No one can replace Salman Khan: David Dhawan

David Dhawan has directed Salman Khan in hits like Partner, Biwi No 1 and Judwaa and the filmmaker says no one can ever replace the superstar.

David who will be directing his son Varun Dhawan in Judwaa 2, said Salman is an unpredictable actor.

“There is one Salman Khan and there is no replacement. He is an unpredictable actor…You don’t know what he will do. Once the camera is on he is something else only,” David told reporters.

The director said he has made certain changes in the story for the reboot of the 1997 film. “We have made changes to the original story. We can’t share details,” he said, adding that they have retained two superhit songs from the original film.

“We have two songs with us ‘Chaltih Hai Kya Nau Seh Barah’ and ‘Oonchi Hai Building’,” he said. He is also excited that Karisma Kapoor has shown interest to be a part of the film, and she will have a special scene too.

25 comments on “No one can replace Salman Khan: David Dhawan”

      1. i agree ranveer is a big bully kind of a non sense man.i hate him the most.u can see his interview.he sounds like a bastard,someone who gets something without deserving it one bit,though i don't like sallu but ranveer is a nonsense man.

    1. Better than buddha Jhangri aka Bakri Khan. 2016 mein double role mein bhi flop deta that too with 85 crs !!!!! Lol

      1. kabhi lallu rote hue dekha hein aisa lagta hein jaise hass raha hein...
        aur usko dekh ke hassi foot jati hein..kya non actor hein.acting ki ABCD pata hei kya usko.Aamir ke samne zero hei wo.

    1. Parshya I used to like your comments before when you were appreciating Aamir khan but now from past 2 weeks you are acting just like an idiot . Criticizing Salman in every post eventhough you know that Salmab is the biggest crowd puller in the industry currently . Nowdays I don't find any difference between you and " Disaster Khans " . He has left this site but you are compensating his work here . Aamir dosen't have any release for like 6 months so I wonder you will only criticize other actors till then . Plz grow up and kindly act like a good human being and not as a " gawar "

      1. Dangal ke time kaha tha bro...jab tum log negativity faila rahe the.
        salman crowd puller nahi eid made star hein.apne bheje me dal de.
        only Aamir is Megastar and crowd puller hein dum to Dangal ka record todke dikha fir muzse bat kar

      2. Sach bol toh disaster khan ne site choodh di ???
        Good things happened in my life
        Got some released after a long time
        Sunil tu mere ghar AAA iss khabar ke liye tjhe party dena chahta hun

      3. Well said bro I already said before that parashya only prove here that he is biggest dumb here and not 6 month he have to wait long 2 year for Christmas star

        Too much fun

      4. Parshya Salman Eid made Superstar ? ???? Nice joke
        He has 4 100cr movies without Eid and Your tingu does not even have 1 movie without Christmas . Now who is Christmas made Superstar ? ??? Tingu ko non - holiday pe aane bol 10cr ki bhi opening nahi de sakta ??? .
        PS - I am a Aamir Khan fan as well but when you compare him with Baap of bollywood ( Salman Khan ) in terms of Crowd pull then you need to face the truth .

  1. Agar itna hi acha actor hai toh usko movie mai q nahi leta
    Par looge varun ko hi uska career bachane ke liye
    And salman is criminal not actor

  2. First time a criminal got so much love from all over india and even more than so called king, khiladi etc. So please tell everyone to hate him he is criminal why they made his movies blockbuster.

  3. Salman Khan most loved actor I hope it's not remake of first one then I will be disappointed. First judwaa was special and to make remake will be a shame.

  4. There is no comparison between Aamir and others . Aamir fan base is sophisticated and universal have you seen your elder generation appreciating Salman and SRK , but all appreciate Aamirs acting. Second I guess crowd only decides the business hence you get the answer who is the crowd puller. Lastly to Salman fans yes Salman is the only actor who gives some competition to Aamir but for last 10 years Aamir is the number 1. You can argue fight hate but you can not change the truth. Check IMDB you will find where your Superstars stands in front of Aamir. And if you do not believe in IMDB you are living in fools world.

  5. Bolly arena....Thanks for positng real figures for Raees and Kaabil.
    We are fed up with fake Red chilli calculators. Feb up with inflated figures...

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