Negativity campaign against Mohenjo Daro

Hrithik Roshan's latest release Mohenjo Daro failed to perform at the box office. The film which clashed with Rustom released on 12th August and collected approx 60 cr in its lifetime run. It was declared a flop.

It is now an open secret that Mohenjo Daro was not a bad film at all. It was a decent entertainer and had the potential to cross 100 crore or even more. Then what went wrong with the film?

Unfortunately, a special negativity campaign was launched against the film especially on the social media. There were also few other factors. It was a mixture of negativity, carelessness of UTV and smart marketing of Rustom team which lead to Mohenjo Daro failure.

Mohenjo Daro

The first look of Hrithik Roshan made a huge impact on social and electronic media. But the promo was just about decent and from here a negativity campaign was started. The media and trade were negative against Mohenjo Daro from the day 1. Most of the trade pundits declared Mohenjo Daro a lost cause even before the release which was unethical. Negative reviews were spread on social media when it was yet to be screened.

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Few people from trade were associated with Akshay Kumar's Rustom. Thus the trade was biased against Mohenjo Daro. Bollywood celebrities started to promote Rustom and most of them ignored Mohenjo Daro as if it was not releasing. The perception started to change quickly and on Thursday night it was clear that Rustom will take a big lead over Mohenjo Daro. However, unlike media, Akshay Kumar was supporting both films. He only did his job which was promotion.

When the film released on Friday, few analysts started to write that Mohenjo Daro morning shows have been cancelled due to no audience. The early reviews were also negative and ironically the critics which liked and loved films like Housefull 3 and Dishoom, were complaining about logic and VFX in Mohenjo Daro. The damage was done in the first two days and it was impossible for MD to make a comeback after that.

Mohenjo Daro was a big budget film in which 120 crore were spent. Ideally, whole Bollywood should have promoted this film as there was a lot of money on stake. This year was proved not so good at the box office as Hollywood films were dominating. Instead of supporting, Bollywood got busy in playing dirty games. It indicates that there is no unity in the industry. For them, ego and money matter the most. Thus, there is no surprise why production houses are being shut down.

Here we would like to mention UTV's role in the scenario.

Back in July, a few people from the media sensed that there is a campaign going on against Mohenjo Daro. It was brought into UTV notice but they took no action. Their response was that we had confidence in our product and it will run despite the negativity.

Many don't know that Mohenjo Daro screening was cancelled in UAE on Thursday and only a few early shows were held. Our representative in Dubai told us about the delay as many fans were disappointed. We contacted UTV and told that MD screening is not being held in UAE. However, they did not even care to reply and did nothing. It was a surprise that the production house is itself is not interested in their film. Actually, they were indifferent from the first day.

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The box office has changed a lot in recent times. Now social media and entertainment/trade websites play a major role in shaping the opinion of the general public. Rather than relying on their instinct, people like to read critics/trade verdict before watching a film.

The final word is that Mohenjo Daro flopped due to a negativity campaign and poor handling of UTV. Otherwise, it should have done much better. The industry should take a deep look at the dirty games played behind the door. We also urge the production houses to take films seriously.

48 comments on “Negativity campaign against Mohenjo Daro”

  1. If film was good one..,it would collected more.. After all word of mouth matters...
    This article is unnecessary now..

    1. mohenjodaro is a very good film......this film is not for you,,,,,why you come to comment ......comparing hrithik and akshay.......the performance of hrithik is 100 times better than akshay......
      hrithik has really worked very hard for this movie.....and you all know that hrithik is better than these khans...comparing lagaan-jodha akbar,,,,,,,,,dhoom 2 and dhoom 3.......this a telling example......media and bollywood celebrities are very jealous on hrithik,,,,,salman khan who dont know to dance......is nothing in front of him.....hrithik has all the assets which an actor should have.......hope now filmfare wont do discrimination with hrithik for awards because HRITHIK DESERVES THIS BEST ACTOR AWARDS...IF YOU DONT AGREE THEN YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO WATCH A MOVIE,,,,,KAABIL WILL DEFINATELY ROCK

  2. God will never forgive u Akshay. Karma will hit u ugly kumar. If Im lucky enough then i will saw the day with my own eyes.

    1. Karma finally came to Hrithik after the incident with Kangana. Now are all fairly. Too much meanness he made his colleagues behind the scenes, playing on the public role of an angel

    2. Rassi jal gayi lekin bal nahi gaya
      Abhi to sirf trailer hai tumhari asli
      Aukaat to kaabil aur fighter bhi dikhaigi..!!

