October 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

October 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: October has a decent hold at the start of its second week. As per the official figures, the film collected 1.89 crores on second Friday.

The hold is decent enough and now it will show very good growth on second Saturday as it is a metro-oriented film. The lifetime gross is likely to go over 40 crores which will be a fair result for a film like October.

Day 15.04
Day 27.47
Day 37.74
Day 42.70
Day 52.61
Day 62.43
Day 72.25
Day 81.89
Day 93.42
Day 103.75
Total39.30 cr

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  1. Top overseas 1st week ,BOI have data from 98 onwards
    1998- kuch kuch hota hai
    1999- hssh
    2001- k3g
    2002- devdas
    2003-kal ho naa ho
    2004- veer zara
    2005- Salaam namastey
    2006- KANK
    2007- oso
    2008- Singh is king
    2009- 3 idiots
    2011- Ra 1
    2012- JTHJ
    2013- dhoom3
    2014- pk
    2015- bb
    2016- sultan
    2017- TZH
    Top actors :
    SRK - 11 films
    Aamir- 3
    Salman - 4
    Akshay - 1
    Saif - 1
    SRK - 11 > Aamir + Salman = 7
    No one knows Salman outside India .when BOI update previous years data's then SRK will also lead in 97,95,93,92 .biggest superstar of overseas is SRK.

    1. After that boring emo trailer 98% of us thought this movie will be varun's first flop but it looks like varun is proving everyone wrong. Bandha star hai

  2. At least he is trying to do some different film..same goes for ranbir and ranveer..ranbir will get back with dutt and brahmashtra hopefully...these 3 can really become the nxt superstars..
    For Tiger ppl say he can't act..bt remember even akki used to stick with action in the 90s..bt now he is one of the best actors..

  3. @ honest man, before trimurti SRK's highest opener was Ram jaane 62 lacks apart from Karan arjun 80 lacks .And Anil's highest opening was 42 lacks .so who was the biggest star in trimurti ? It's SRK.he will take the credit .your whole analysis is based on supposition .
    And before KA , Salman's highest opening was 9 lacks .and SRK's highest was 40 lacks .so KA record opening credit also goes to SRK .so SRK have 3 record openers in 90s .all are solo.
    Tu bas nonsense logic dekar SRK ko niche girane ka kaam karta hai .facts and data tere samne hai .

    1. @prashant. Why are you comparing 1994 releases with 1995. In 1995 anil had no release apart from trimurti. In 1994 his 1942 a love story opened better than all srk films.

  4. salman vs srk initials( 90’s decade and 2010-17 decade)

    90’s decade
    we have datas available only from 94 . at that time 50 lacks was considered a good initial and then that decade ended around 1.4 crore plus being the highest with hindustan ki kasam.
    let’s have a look at all the range of initials starting from 50 lacks to 1.4 crore and see how salman and srk has fared in it. i am considering only solo starrers and that’s why trimurti and karan arjun are not considered for srk while karan arjun, jeet, khamoshi and hddcs are not considerd for salman.

    1. 50 lacks
    verdict- srk ahead
    2. 60 lacks
    verdict- srk ahead
    3. 70 lacks
    verdict- salman ahead
    4. 80 lacks
    salman- 6
    verdict- salman ahead
    5. 90 lacks
    6. 1crore
    verdict- salman ahead
    7. 1.1 crore
    verdict- salman ahead
    8. 1.2 crore
    verdict- salman ahead
    salman or srk both failed to reach 1.3 and 1.4 crore range

    so out of the 8 ranges salman leads in 5 and srk in 2. so salman has a 5-2 lead over srk in 90’s.

    2010-17 decade
    this decade started with 10 crore plus being considred very good opening and now the highest range has been 35 crore plus for bollywood. so let’s have a comparison between these 2 stars starting from 10 crore range and ending at 35 crore range

    1. 10 crore
    verdict-salman ahead
    2. 15 crore
    verdict- salman ahead
    3. 20 crore
    verdict- salman ahead
    4. 25 crore
    verdict- salman ahead
    5. 30 crore
    verdict-salman ahead
    6. 35 crore
    verdict-salman ahead

    so this decade salman has a clean sweep over srk with 6-0 lead.

    so we can say that salman is ahead of srk in terms of initial both in 90’s decade and this decade. this decade there is no competition but yes srk gave some kind of competition in 90’s still was way behind.
    in 2000-09 decade srk was ahead of salman .

  5. Will be average..
    Varun Streak continues
    Lifetime Trade Figure 42
    Producer Figure 47

  6. Some boring overrated films which will make you sleep when you watch it:
    Deewana(What a wahiyat movie)
    Veer Zaara-Snoozefest

  7. Bolyarena apne site ko sahi karo . pata hai kuch problem chal rha site me is liye itna kam articles

  8. @honest man
    Hahaha why don't you count that of Anupam Kher and Johny Lever as well?? I am sure they too will be ahead..

