Oonchi Hai Building 2.0 Song - Judwaa 2

Presenting the favourite party song "Oonchi Hai Building 2.O " of all times and is here to get your heart beat racing! A peppy classic with a contemporary touch will get your feet moving and lips singing.

Song: Oonchi Hai Building 2.0
Singer: Anu Malik & Neha Kakkar
Music: Sandeep Shirodkar (feat: Anu Malik)
Lyrics: Dev Kohli

7 comments on “Oonchi Hai Building 2.0 Song - Judwaa 2”

  1. in 90's not only ajay and sunny but govinda was also ahead of srk in terms of initial. let's have a look

    92- govinda ahead( hit film shola aur shabnam is expected to open better than raju ban gaya gentleman)
    93- govinda ahead ( atbb aankhen will definetly open better than baazigar)
    94- govinda ahead( raja babu> all srk films)
    95- govinda ahead( coolie no 1, gambler> all srk solo starrers)
    96- govinda ahead( saajan chale sasural> all srk films)
    97- srk ahead
    98- govinda ahead( bmcm> all srk films)
    99- srk ahead

    so govinda had a 6-2 lead over srk in 90's. sunny deol and ajay were also ahead. so srk was not among the top3 stars of 90's and statistics prove that.

    1. I don't know whether you statistics that you call haha are true or not, but even if they are so basically a newcomer comes into the industry and within 5 years takes over everyone wow!!

      So basically if an newcomer came today and took over all the khans and younger generations then only they can match up to shah rukh Khan standards is that what you are trying to say @honestman!

      Anyways about the song, the original one is much better and salman Khan did justice to the original, but in today's time could anyone have done a better job than Varun Dhawan!

  2. @honest man
    Hi. Sayar here.
    At least it's 6-2. See for Salman. It will be 9-1.

    Point is not SRK was in top 5 or not. Point is SRK>Salman in 90s.

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