistan Iran Iraq ki jagah Norway ya koi bhi country se kyu nahi compare krte ?

      Mtlb jo country bekaaar hai ussi se hum Indiana compare kr ke khush hote hai jab ki compare to ache country se krna chahiye TB hi na develop Hoga ..India me jahil gawaar stupid people ki kami nahi Maan Gaya Mai .. Pakistan Iran Iraq to terrorist ki vajah se intolerance hai but what about India ?...ek intolerance country se India Ko compare Kia Jaa rha mtlb indirectly India Ko ye log intolerance Maan rha

      1. Btw who told u INDIA is an intolerant country. Either we r intolerant from 1947 or we r tolerant from 1947. I dont understand how u people thinking abt intolerance as every race every religion every community lives in India with brotherhood. Either u r unpad gawar or u have a political agenda inclined towards a certain political party

        1. If india is not intolerant Country then no other country is intolerant too....

          These type of Sixer (translate it in hindi) groups, they call themselves sena... LMFAO... If they truly are senas they should fight against pakistan and terrorists and not with minors (these are signs that they are sixers).... Govt are sixers too as they aren't taking any action against these terrorist group.... They are taking laws in their hands and still no action against them.. Huh....

        2. Caste ke liye to murder ho jaata hai India me ..
          Hazaro riots hua hai ..dusre country me to Aisa hota nahi ...India me SB religion happily rehte hai to baki country me kya SB religion me larai hota hai ?...India me hi sbse zyada religion caste Ko le ke bawaal machta hai ..ye fact hai Andhe bhakt

      2. Ek survey me most happily country ke list me India 150th rank ke andar bhi nahi hai
        Duniya me 200 se zyada country hai ..baki country ke bare me nahi PTA to bol Mt ..

        Most peaceful countries ke list me India 148th rank me hai ..or Usme bas 161 country ka hi Naam tha usme se 148 rank me ab bol ?

        1. Haa to yaha ek chhote se Website pe bakbak karne ki jagah jakar System se laro na..Yaha kyu time waste kar rahe ho..tumko agr system se itna hi problem hai to yaha Time waste karne ki jagh
          desh ke liye kuch karo

          yaha neta kyu bana fir raha hai...Neta banna hi hai to jaakr Ramleela maidan me anshan karo...ban jaoge neta..bikul Kejriwal ki tarah

  1. Yoi can protest,raise banners but 5crs for their head is totally so myopic nd backward in terms of those people perception!!

  2. it is very serious....some times now, for money & fun bollywood destroying our religion & cultural history by name of freedom

    i think better cut those(if any) unapprochable scenes

  3. Extra marital aur history distortion to bahana hai. This @dr jhangir is just jealous of bhansali as his BM beat SRK’s Dilwale. His sentences tell that:

    “ppl loved BM (master piece LOL) over Dilwale…now bhogto”

    “see the result..master piece piece…kehne wale BM now tumhari bari…..bhogto”

    BM ko beat nahin karpayi Dilwale. Ab us ki bharaas is tarah nikaal raha hai. SRK and bhansali are friends now and even news keep coming of them doing a movie together. Kuch fans lekin saari zindagi wahi purana rona rotay rahenge. Itni jealousy aur gussa hai is dr jhangir ko kai Bhansali kai naam sai bhi problem hai ?

    physical illness can be cured but how to cure spiritual issues such as jealousy. Dr jhangir u can contact the famous spiritual doctor @sambha for cure of this jealousy issue. Very important. Don’t take it lightly.

    1. You idiot,,

      they just tell that they worship lady padmavati.
      who took johar with 16000 women just for saving her respect or her dignity .
      just think a flame of fire will hurt anybody with more much pain and another thing is JOHAR is happened .
      A mass of women burning live just save their dignity with a cruel invaders ... So
      RANI PADMINI is Just a symbol of scrifice , honour, respect and dignified women....
      i don't know these scene are present in movie or not but filmmaker SLB must be satified with RANI PADMINI family just simply show them the movie or special screening for all those organisation...
      and if anything is not wrong in movie then movie will happily release
      buT nO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      SLB has not doing that he wants promotion his movie bu doing all these things Just for his publicity.....
      He knew people have their emotion with RANI PADMINI or releated issue will come out. make noises or his movie gaining some publicity..........


      iT Is NOT right to cut heads or all these thing but ya playing with Rani padmini dignity will not a light thing.....

      what is she do for our nation is no body is doing so far........


      no one has rights to distort them but shoing them in wrong manner......

      is SLB is right is on his words then he must be show the movie first rani padmini family....

      I am done.........................................................

      @jeet think infinite time befor speakkkk.everyone has their sentiment ...no one has rights to playing with themm.....ok broooo......

      1. LMAO... Which lady, do u have any proof of that lady's existence??? Nope just a poem that too by a muslim poet.... There were no women called Padmavati that was just in poem and they started to worship them blindly.... Coz her fiction caste was rajput

        1. waise to god ke existence ka bhi koi proof nhi h pr tu kisi ke god ke bare me bol kr dekh lena kitni gaaliya sunega bhai proof ki baat nhi ab bo log use itna mante h usme unki marzi h agar bo tumhare liye hai hi nhi to uske name pr movie kyu bana rhe h ye baat to un logo ko thes pahuchayegi na

        2. Oh idiot bro,,,,
          If there is no lady ,,,
          then why bisexual , cruel & lustful man khilji inveded ChitoorGarh. Why....
          there is a JOHAR KUND where 16000 women took johar to save her dignity.....
          just imagine the TEMP... & HEAT & CREISful , PAINful burning Women,,,
          don't says like these words ,,,,

          For your Kind INFO The Poem writer is MUSLIM So he wrote that PADMINI is just imaginary....so in future people get distract & think khilji is not responsible for 16000 burning women death.....
          MUSLIM inveders are cruel one of them slaughter 30000 hindus in one day.....
          this is also in history...bRO go back & read carefully & then @Ragnarok BArkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk like dogggg....

          bCZ after JOHAR even khilji ki phat gayiiii...
          there is so much noises & cries of women .....
          even khilji direct order that shut down the gate of KHUND....
          after 200 years later khund was open by their next king ..........

