New Mutants Trailer - X-Men Series

The story of the New Mutants, a team of mutant heroes comprised of the first graduates from Charles Xavier's school.

The film will release in Cinemas on 13 April 2018.

12 comments on “New Mutants Trailer - X-Men Series”

  1. All slots of 2018 are booked..lets try to predict 2019 releases
    1)republican day-hr action film
    2)holi-kesari (akki)
    3)ram navmi- may be a varun starrer
    4)post ipl - crack maybe...as indepence day is booked
    5)Eid- maybe dabaang..
    6)may day- soty 2( i hope not)
    7)independence-ranbir film
    8)bakri eid- maybe another varun starrer..
    9)gandhi jayanti-don 3.. i really hoped this to happen
    10)diwali- taanaji most likely because don is not a diwali type film...krish was perfect bt hr workes in 1 film each year...
    11)dusshera-maybe gulli boyz
    12)after diwali-mogul
    13)christmas- kick 2 or dhoom 4 starring salman
    This is just for fun and i wished all of them worked

  2. I have never seen Salman Aamir fans claiming that their respective favourite are bigger than Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise Brad Pitt Johny Depp.
    Similarly I have never claimed superstar Ajay to be as big a superstar as Khans(excluding srk whose stardom is less than Irrfan and is a blot at the khan trinity)
    Similarly Akki fans should not compare him with legend like Ajay.
    It would be so much fun for them to fight with Sid or Sushant fans.Because that would be a close contest.And there's nothing wrong in accepting the truth.But all I am asking is just understand your favourite star's standing in your industry.His maximum limit is 130 even if he's part of James Cameron film provided he's the solo hero.
    Just give a good script to Ajay and 200 is a cakewalk for him.Yes akki's movies have done well due to patriotic theme but whom would you prefer in your team someone who scores 20 in every innings or someone like Ajay who maybe inconsistent but can score 300 if it's his day.
    So please Akki fans this is my last attempt to make you understand the truth which is Akki has never ever been a superstar except for 1.5 years when there was a perception that he's a bankable star due to multi star cast.
    And next time when you take any actor's name be it Aamir Salman Ajay Hrithik please use the word sir because they are baap of Akshay at the BO.
    Sweet warning?

    1. Ajay is a product of Nepotism…

      Wanna know how!!!!
      Coz SHETTY Adopted Vimal pan masala

      2.0 @ 2000 CR
      10/13/2017 at 4:55 PM
      Ajay SHETTY ke bagair kab solo hit dega ….
      Ajay says I am Feeling Ashamed of myself that I am surviving due to Rohit Shetty n Vimal Calculator… I feel like Dying ??????????????????

    2. According to BOI latest updates
      Akki Tepk Niche Movie – 200 cr +ww
      Ajay Baadshaho Full commercial Multistarrer
      100 cr ww
      Akki slapped n Kicked Ajay Devgun Ass,??????

      1. SHETTY Again
        This Diwali no logic only Vimal Calculator

        Crushed by a girl SS

  3. @ ceiling Khan, in 2019 There is no meaning of Post IPL as Eid and post IPL will coincide
    .IPl ends in may last and Eid will fall 1st week of June.so most likely Salman will have a release on Eid or u can say Post IPL also .

  4. 2018 Hollywood calander early waiting

    Black panther
    New mutants
    X-Men - the dark phonics
    Avanger infinity war
    Ant men -the wasp
    Mission impossible 6
    Expandable 5
    Transformer bumble be
    Terminator next
    Captain marval
    Fantastic four next
    Deadpool 2

    Expacted list 2018

    Godzilla 2
    Sucide squad 2
    Hell boy reloaded
    Aqua man

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