    Let me just say you 90s fact in one line
    KKHH(1998) was the 6th biggest opener for SRK and the biggest opening for Salman....

  9. KKHH-6th biggest opener for SRK and the biggest for Salman
    ANjaam opening>>All films of Salman
    Chahat opening>>All films of Salman
    Koyla opening>>All films of Salman
    Dil Se, Duplicate opening>>All films of Salman
    Even SRK's underperfoming films used to open more than Salman superhit starrers...

    1. and srk's atbb films use to open lower than salman's flop films. ex- veergati> ddlj. baap re baap kya initial pull tha srk ka. 1996 me seema biswas ke sath clash kiya aur opening me bhi haar gaya.chahe seema biswas ho, buddha govinda ho, 1 film older baccha hritik ho ya sunny deol ek ko bhi clash pe initial me hara nahi paya, phir content ne bacha liya aur mohabbatein aur kkhh chal gayi. aisa hota hai domination? aisa hota hai number 1 star? aisa hota hai golden phase?
      kuch kuch hota hain, ddlj, mohabbatein all these films worked on content not srk's stardom this is the fact. tell my why number 1 star lost to nana patekar, seema biswas, sunny deol, govinda , hritik in clash in terms of iniitials. was he really a superstar even in his golden phase?
      srk is a content dependent star , and content dependent star are never superstars.

  10. Ha ha u are talking about SRK's lost clashes .your gangu teli used to lose clash against Rakhi Sawant , Ajay, akshay ,1 year old Ranbir kapoor .aisa hota hai number 1 star ka dominance .Salman with the help of Akshay lost clash against SRK in don vs jaanemann. HAHK took disastrous opening of 9 lacks . Salman was the content dependent star till 2010 and content star is not a superstar .

  11. blabbering about 2- 3 lost clashes of SRK , see SRK track record in clashes -
    Raam jaane Vs Akele hum .. - win
    DTPH vs Bhai - win
    Veer zaara vs Aitraaz - win
    Don vs jaanemann - win
    OSO vs Saawariya - win
    Dilwale vs Bajirao - win in initial ,lost in lifetime
    Raees vs Kaabil - win
    From Aamir,Akshay,Sunil ,Salman to hrithik SRK defeated everyone .sachchai tere saamne hai.
    Chal tu bata tera criminal Salman kitna clash jeeta .I told u before Salman fans should not talk about flops and clashes .
    Pant utar gayi na !!

    1. Lekin sabko hara ke bhi seema biswas, Nana patekar se clash hara aur ranveer se lifetime me.if your logic is that because srk has beaten Salman, Aamir, hritik, Akshay, ajay all in clash so he is the biggest then by that logic seema biswas and Nana patekar are bigger than srk, I think srk has never beaten seema biswas in a clash in lifetime.
      He has never defeated any strong opponent in a clash. Sunny deol was the biggest in 90's., he did not have a clash with him at that time. He clashed with him in early 2000 when sunny was still big and we know what happened, so he lost to a strong opponent. Govinda WAS another big star in 90's. He clashed with him and lost in initial, he lost to another strong opponent. Yes he has beaten sunny deol later but sunny was not a star then. In 2000-09 decade his biggest competitor was Aamir and hritik. He had no clash with Aamir in that period, he defeated him in early 90's when he was not that big. He had a clash with hritik and as expected he lost in initial, so he lost to another strong opponent. he took his revenge in 2017 but then hritik was not the same hritik of 2000-09 decade.

      Then comes this decade when Aamir and Salman are the top stars, has he clashed with them?no. He defeated Salman in.2006 when he was down. So the point is he never defeated any strong opponent. He never dared to clash with the top stars of any decade, and whenever he had his films opened lower. He has defeated everybody but in their lowtime. Defeat a sunny deol of.90's. Defeat a hritik of last decade or defeat a Salman or.Aamir of this decade, tab manunga srk me dum hai. Or atleast beat a strong film even if the star is weak, for example hritik in krish4. Abhi agar k4 declare hogaya Xmas 2018 ke liye srk bhagega x mas choke.
      So his clash record is baseless

  12. Tera logic baseless hai .now Salman , Aamir, Akshay are not big stars .and why he will clash deliberately ? Salman and aamir are top 2 actors in this decade .so are they clashing deliberately ?
    BTW , Akshay was big star in previous decade .But SRK defeated in Veer zaara vs Aitraaz .again in 2006 Akshay along with your Salman couldn't compete with him .so SRK didn't defeated strong opponent is baseless .
    And from your logic Rakhi sawant , Arshad warsi , Ranbir kapoor are bigger than Salman as they defeated Salman in clash .
    And not even 1 % chance of K4 releasing xmas 2018 .

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