New Feature: Movie of the Week

We are introducing movie of the week feature. On every Sunday, we are gonna pick one film and recommend it to you.

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na:

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na is our first movie of the week. The film released in 1994 featured Shahrukh Khan. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na was a comedy drama and is one of the rare films in which the hero plays a loser. It is indeed an outstanding movie with a realistic story and an upbeat ending. It currently has a rating of 8.1 on IMDB.

Shahrukh Khan has himself said that it is his favourite film. Many critics also believe that it is SRK's best performance ever. It is very much similar to Hollywood's 500 Days of Summer which was released in 2009.

Unfortunately, the film turned out to be a box office flop. However it is now regarded as a cult film but still watched by few. We recommend you to watch this film and tell us your views.

37 comments on “New Feature: Movie of the Week”

    1. Shah Rukh Khan Hit Ratio : 27/54= 50% 2nd Highest after Dilip Kumar

      Shah Rukh Khan Success Ratio : 37/54= 69%

      Flop Hero Hai To Hit Hero Kya Hota Hai

  1. chal theek hai flop thi film,hero bhi flop maan liya.Ab tujhe kya desh ka pm bna diya kya kisi ne.

  2. No one will understand the quality movies by srk because they are in habit of watching only crap movies of Sallu......

    1. yes true... this is the first site, I saw so many negative comments, dislikes, even in a good article... so disappointed whoever visit this site. try to appreciate good things. By the way, This site is very relevant, but got some unreasonable commentators...

    2. You bhagodawalas....

      Before release- it will collect 300cr/400cr.

      After release- it is quality movie, collections doesn't matter.

      Bloody HYPOCRITES!!!

      1. @tiger cool bro bacche ho usi ki tarah rahoge.....
        Jis time ye movie release hui thi tab tak iss duniya mein meri entry nhi hui thi to before release 300cr 400cr tune kiya tha....
        Naye ho to thoda saanth rho....

          1. Ugly rj,
            Have some sense!!!
            Didn't you loongiwalas predict 300cr/400cr for excusewale & billu 2???

          2. Chuja tiger
            I think you don't have any sense.that's why you are talking like senseless people...
            I had not predicted 300/400cr for dilwale and billu2 as I had joined this site in Jan 2016....
            May be it was your dad....

  3. @Admin:

    I am a newbie to #Bollyarena, though used to comment most of the other Bollywood websites. Today read a few of your articles and find them interesting. Hence, decided to comment regularly now onwards.

    But, I have a suggestion for your site. Whenever someone wants to comment he needs to put his email ID & username each time. This is really irritating, which is stopping many people to comment here. Please do little change to it and make sure that if someone puts his username and email ID for once he doesn't need to put them in future.

      1. @admin:

        Thanks for the reply.

        Yes I am facing the problem. I need to put my email & username to each article..

      2. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa collected 3.5 Crore on a budget of 1.75 Crore and declared Semi Hit not a flop Bollyarena.

  4. Film Paise kamate hai BO Sai jo Log 1-3 saal jhool jate hai naye Anne ki Wajah sai & Respect Kamate hai Performance sai Jo Actor & Whole Crew ko Lifetime ke lye Log yaad rakh te hai.............

  5. Watched this movie when i was too young. Outstanding performance by srk, dont know about others but its a atbb for me......

  6. One of my favourite... though m a salman khan fan but qt that time i used to like both shahrukh and salman equally..

  7. Yes bro the performance of srk is mindblowing in this movie but haters can't see it....haters of srk f*c* you....you all fu***rs are not allowed to stay in this site...go out and wash your face

    1. I warn you don't use words like fukc**. Agar meine shuru kiya na toh tum loongiwalas ko munh sipane ki bhi jagah nahi milega..

      1. I have not used your name in my comment then why are you barking......
        Agar maine bhi abuse worda jyada start kiya to muh chipana to dur tumhara muh hi nhi bachega....

  8. @ugly RJ:

    Read the comment again. I had clearly said you "loongiwalas" not only you. The comment indicated all the loongiwalas.

    1. Chuja tiger I have not indicated your name in previous comment then why you are arguing.....you black donkey.....
      And I think chuja u remain silent unless fff***....

  9. Hahaha friends srk Wo sher hai Jo abhitk chup krke maza dekh raha hai Wo king agr uth gaya to amir aur Salman finish

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