October 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

October 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: Varun Dhawan's October has a fair second weekend. As per the official figures, the film collected 9.06 crores in the 2nd weekend.

The hold is just about decent enough as it could have dropped more due to the limited appreciation. The lifetime gross is likely to be around 45 crores which will make it an average grosser.

Day 15.04
Day 27.47
Day 37.74
Day 42.70
Day 52.61
Day 62.43
Day 72.25
Day 81.89
Day 93.42
Day 103.75
Total39.30 cr

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  1. Top10 upcoming movie and pred of this year
    1 race 3 : 300cr+
    2 dutt biopic : 150-200cr
    3 gold : 150-200cr
    4 toh : 350cr+
    5 zero : 200cr
    6 simbha : 130cr apx
    7 total dhamal : 120cr apx
    8 2.0 : 400cr in hindi ( if clear date )
    9 student of the year2 : 100-120cr
    10 sui dhaga : 70-90cr

  2. Top10 upcoming movie and pred of this year
    1 race 3 : 300cr+
    2 dutt biopic : 150-200cr
    3 gold : 150-200cr
    4 toh : 350cr+
    5 zero : 200cr
    6 simbha : 130cr apx
    7 total dhamal : 120cr apx
    8 2.0 : 400cr in hindi ( if clear date )
    9 student of the year2 : 100-120cr
    10 sui dhaga : 70-90cr

  3. lucky save for Varun in the 2nd week.. otherwise this would have been the 1st flop to his list...
    Bollyarena please share the cost of this film

  4. salman worst phase ( 2000-09)vs srk worst phase ( this decade) initial pull

    today let's see how salman has fared in initial in his worst phase compared to srk and how srk has fared in initial in his worst phase compared to salman. here we will see how many times salman has beaten srk in salman's worst phase and how many times srk has beaten salman in srk's worst phase.

    following list shows how many times salman has beaten srk in his worst phase( 2000-09 decade) which was srk's best( comparison has been done between films released in same year)
    1. dhlj> mb
    2. dhlj> mb
    3. dhlj> pbdhh
    4. dhlj> hey ram
    5. dhlj> josh
    6. hdjpk > pbdhh
    7. hdjpk> hey ram
    8. cmb> pbdhh
    9. cmb> hey ram
    10. cccc> 12 ka4
    11. cccc> asoka
    12. tere naam > chalte chalte
    13. msk> swades
    14. msk> ylhjk
    15. garv> swades
    16. garv> ylhjk
    17. dnjak> ylhjk
    18. phir milenge> ylhjk
    19. mpkk> paheli
    20. no entry > paheli
    21. lucky no time for love > paheli
    22. partner > chak de india
    23. salaam e ishq > chak de india
    24. wanted > billu barber
    25. london dreams > billu barber
    ( its 24 times as i have counted the first one 2 times)
    so salman has beaten srk 24 times last decade in terms of opening day.

    and now let’s come to this decade and let’s see how many times srk has beaten salman in terms of opening day. this decade is srk's worst phase and salman's best phase.( comparison has been done between films released in same year)

    1. my name is khan > veer
    2. ra one > ready
    3. don2 > ready
    4. happy new year > jai ho
    5. happy new year > kick

    so it’s only 5 times. i can challenge you will not find more.

    so salman in his worst phase has beaten srk 24 times in opening while srk in his worst phase has beaten salman only 5 times in terms of opening.

    always remember one thing
    kutta kabhi sher ke tarah dahar nahi sakta aur sher kabhi kutte ke tarah bhauk nehi sakta.

    so everybody has their own standard

    1. Is gawaar ka pata nahi kaisa comparison hota hai ..illogical pura ..to sun agar salman ne 24 baar beat kia to srk ne usi decade salman ko 100 + baar beat kia ..kyuki my name is Khan , OSO , RNBDJ opening > all movies of salman in 2000-2009
      Mtlb salman ne 31 movie kia hai .mtlb ye Hi 3 movie se srk ne salman ko 93 baar beat kar dia (31×3= 93)

  5. Actors' highest grosser without EDX :
    Salman - 121 crore - Ready
    SRK - 129 crore - Raees
    Akshay- 132 crore - TEPK
    Varun- 132 crore - judwaa 2
    Ajay - 140 crore - Singham returns
    Kangana- 149 crore - TWMR
    Tiger - 160 crore - Baaghi 2
    Ranbir - 178 crore - YJHD
    Ranveer- 284 crore - Padmaavat
    Conclusion - without EDX all above actors including kangana >>> Salman
    Aisa hota hai number star ka dominance ?

