No one can stop me from singing in Tubelight: Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh has a fall-out with Salman Khan a few months ago. Now the singer says he will definitely sing a song in Salman's next but whether the track will be retained is not in his hands.

Arijit had posted a public apology on Facebook to Salman Khan over some misunderstanding in an award function. The singer had requested Salman to retain his song in Sultan. However, it did not happen.

Arijit Singh and Salman Khan


Arijit will now croon a track in Kabir Khan's upcoming Tubelight, starring Salman. When asked about it, Arijit said, "Well, I will sing in Tubelight again. But after that, what will happen I don't know. But I will definitely sing because nobody can stop me from singing a song. Phir uske baad kya decision hoga woh toh unke upar hai (referring to Salman). Unki naarazgi kitni hai un pe (depend karta hai)," he said.

The singer says he has not spoken to Salman star after the controversy, but hopes to do so in the future. "No, I didn't speak to him. I didn't get a chance to speak to him. May be, I'll get a chance someday and then I will but I don't think he takes these things that seriously. Everybody else made the matter serious," he said.

Arijit also insists that there are no ill feelings between the two. "There is no ill-will from his side either. He has a lot of work in his life, he is not bothered about such things. He works so hard and makes these films. We are entertained. Look at Sultan. It has created so much awareness about a lot of things. He has got nothing to do with this silly small thing. Baaki logo ko padi hai, unko (Salman) nahi," he said.

'Jag Ghoomeya' song in Sultan was initially recorded by Arijit but it was re-recorded in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's voice. "That song will obviously make me feel sad everytime I will think about it. But no issues, I'll move on. When the song was released, I was singing it throughout. It is such a nice song. It is very rare that songs like these are made," he added.

5 comments on “No one can stop me from singing in Tubelight: Arijit Singh”

  1. Look at this Idiot again using Salman name......Salman has not said a word on this controversy till date, he don't bother about these stupid things because he knows that he is right, and since he is right GOD is also with him and see SULTAN became ATBB and cross 300cr mark......At the time of this controversy so many people talk rubbish about Salman and say that Sultan will be flop but what happen later everyone knows.....If he was wrong then GOD will not support him and his movie Sultan will be flop.....Still Salman have not said a word, but this shameless Arijit again using Salman name to gain popularity and to be in lime light.....

    1. A singer like arijit Singh(the most liked and loved singer of this country currently) doesn't need the name of any stupid to become popular.....
      In fact salman is using the name of arijit to get attraction from those who are not giving any grass to salman.....
      Sultan crosses 300cr this thing is well known to you but do you know the charge per song of arijit more than 10 lakhs and
      If salman earns 60cr from a movie in a year then arijit also earns at least 30cr by his own and by singing only.....loll

  2. U re d one making a big deal out of it coz nobody knew anything about it till ur post on Facebook . So keep ur mouth mum. Fatso!

  3. Of course Salman reacted to this matter. Salman told the media that it was the Producer Aditya Chopra who cut off the Arjit's version from the original track. It wasn't at his hand. Even Salman's all versions were rejected by the director Ali Abbas. Salman respected to this matter. I am a die hard fan of the Legendary Salman Khan since from my boyhood. Whatever the reason is I hope Salman will give chance to this amazing soulful singer. I hope this time it works.

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