No question of giving 5 cr to Army for Raees as they have refused it: Farhan Akhtar

A few days back MNS imposed the ban on Bollywood films starring Pakistani actors. However later on Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis mediate a deal between the Producers Guild and the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) to allow the safe release of Karan Johar's film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Raj Thackeray also said that every producer who cast Pakistani actors in their films should give Rs 5 crores to Army Welfare Fund. Karan Johar have to donate 5 cr for a safe release of his film.

However this did not go well with the Indian army as the opposed the idea of forced charity. Speaking on the matter, Farhan Akhtar who is producing Raees says that there is no question of giving 5 crores to Army as they have refused it. He aso feels that the film industry was being selectively targeted while other industries continue business as usual.

“By all means pass a law. If you pass a law, you are representing the voice of the people. We’ve elected you to do it, so by all means pass a law. But don’t hold that standard only for the film industry. Why only the film industry? Because we are easy targets. Why don’t you stop business between India and Pakistan, this two billion dollars of business that happens every single year? Stop it, go the whole hog. This is like window dressing,” he said.

Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees has Pakistani actress Mahira Khan in the lead.

16 comments on “No question of giving 5 cr to Army for Raees as they have refused it: Farhan Akhtar”

  1. Well said farhaan....

    Film industry and cricket....also this happens because both cricket members and film industry members r divided...no unity...

    Responsible people like amitabh , rekha(parlement member) shatrughan sinha , hema etc are mum....watching tamamsha..

    And cricket responsible people like gavaskar , sachin , kapil , ravi shastri also r in same boat.

    Also some members r divided and taking benifeet to built their carrier like...akshay kumar, ajay devgan, and benifiting their partners and hamchas like anupam kher some r cyki mad like abhijeet , arjun pandits director,ram gopal varma they also get chance to talk...as nobody leasons to them and in such cases they get opportunity to talk.

    In cricket people like gambhir, bcci chairman and some junior players are seeing opportunity to enter cricket world and some want to hold their chair..

    This gives chance to politicians ....if they attack on other trades all traders will and fight together ...they know it very well...

    If anythink has be closed then it has to be done government officially..so selective politics will end.... and we public just keep supporting such selective politics....common janta jagooo.

    1. Sultan Bhai --- Miya bhai ki daring ?.... May be u said it lightly ...but know this can be taken in wrong way... one should not pass such comments.

      We are from country where -- Miya bhai get happy when Diawali crackers ki khusbu atti , we get happy when nauratri ke songs bajne lagne hai , we miya bhai participate in hOLI & Rangpachmami.

      Vise versa - Our hindu brothers (Mojority) .. when their is ajaan in morning many of hindus gives respect by (apne hands apkho par lekha kiss karte hai - respect)... During moharam taja our hindu brothers & sister gives coconut -- even more then muslims (Yes its fact) , u can see on Haji ali or ajmer shariff almost 25% are our hindu brothers & sisters.

      So we r from such an loving country...our such comments can hurt many...u can see below prasants reacting on your comment...sultan bhai app hum sabko sharminda naa karein --- take care pls

      Similarly i request all others who comments on different sites dont spread haterate based on religion...last 3-4 years situation is changing in india due to political play...but we are all educated indians should be able to understand this politics. thoo kya hua koi apne favourate leaders hai...but dil par hath rakhkar bolo kya yeh jo apne fabvourate politicians silent religion politics play kar rahe hai -- cant we see ? JAGOO INDIA

      1. well said brother....our beloved country is only getting distributed due to so called political parties like congress,mns,bajrang dal etc.....our own govt bjp is not against anyone but these gundas are suppressing us from their gundagiris so we have to stand with each other instead of fighting with each other....

    1. Kjo b bada chauda tha before release, release s din pehle geeli ho gai thi uski, Bhatts k pass gya ki bacha lo sadak p aa jaunga

  2. @munir according to you Khan's are only right but let me tell tou one thing in 2015 your favorite actor shahrukh and ammir said that there is intolerance in india mind it and stop comparing these traitors with patriot Akshay

    1. lol... Patriot Akshay?? lol if making patriotic movies make anyone patriot then SRK-Aamir did such movies many years ago (Chak de, swades, PDHH, Lagan, RH)... Akshay is just showing off his patriotism... if u check his last video on twitter, it was just a overacting of patriotism...

      1. Akash cool down...lol...use proper language...see regarding akshay and Ajay I have said..as use common have this both guys taken any time stand in life...how come now in last 2 years they r coming up with new ideas.. lol...be practical sab khel hai...for carrier...what Ajay devgan did to Karan Johar just based on stupid 2 rupees guy Kamal khan's comment... common grow up.....we all know fact...games played by few people here...I am not supporting any khan... I totally again salman for supporting pak actors directly...as I feel is worried of loosing pak fans...where is wrong...so don't take it personally like some politicians doo...

    2. Hey they said it right.. Intolerance has grown in india.. No doubt in that... Unnecessary protest here and there when ever muslims are involved. Why no same protest for non muslims?? What did u do to OM puri who said so bad about our indian soldiers??? Had it said by khan then BJP goons would have forced to cancel their citizenship of india...

  3. @akash lol tera fav actor banata to hai patriotic movie par hai ek no ka traitor pehle bolta hai India me Intolerance hai fir jab film release hone wali hoti hai to army ko paisa donate karta hai aur ek bat bata du tere amir ke bare me jab pak me school me bacho par terrorist ne attack kia tha tab 1 hour je andar shok dikhane ke liye statement dia tha aur aaj uri attack ko minimum 1 month ho gaye hai aur aabhi tak koi tweet nahi kia is liye in logo ka comparison Akki se mat kar Akki ke jaisa banne ne isko 7 janam lagega

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