  3. Yes agree with you. No wonder why Ajay devgn took KRK incident seriously. Because he was aware of importance of social media and how it ia very imp to control negativity at it its zero stage.

  4. Bollyarena shame u guys..you guys are not doodh ka dhula.i m akki fan but u also sing the song against MD.aaj ro rahe ho u r most dirty politician guys.s hame shame dub mro..

    1. I think bollyarena has to pay back money to utv what they took to promote MD, that's why unki jal rahi hai , this site is similar to krk , ager movie achchi hoti to second day se hi pic kar Leti

  5. Mohenjo daro Rustam achi movie thi but media aur bollywood ke gatiya logo ne flop krwa diya aur yhi kam kuch log ajay ki shivaay ke sath kr rhe h

  6. Exactly!!! Agrees with u @ bolly arena.
    From the first day itself i was saying that its a good film and its far better than the trailer and even i said that i feel shame on critics and actually its big bad luck for Hrithik...

    1. If the film was good then it would have definitely collected well ...!!!
      Accept the fact film was bad and hence it received it's fate ...!!!
      ROFL this film was in making for more than two years and budget is only 120cr ...
      Acha bevakuf banati hai tumhari bollyarena

  7. bolly arena .. i m a big fan of you ... but now you are not accept md movie is average ... i m not agree with you ...!

  8. Arena walo kyo ro rhe ho bhai....bekar film thi pit gai..bt khatam yr...chill maro. Sharam nhi aati kya...Public pagal nhi h achi hoti to chal jati film..BEKAR H BEKAR

  9. Same camp is involved in MohenJoDaro negativity, who is now targeting Shivaay. Very sad for team MJD but, we are with you Shivaay

  10. It's really funny. all the industry of Bollywood conspired to make negativity against Hrithik and MD. In this case, when the film Akshay flop and all the critics write negative and the industry does not support Akshay, it means that the entire industry is in a conspiracy against Akshay? Pathetic attempts losers to justify his failure

  11. Ooo really ???
    The movie was good ???
    Even i'am a hritik's huge fan , iam happy with the result of mohenjo daro .
    If this treat was done with the crap film bang bang then he should have given a nice film ,rather than md.
    Iam sure next time he will choose good script and give us a nice movie.
    Bad movie must get the same treatment from audience.
    Iam happy with the choice of indian audiance.
    Feeling sorry for Bollywood arena as he gave it 4 star, and for me too because I am a huge hr fan.
    That's why Bollywood arena is posting unnecessary article like this, just for excuse.....
    Sorry about bad english , actually iam from nepal .

  12. i have watched it ....and believe me mojo was just an average film......so dont post these nonsense.....word of mouth was also mixed to -ve for the film

  13. @Bolly Arena

    Guys u too were part of that negative campaign and now shedding crocodile tears... Disgusting yaar

  14. Are mere bhayiyo films like md, brother ,action jaction , fan ,happy new year , bombay valbet jaisi filmo ko disaster hone do....
    Taki isse actors ko sikh mile aur hame achche movie.

  15. Comment:Bollywood Arena Team... OHHHH Such a useless article... Worst article till date...
    Rustom is a great movie that's Y it became Super hit and MD was a bad film so the result is in front of us.... Kindly don't post This type of Useless article... Kuch b ha

  16. Bollyarena , come on dear , move on. it's time to support either Shivay or ADHM , which ever movie you prefer..!!

  17. Godless Ajay Devgn from bottom of my heart. This article would never have been posted if Ajay had shown the public what is happening behind doors. First he stopped the monopoly of Yash raj movies now he has made Promotion of movies more cautious. A true fighter fearless Man.

  18. So bollyarena couldn't digest the fate of MD. u called others "biased". Then what about u, bollyarena? U r too much biased in favor of MD(or I should say HR). REAL fact, MD was a poor movie in every aspect(including marketing) & that's your it doomed. Last but not the least all d cinegoers are not FOOL! if movie was good then it will must do a better businesses. Negativity was not a factor for MD..its not a good movie at all.

  19. LMFAO..
    when did critics praised Housefull 3??
    Housefull 3 trailer received even much more pathetic response than MJD
    Still it did respectable 15+ on day 1

  20. If MJD with a solo release would have done well then according to your logic then
    OUATIMD would have record breaking opener at box office if it was a solo EID 2013 release...!!!

