None of my performance deserved a National Award: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has said he does not consider any of his performances that could or should have got the National Award. The actor is yet to win that honor in his career.

"It's kind of audience, jury members and filmmakers that I have won so many awards. For me, to sit back and think about winning award for that (film), it would be demeaning any award. If I did not get it, I don't deserve it," Shah Rukh Khan told reporters at the announcement of Indian Academy awards.

"I don't think there is any performance of mine till date that could or should have got national award. I don't perform according to winning awards. If I don't get an award I don't deserve it," he said.

Shah Rukh was addressing the press conference of the first ever Indian Academy Awards (IAA) executed by Cineyug. The first event will take place at Silicon Valley, California, USA.

"Television has destroyed award functions as awards have become television-friendly it's more for GEC and it's sad. It (award functions) starts with earnestness and ethics that we get best the possible way to judge and give away the awards," Shah Rukh said.

"Everyone tries to be credible, but sometimes reasons of commerce and economics don't let it go to an extent. The assumption would be for every award. We assume Indian academy awards will be authentic and also entertaining," he said.

"I love awards. I have never made any bones about it. I love being an actor, love being a movie star and winning awards for my work. I have been working for years and some kind of recognition is good. For all artists, be it poet, singer, choreographer, dancer, painter, etc you just want applause for your work," he said.

"Any award that I have received, I take it as a collective applause for the work that I do in a year or for a specific film. I do keep a tab on awards, I try and work hard. I feel sad when I don't win an award," he added.

15 comments on “None of my performance deserved a National Award: Shahrukh Khan”

  1. Yes u deserved for chak de...
    But had not given to u..but all the awards given to u r fake..

    1. Tingu ko Rangeela ke liye nahi mila isliye SRK ke saare awards ko fake bol raha hai.

  2. Any records give in a bollywood movie then i sure hi did not take awards because people are loveing it all awards are opp people ss awards give msd actor Sushant you no what did akshay,salman,srk what you expect?

  3. he deserves 'Golden Kela Award' for all of his performances except for 'Swades'.

  4. SRK deserved a national award for Swades but i don't know what SRK fans had seen in SRK's acting in FAN.
    FAN mein toh full over-acting ki hai SRK ne.

  5. u deserved awards fr baazigar, ddlj, devdas, swades...
    rest i am afraid are all won due to either influence or bribe..

  6. SRK is not deserved to win national awards, because national awards are real. SRK won other fake awards by giving bribe and influence such as filmfare, screen etc.

    He always do overacting and copy n paste of dilip kumar.

    1. lol.... Swades vs Saif's Hum Tum and u know what happened?? Saif got national award for Hum tum bcz of corrupted jury member (specially saif's mother who was jury memb)

  7. Srk is the finest actor bollywood has ever had. He deserved definitely for sawades and Chak de.

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