October 2nd Day Box Office Collection

October 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Varun Dhawan's October has shown very good growth on Saturday. The film collected 7.47 cr on the second day which is a 50% jump from yesterday.

It managed to pick up at the high-end multiplexes where it seems to have found some appreciation. The word of mouth is extremely varied among the different section of the audience. The film is unlikely to show any big growth on Sunday which generally happens with metro films.

Despite the jump, the fate of the film is dependent on the trend on weekdays. It has to maintain an excellent pace at the metros which is not an easy task. Still the Saturday growth has kept the film in the race.

Day 15.04
Day 27.47
Day 37.74
Day 42.70
Day 52.61
Day 62.43
Day 72.25
Day 81.89
Day 93.42
Day 103.75
Total39.30 cr

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  1. Shoojit sircar's Madras cafe starring John opening day collection was 5.09 crore 5 years ago in just 1050 screens .October collected 4.5 crore on 1st day despite releasing after 5 years in 1600 screens .with same director and same genre Varun failed to beat Varun .then what is the advantage of taking Varun in this film ? so in niche films John abraham's initial pull is bigger than Varun .

  2. Actor's ranking based on opening in non commercial films ( not niche films )
    1.Aamir - dangal opened 29+ crore
    2.SRK -FAN opened 19+ crore
    3.Akshay - Rustom 14 crore in clash against big film Mohenjodaro
    These are top 3 actors in opening in non commercial films .

    1. Pehle ye Bata ki tu non commercial films kise bolta hai agar Dangal non commercial film hai to bhai sultan bhi non commercial film hai
      Prem Ratan dhan paayo bhi non commercial film hai aur uska collection consider kar

      1. Ha ha ha. Auto drivers are not even able to understand the difference between commercial and non commercial films. LOL..?????. They are calling sultana non commercial film. Can’t stop laughing. No wonder they are auto drivers for a reason. Dangal which didn’t have any commercially viable heroine and had no masala songs and entertaining music like sultan is commercial film for them. Oh god. uthale re baba uthale. ?????

        1. @Dj;
          Bro actually I am laughing at you right now......Lagta hai Tingu ke Fans ke pass Dimag bhi Tingu hi hai......Dumbo if you have no knowledge about Films then please don't give stress to your small brain......And bro have you heard about a word "Logic"......I think Tingutards ka logic se koi connection hi nahi hai.......So according to Dumbo like you if there is commercial actress in movie then it is Masala movie, if movie have good music then it is Masala movie......Bhai Bachpaan main sar ke bal gir gaye the kya......because according to your Stupid Logic NH10 is also Masala movie because it also has Anushka in it......Swadesh and even Lagaan is also Masala movie because these movie also have good music......Idiot when you don't know about Films then don't talk about it.......
          And who told you that Dangal don't have Masala song, I think you are not Aamir fan, because you haven't watch that movie, go and watch it and then tell me what was Dhakad song which have Rap version.....Also there are so many good songs in it.......If song have Hero Heroin it does not make it Masala movie.....then even PK is also Masala movie, Talash is also Masala movie........
          Go and Check in description on every site and you will find that Sultan and Dangal both are Sport Drama Genre.....
          Shame on Tingu Fans that they don't have Guts to fight fairly......And Just because some Idiot like you bark and call Salman movie a Masala movie does not make it Masala, even we can call every Aamir movie a Masala movie.....But we are not stupid like you, and we fight on fair note......

  3. srk's offbeat film fan completes 2 years

    today 2 years ago an epic offbeat film of srk was released which he dedicated to his fans. that off beat film had dhamakedar action with srk jumping and punching like never seen before. then there was also a gorila dance of srk jabra jabra fan in that epic magnam opus off beat film.
    the film released on a holiday and took 19 crore opening. but srk fans said look at our king, he gives 20 crore opening with off beat film in non holiday. the film had excellent word of mouth and reviews. but sadly the film dropped on day 2 to 15 crore net which was the real value of the film's opening day. the film finished at 84 crore net and the distributors of the film hanged themselves in the fan of their house.

    and most importantly the film had a epic footfall of 84 lacks. now assuming that many srk fans have watched it more than once and few neutrals have also watched it we can say that srk's real fans in our country is hardly 50 lacks. because all srk real fans have definetly watched fan on theatre because srk made this film for his fans and if some srk fan has missed the film in theatre i can only say this dialouge of srk in my style
    " tum nehi ho srk ke fan"

  4. Look at this gawar .FAN had excellent word of mouth ?in which world .may be in Jodhpur. That's why everyone calls Salman fans as autowala fan base .
    abe dishonest joker yes FAN was flop .so what ? Why are u talking about 2 years old film .u Salman fans should not talk about flops and clashes .otherwise Salman aur tum Salman fans ki pant utar jayegi .

  5. KK, Dangal was non commercial film as it had no popular actress .no good song ,only some situational songs .it wasn't masala film .whereas Sultan had popular actress Anushka .good songs .PRDP was a family drama .all good songs .

    1. @Prashant Babu;
      I thought in Srk fans you have some brain, but it looks like I was wrong.....According to your logic NH10 was also Commercial/Masala because it also have Anushka just like Sultan.....According to your Stupid Logic Swadesh, Chak De India were also Commercial/ Masala movie because they also have good songs.......Abe Gadho kitni Jalti hai tum logo ki Salman ki success se.....If you want to fight then atleast fight fairly......Stupid Srk fans......LOL

  6. BTW, 2 years of FAN .a decent film better than many mindless masala craps like Dabangg, dabangg 2 ,Ready ,Bodyguard ,Judwaa 2 , Golmaal again etc .only gutsy actor can make this type of films not some autowala actor .we are proud of SRK .

    1. FAN'S problem was its ending....When SRK let go of his fan who died, It is not what is expected, and it left a bitter taste in his followers. It is a movie and one would have expected that the Hero would have saved his admirer. Otherwise it was one of SRK's better films.

  7. Comments about box office returns are so negatives that it contributes to patrons staying away, if even it was their intention to see the film.

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