October 1st Week Box Office Collection

October 1st Week Box Office Collection: October has a low first week of around 30.24 crores. However, the trend over the weekdays was good which has given the film a chance to succeed.

This is the lowest first week grosser for Varun Dhawan who has acted in 10 films so far. Though this was expected as the actor has opted out of his comfort zone. The fate of the film is dependent on the second Friday as it has to maintain a good hold. There is not much of a competition in the second week but it will not be an easy task.

October was made on a budget of 40 crores. The film will manage to recover the amount from non-theatrical recovery. But for an average verdict, the lifetime gross should be over 40 crores.

Day 15.04
Day 27.47
Day 37.74
Day 42.70
Day 52.61
Day 62.43
Day 72.25
Day 81.89
Day 93.42
Day 103.75
Total39.30 cr

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  1. SRK and Anushka are now in USA .Zero's climax will be shot there in Rocket and Space centre .Climax is very important of of film as it have outer space connection .

    1. Wish sarook never returns from outer space, let him be a space debris

  2. Actual collection is 27.5 crore .Varun started manipulation to save it from being called flop .

  3. top first week since 1994( boi.com)
    1994- insaniyat
    1996- khiladiyon ka khiladi
    1997- border
    1998- kuch kuch hota hai
    1999- hssh
    2000-mission kashmir
    2001- k3g
    2002- devdas
    2003-koi mil gaya
    2004- veer zara
    2005- mangal pandey
    2006- dhoom2
    2007- oso
    2008- ghajini
    2009- 3i
    2011- bodyguard
    2012- ett
    2013- dhoom3
    2014- pk
    2015- bb
    2016- sultan
    2017- bb the conclusion( bollywood- tzh)

    top stars
    salman- 6 ( solo-6) ,( if you consider only bollywood he has 7)
    aamir-5( solo-5)
    hritik-4( solo-4)
    srk-5( solo-3)
    sunny-2( solo-1)
    govinda, akshay-1( solo-1)

    so this list clearly shows that forget about beating aamir and salman srk's number of top first week is even lesser than hritik who has debuted 8 years after him

  4. Lagta hai tune maths nai padha school me . Trimurti, KKHH, K3G ,devdas ,Veer zaara, OSO,
    Kitne hue ? Its 6 .if I remove Trimurti then SRK have 5 solo highest 1st week .HSSH was also multistarrer .so Salman have only 5 equalled to SRK .
    tere hrithik ki aukaat kya , Kaabil failed to beat 7 years old MNIK opening day collection .

    1. @Prashant. Kkhh was a typing mistake. Bmcm had the highest first week in 1998. So srk had trimurti, k3g, devdas, veer Zara and oso.so total 5, out of them trimurti and k3g are multistarrers. So srk has only 3 solo top first week on yearly basis since 1994. While hritik has 4 solo. So he finishes below Salman, Aamir and hritik. Hssh is not a multistarrer. Saif and monish are nowhere near Salman in initial pull in 1999.

  5. Best suited job for bolywood actors
    makki-truck driver
    (bade bade datowala truck driver and a part time khiladi...kabadi kabaddi)
    salarukh- A begger
    who spreads his arms
    allah ke naam pe dede baba
    bhaijaan the king-actor
    hritik-dance master
    ranveer-begger 2

  6. Only makki and salarukh has the star power to beat october lifetime

  7. @honest man
    HSSH was not the highest opening of 1999
    HkK was
    Btw, it is very much a multistarrer as Salman didn't have any initial pull
    Opening of Badshah>>All Salman solo films of 90s

    1. @srkiansayar. I am talking about first week. Which other solo starters are you talking about? Hello brother in that way was also a multistarrer. Hddcs had Ajay dev gun who gave biggest opener of the year, so how it was solo starrer. Because Hddcs opened low you are saying it as solo starrer, ha ha ha.
      I have explained it many times anil Kapoor was way below Salman in initial pull at that moment, whether it was 1999, 98 or 2000 salman's films were opening way above anil Kapoor films. And tell me how many solo starters of monish bahl and Saif Ali khan opened above even janam samjha Karo. Were they even offered solo hero films.
      Andaaz apna apna, khamoshi etc are also multistarrers, then why not delete them from salman's filmography. Obviously you won't do so because they opened poor and were flops. Why don't you say aamir's andaaz apna apna lost clash to suhaag, why do you count that in salman's lost clashes. Counting andaaz apna apna as aamir's film is actually right because at that point he was a bigger star and he also got way more appreciation than Salman in that film,people don't even remember Salman in that film. Andaaz apna apna from top to bottom is an Aamir film.

  8. He is talking about highest week, not opening .SRK have 5 highest 1st week ahead of hrithik which has 4 .but he had different logics .we consider solo film for comparing highest opening between actors. Not in highest 1st week .What's big deal if trumurti and k3g were multistarers .they were SRK films .but iss joker ko facts manipulation me award milna chahiye.

  9. @Prashant Abhsiekh
    A "lead" role is a role where one is the main hero and rest are supporting roles. Like in Mai Hoo Na, SRK was the lead hero and rest were there to support.
    But in HSSH, Salman has a very limited screen presence, I am sorry to say this but even Monish Bahl had more screen presence, dialogues and camera focus than him.
    If we compare solo films between SRK and Salman
    1992-RBGG(Expected)>>All Salman films
    1993-Baazigar(Sureshot)>>All Salman films
    1994-Anjaam>>All Salman films
    1995-Ram Jane>>
    1997-Koyla, DTPH
    1998-Dil Se, KKHH>>
    1999-Badshah>>Hello brother(Rest 3 were multi starrers)
    2000-DHLJ>>All SRK films
    2001-Salman starrer(Name I forgot)
    So, it's Salman-9
    SRK-16 in last 25 yrs opening day

    1. Who is talking about lead hero? I am talking about who was the biggest star in that film, opening depends on that not lead hero. How much hum sath sath hai would have opened if the film had Manish bahl and Saif Ali khan. Hardly 50 lakes. The how much bn1 would have opened only with anil kapoor. Same as hum apke dil mai rehte hai released that year, 57 lakes. Then why they will get any credit. People before film release do not know who has more screen presence. Look at even the poster of Salman khan's no entry, Salman stands firest.
      And multistarrer means when there is more than 1 saleable stars, bn1 and hssh has only 1 saleable star.

  10. Opening not depends on lead hero ? Toh matlab Dhoom 3 & HNY ki record opening Abhishek bachchan ne di !!

  11. @Honest man
    If BN1 is Salman's solo despite presence of Anil Kapoor then Trimurti is also SRK's solo. Agreed?

  12. @Honest man
    Okay, I just want a simple explanation
    Why do you think "Refugee" featuring unpopular faces and debutantes was a record opener??

    1. @srKian sayar. During trimurti in stardom anil was neck to neck with srk. In 1995 anil had no release apart from trimurti but in 1994 if you make a comparison between the initial of srk and anil kapoor films then they were almost equal infact anil was slightly ahead. 1942 a love story opened better than all srk films in 1994.

      Refugee was a record opener because people wanted to see abolishek Bachchan, so he gets the credit
      And abhishekBachchan was a potential big star in 2000-09 decade. Apart from refugee dust and bunny aur bubly was also record openers. Sarkar opened big, jhoom barabar jhoom in 2007 was the 4 th highest opener that year so he had some kind of stardom.

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