    1. Aamir gayab becoz he knows that talaash will make it kangana>>aamir
      he can't pull down salman
      best of luck buddy for ur future plans

  6. Honest man 90s me opening me hamesha srk salman se dugna aage rehta tha hahaha
    Srk hamesha salman se aage rha 2014 tak ..2015-2017 bas aage ho gaya salman

    2010 born star ..action masala me to tiger ne bhi 150cr de dia ..south ka blockbuster movie ka remake kr ke career banaya ..nahi to bhai khud socho jo actor 1988 se hai vo 2007 me rakhi sawant se clash kaise haar skta hai ..even arshad warsi se bhi clash haara hai ...kon bhi bara actor ho lekin ye haal to nahi hoga

    Salman 90s me bhi supporting actor tha .HAHK me supporting actor tha salman ..90s me zyada tar multistarrer ..yakeen na ho to ek baar andaaz apna apna dekho usme aamir ka role salman ke role se bara tha or achaa tha hahahaha

  7. Acchay and susu rukh will thrash oct lifetime in 30 days wait for zero and kumar's next

  8. Best of bollywood


    movies-houseful3,my name is kong khan

  9. Is saal salman eid , aamir diwali , srk Christmas mtlb tino bare festival me tino khans ..last baar 2014 me aisa hua tha salman eid srk Diwali or aamir Christmas or uska result ye tha : (according to BOI )

    1st day :
    happy new year $36.6cr
    PK - 25.4cr
    Kick - 24.8cr hahaha

    1st weekend :
    HNY - 93.6cr
    PK - 93cr
    Kick - 80cr hahaha

    Overseas 1st weekend :
    HNY - $8M
    PK - $7.7M
    Kick -$3M hahahaha haha

    Ye hai salman ka best phase ? Sb me last pe hahaha ..is baar bhi aisa Hi hoga ..is baar shayad 1st day TOH aage ho but weekend India me or overseas me dono me ZERO aage hoga or race 3 as usual 3rd

    1. @sagar According to Boi.comment. Pk weekend was more than hny.weekend. Infact hny only had holiday weekend, kick and pk had non holiday weekend. And 80 crore weekend of kick with no holiday is far better than 93 crore weekend of hny with 3 back to back holidays.

      AND as far as this year is concerned dudh. Ka dudh aur pani ka pani hoga. Tiger zinda Hai last year on Xmas had 23.5 crore advance, 34 crore opening day, 115 crore weekend, 45.5 crore single day and 206 crore first week. Zero is also having similar release date and Xmas holiday is outside weekend like tzh. Let your gangu teli cross these numbers. Zero is coming after 1 year with higher ticket prices, last time Ce failed to beat ett opening after 1 year with higher ticket prices, isbar agar phirse record Nahi tuta the to srk ko troll hone se koi nehi Bacha payga.

  10. Badha chada ke dikha rahe ho collection.

    raid ne 100cr kiya hi nahi hai

    October ne to ab tak 35cr bhi nhi kiya hai

    Bachho ko khush kar rahe ho

  11. Bollyarena please post an article related to pre release buzz of avengers: infinity war in india..

  12. lifetime 45cr is same as the budget of the film then how it could be average it is should be cross 50cr at least to be could average, akki sir padman did +80cr lifetime with 70cr budget and this site says it is average I think padman should be sami hit now at least according to this logic

  13. Aise to Varun Puri life flop nahi dega..

    BOI hamesha sallu ke filmonko collection jyada batati hai actual se aur dusronke Kam


    BOI Varun Aur sallu India ko pagal bana denge..


  14. Film box office status is dependent on recovering the cost of distribution not cost of production if a film is made on a budget of 40cr but sold to distributors for 80cr then film needs to recover 80cr to be average grosser. October was sold for 35-40cr and cost of film was 30 cr as varun was only going to get share of profits not a upfront fee. Pad man was sold for high prices due to akki’s success with jolly llb2 tepk rustom and airlift (getting less than commercial films to 100cr +) so padman was hot property and was sold accordingly but could not do well enough to make some distributors money but did not lose any distributors money hence average status

  15. Aamir kaha hai bhai kya woh actor nahi hai
    This guy is a man without any logic
    complete non-sense

  16. Khan's highest grosser with deepika
    srk>salman and aamir

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