Nepotism does not exist in Bollywood: Varun Dhawan

The nepotism debate has been going on in Bollywood since Kangana Ranaut kickstarted the controversy on Karan Johar's talk show Koffee With Karan.

Karan hit back at Kangana, saying that he did not know what Kangana meant by nepotism as he has not worked with his family members, and instead launched several actors and directors.

Now the actor Varun Dhawan says that he doesn’t think nepotism exists in the Bollywood film industry. When asked if nepotism exists in the film industry, Varun said in a recent interview, “I don’t think. I don’t want to talk much about it. We are talking too much about it. We need to stop."

Varun however, praises Kangana, saying, “I like Kangana, her style and more power to her.”

Varun Dhawan was launched by Karan Johar's Dharma Production in Student of The Year. He was recently seen in Badrinath Ki Dulhania which also featured Alia Bhatt.

17 comments on “Nepotism does not exist in Bollywood: Varun Dhawan”

  1. Kangana is crack and varun doesn't know acting and yes nepotism does very much exist in BOLLYWOOD.
    There is not a single talented actor, don't know bollywood is heading?

  2. Abey kitna jhoot bolega tu..agar nepotism nhi hota na beta to tu bhii bollywood me nhi hota..

  3. You know it true. Bollywood is run that way. You have to be the son or daughter of actor X or producer Y else it would be hard to get a kickstart to ur career. Even when they try to call people like Ranveer Singh an outsider at the end of the day he is a relative of Anil Kapoor's wife. So stop denying the truth. You yourself would not get a chance if you were not David Dhawan son

  4. Kangana is crack and varun doesn't know acting. Yes nepotism does very much exist in Bollywood that's why there is not a single talented actor in present generation, don't know where this bollywood is heading?

  5. Aaagaye ek aur mahatma kjo ko support karne
    I salute to kangana as c is fighting alone in bolly against nepotism ,c is one woman army
    Like if u support kangana
    Dislike if u support gay karan

  6. Ranveer singh is self made bruh..usne bollywood me aane k liye bahut hard work kiya aur bahut jyda audition diye jab h wo bollywood me...apne talent ki wajah se...

    1. Hahaha uske dad ne uske phle flim pe paisa lagaya tha tab jaake yrf ne usko break diya..

    1. No dear his dad spent alot of money on his debut..so plzz don't disrespect Real self-made stars who struggle really hard in Bollywood unlike ranveer who got his first break bcoz of his father..

  7. Please stop creating hate for Varun. He is working for trade. If people like him will not be there who will bring revenue once Khans retire. Did you publish Alia's/Sonam's comment on this. Then why Varun's when he clearly refused to comment as well.

  8. sahi h....bhaii...
    agr varun ko David sir launch karte to bhi log bakwass karte agar aisa hota to aaj Abhishek bacchan superstar hota.....talent sabse aage h bhai....or hardwork....aisa hota to srk Akshay bhi superstar na hota.....ye sab bakwass h....siddharth k papa kunse actor h....,shashank khaitan kis actor director ka beta h.....btao koi....kangana is proudy...

  9. Please stop this nepotism bulls hit. It's present in every industry. Do people stop visiting a doctor for treatment just become his father was also a doctor. Do you question the lala at karana store if his father also sat at the shop before him. If it were not for for nepotism we would not have stars like aamir and salman today. Films like 3 idiots and dangal which I'm sure we all loved would not have been made. When gadar broke all box office records and people cheered sunny deol for lifting the handpump it was not because he was dharmendra's son. It was because of his own popularity and hard work. For Christ's sake even raj kapoor father was a big star. So if there was no nepotism all those great movies that he made would not hv been made.

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