New exciting pictures from Thugs of Hindostan

Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and the rest of the team of Thugs of Hindustan are shooting the film in Malta. A few more pictures from the set have been shared.

Aamir who will play a thug in the historical drama has pierced his ears and nose for his new look. The actor has also shed a lot of weight and is appearing much leaner and fitter.

“It’s well-known how painful nose piercing can be. Not many opt for it to avoid the intense pain. Also, he has gone for two upper ear piercings, which also cause a lot of pain as they have been done on the cartilage bone. On the sets, he screams in pain even when someone touches it by mistake. He isn’t able to sleep on his right side at all,” a source close to the development was quoted saying in a Hindustan Times report.

Check out the new pictures.

Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, Thugs of Hindostan is going to release on Diwali 2018.

33 comments on “New exciting pictures from Thugs of Hindostan”

    1. Going to be epic....
      Now all Sallu and srk fans wants that toh become flop..
      Bt wo ye bhool gaye ki ye Aamir khan ki movie hai koi local star ki nhi....
      By the way congrats Sallu
      For creating record
      50 flop films....
      Ek article to bnta hai ispe @bollyarena.....
      Aur ye @vishal ko kab block kroge
      Iski negativity nhi dikhti
      Kab se fake collection gaye jaa raha hai
      Pta hai tmhra srguuu kabhi sapne mein bhi soch skta 300cr ki 2000cr ki to baat hi mat kro
      Tabhi inko fake lag raha hai..

      1. At least his FLOP will overtake total domestic collections of other smaller Superstars highest grossers like Akshays RR (133) and Ajays SR(141).
        Starpower of Salman !!

    2. The movie is looking extremely good, but don't lie about piercing m, trying to make it look like it's too difficult! People get ears and nose pierced all the bloody time, it's not too difficult, the author is praising Aamir Khan as if he took half of his leg off to make the act look real!

    3. Kar lega wo b agar kareena kapoor ki biopic me kaam karega tab..

      Tere salman jesa nai k ek alag role karne gaya aur pucture ko le duba..

    1. checking in china sites.

      today got shocking news about china box office about fake collections. all hollywood guys doing auditing collections. last 2to3 years. so think about dangal collrctions.

    2. @Parshya sandaas par gaye hain, unko thodi si daher hoygi ane main!

  1. Abhe bhae ,tubelight k box office k baad toh salman ko bolna chahiye, chudiya ,sadi, mala sab pahnke gharme baith

  2. Ek aur yeah hain China ka star.
    Sharm nehi atte Isko. Itna manipulation karke
    Ajay ka tu ek baap ki aulad nehi .
    Agar diwali 2018 pe film na release ki to.

  3. This looks like the Indian version of the pirates of the Caribbean. If so, really sad for Bollywood.

  4. Control your grammer. You named multiple actors and the writer still decide to use ' is ' as the verb instead of ' are ' . Please Bollyarena

  5. Salman Khan fans iss post ke niche aake kyun rota hai...
    Tubelight collection report post ke neeche jaake role....


  6. Look like piretes of the carrabian ...

    I hope movie will not copy of Hollywood ...!

    But i don't care ...

    Piretes was very good movie ...!!!

  7. hmm i like the way of aamir's experiments,im srkian bt for srk din many experiments bt all execution has failed ,n sall fans sallu too experiments socho hi mt sallu ko suit nahi hoga kyu ki wo bas gimick star hai ,action masala bnakr logo ko ullu banata h ,na acting bhi hoti h uska kuch

  8. 3rd class style another boring film style. Amitabachan ka Sahara or raha hai koi ke Malum hai Amir ko ye film flop ho hate gi

    1. Listen bro even I'm not fond of Aamir Khan but there's no pointing making up stuff or saying lies! Aamir Khan doesn't need Amitabh Bachchan as support in the movie, his movies are working and that's it because his movies always has extremely strong WOM something that Tubelight failed to do!

      Weekend is for star power after that it's only
      Movie power! Audience is not stupid anymore they will watch thier favorite star on the weekend because they are free but after that no one will watch a crap movie on weekdays after work or exams!

      Ghar par biwi ki tan tan tan, kaam par boss ka tan tan tan aur phir cinema main Salman ki acting, bhai logo ko maaf karo unme itni shakti nahin, salman ki acting se kahin riots na hojaye!

      1. Aamir movies not only work due to strong content it's his superstardom because of which they do out of the world business. Let aamir movie release on national holiday and you will see how opening records will be shattered. Even akshay kumar also does movies which have great content such as airlit, baby, special 26, Rustom, jolly llb 2 and so on. But how much do his movies collect? Maximum 125 cr. That's it. And now compare to aamir whose movies always set new records and open major clubs like 300 cr, 500 cr and now worldwide clubs like 2000 cr.

  9. Look at all foto it's copie pirates of the Caribbean hahaha or Salman ko bolte hai ke copie karta hai . Tum logoo ki tu khud tumhare Amir big ear wale ne baja di copie copie copie

  10. Wow this is a perfect look for akshay's joker movie...so one can say akshay missed a trick..??

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