          1. @aaku.... I don't need to read this nonsense things which don't even exist... I know what is right and wrong.... Waise tum logo ki adat hai aankh band kar ke kisi bhi cheez pe yaqeen rakhne ka warna Baba Ram Rahim, Asaram Baba jaisa koi baba hota hi nahi... ? waise mere god ka existence mangne wale main khud hun uska ek proof.... BTW i wasn't talking about religions Hindu ki ho ya muslim ki.... Main to bas keh raha tha k ye sab bas fiction hai.... @DKS tune to mujhe mere god k existence ka proof mangne ko keh diya par tum ko to khud apne god k proof ka existence pata nahi hai.... Tum ye bhi jaante ho k jo book tum padhte ho wo ek aise bande ne likha tha jisko kisi gunah k wajah se jail mein band kar diya tha aur us book pe tum yaqeen rakhte ho... ? to socho tum kitni sachchai jante hoge.... And idiots.... I was saying that Padmini has no existence.... To tum log god ka proof kyun mangne lage.... Kya Padmini God thi...??? Nahi... Waise Mere religion ka itihaas hai aur puri duniya bhi jaanti hai par @dks tere religion ka koi history hai...???? Error sab k sab mangharat kahaniyan.... Jail mein baith kar likhe hue kitab par yaqeen karte ho yahi bata deta hai kitne achche ho.... Tum log insaan ko bhagwan bana dete ho yahi baat bata deta hai k tum log kitne samajhdaar ho... Bas aur kuchh bolne ki zarurat hi nahi hai....

        3. There is even doubt that Padamavati existed.

          Religion aur culture kai thekedaaron ko yeh sab samajh nahin ayega.

    2. Alludin me bahut Kosis ki thi ki Rani padmini ka naam History se mita jaye...kyuki ye ek naam usko Jeet kar bhi Haara hua mahsus karata tha...uske so called Veerta pe kalank tha

      khilji ne apne time ke History likhne walo ko saaf mana kar dia tha ki wolog Rani Padmini ke bare me kuch na likhe..aur unlogo ne aisa kiya bhi
      but Rani padmini ki veergatha Ghar ghar me sadiyo tak sunai jane lagi...aur jab Khilji shashan ka ant hua to ek Muslim poet me ispe ek poem likhi.

      Rani padmini ka exitstance proof maangne walo...jao jakar pahle tum Us GOD ka proof lekar aayo..jise tum maante ho

      Haa..ye alag baat hai ki Karni sena ko bina Film dekhe aisa kuch nahi karni chahiye
      unlogo ke leader ko ek baar Film dehni chahiye..kyu SLB ne khud kaha hai ki ye film kisi ki aastha ko thes nahi pahunchayegi
      agar Film me kuch galat dikhya gaya hai to Fir ye sab Kaand karna bilkul thik hai..kyuki Rajputo ke gauravshali itihas ke sath chherchar karne walo ka yahi hashr hona chahiye
      but bina film dekhe ye sab karna i think galat hai

      Note:-I am not a Rajput,I m a Hindu

  4. PK release hue hai toh padmavati bhi hogi PK me toh bhagwan ka mazak udaya tha (haha)aisa kuch logonka manna hai relax kuch nahi hoga padmavti jaroor release hogi chahe kuch bhi ho jaye

    1 dec ko nahi hue toh kya hua 15 dec ko release karo bhansali ham tumhare
    Sath hai


  5. I support Rajputs concern but not these. A deal has to break out b/w SLB n Rajputs. A lot of money has been involved in these project. If the movie is banned in some major state it will seriously affect the Bollywood industry. SLB shud screen the movie to the concerned Authorities for a smooth release. Hope the matter will be sorted out.

  6. At the end this all just might end up benefitting Padmavati more. More controversies might end up creating more hype around the movie like what happened with PK.

  7. Boycott this Sanjay bhangar playing with emotions padmavati relase nahi joni chaye tab jake usko pata chalega

  8. Jab tak ise log hai India mein tab tak is Desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta....

    Protest is one thing but threating someone like this is most disgusting thing......I don't understand what our government is doing, why police is not taking any action against such people who openly treating others.....Very Shameful Act......

  9. bakwaas movie release hoke rahegi free ki publicity de re h...bina dekhe bakwas krre h....
    free me dekhni ...movie isliye bawaal mach ra h....

  10. Comment: bycoot this bullshit Bhansali movie why always Hindus are targeted in Bollywood movies Rani Padmavati is symbol of pride , dignity and sacrifice no one can represent even 0.1 of Rani Padmavati in movies what karni Sena had said is good I agree with them karni Sena has given notice to Bhansali before shooting of the movie but bhasali keep making his movie never dare to challenge the warriors
    as we all know the conclusion destruction begins????

  11. This is too much.. Arreh bhai kaisa 'tradition' aur 'history' ka baat kar rahi hai ye log jino ne aisi threat de sakta hai?? Absolutely horrible!

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