  21. Even the so called SRK fans abusing , they don't even know if Fan to was a victim of paid negativity. The movie was good,he is definitely going to be nominated for best actor,but what went wrong for a movie that had huge buzz and was a sure shot potential 100 crs Grosser? Or despite Bajirao M being a very good movie was Dilwale really deserving that verdict and collection? Wasn't there shouts for boycott and intolerance controversy? Am not saying was a victim but even a poor movie of Srk till date is the highest opener HNY It grossed 200+,did the review and initial slamming of the movie by weekend a calculated move? Only time will tell but some of their fans are just blindly in love with that Kjo who am very sure tomorrow can do what Adhi ignored Srk. Just a check for those blindly criticizing Ajay Devgn.

  22. Movie should collect much more.. At it was a much better movie then the 100cr club movies.. Which we never want to watch again.. I will not watch rustum again.. Even i like that movie very much.. But it is the movie "one time watch" md got very much hard work to come with such gud scrit.. And rustum do need such hard work... Bcz it was a story of rustum and he was a great person not the director or actor.. While aki sir is all time gud.. I m saying rustum script doesn't got difficult work to make it..MD is a great movie just due to poor Indian audience.. Who do not know things behind a movie.. Come in words of mouth from here and there.. And watch the movie with negative views.. A bad movie will never achieve awards.. And MD have started taking postions even now... You will not understand who likes the movie like "happy new year" "sultan" "prem ratan dhan payeo" lol "humshakals" ohh god " doom 3" (gud but not that much) and so on.. The hit movies... That's reality of indian audience... And flop like "guzarish" "lunch box" "sarbjeet" etc.. ????

  23. @Sani D am a big Hrithik fan and what you say makes sense. Am now seeing things I pretended not seeing because honestly I never liked Ajay but yes never doubted his superstardom. You are right had Ajay gaga was not known everybody would have kept quite and allow it. Shame on those people. MD was a very nice movie @Sani D me myself did not even know what was going on especially seeing A lesser star movie overtaking it in collections just because of extended adalat series court room movie. Kudos to Ajay. Hrithik will be back with a bang in Kaabil. Best of luck for Shivaay. Full support @Sani.D

  24. Ruston jhantu film thi.... bosrichid bahut log website bana kar mohanjo daro ko badnaam kiya... jiske wajah public Ruston ko choose kiya..... akshay ke fan ke alawa jo bhi.movie dekh usne movie ko achchi movie bataya....

  25. This is a truly unbaised article which I was wondering nobody is posting for a long time. Kudod bollyarena team for showing such courage to portray reality.MD wasn't a bad or average film at all.
    Lots of my relatives, colleagues and friends didn't bother to watch the movie just because of spread negativity and reviews. When they saw it in downloaded version, they regret their decision.
    Neithet I'm fan of Hrithik nor Akshay. After Krish I haven't watched any of the Hrithik's movie. But I understand the hard work, blood n sweat which goes for making historical n period drama. I appreciate such cinema. We'll have to promote n encourage such cinemas.

    Bollyarena team seems to be highly unbiased n logical.... Great....

  26. @Nicks thanks bro MD deserved nothing less than 120 but I also think Rustam too was a very good movie and deserved what it got.Thanks for the wishes good luck kaabil too and Baadshaho too.

  27. @Sani D
    I am a Shah Rukh fan but I supported Ajay Devgn. Just a check too. That Not all Srkians are against ajay. Ajay is one of if Not the best current senior actors along with Srk and then Aamir Khan. I never liked Hrithik movies but as a columnist above said ,I am aware of his hardworking

  28. i watched mj fdfs and completely mesmerised with this movie... i asked my maa to watch it in theaters but coz of so much negetivity she opted not to watched it... then i forcefully took her to theater coz i really dont want her to miss this movie.. its been 4 days now i still she is discussing abt mj...this movie is/was magical.. but negetive campaign killed it... feeling bad for hrithik whom i met very recently.. he a beautiful soul..
    thanks and kudos to bollywood arena for speaking up... being a cinema love this is very disappointing that a brilliant movie like mj is being ignore.

  29. sab se first baat ki md flop hui ... ab vo baat past ho gayi hai ... aur abhi ajay ko insecure feel karne ki jarurat nahi hai ... adhm sirf media hype hai same to md... aur shivaay kya hai vo to puri duniya charcha kar rahi hai .... agar shivaay me hritik ya salman hota to adhm kitni bhi publicity hoti to bhi washout hi hoti ... so just chill ajay 2 kodi k krk k piche padne se kuch ni hoga ... kutta tum pe bhoke vo sahi hai lekin tum kutte ke piche dodoge to tumhari izzat hi jayegi ...!

  30. i would be happy if rustome was a good film and thats why fared better the biggest regret is that Rustom was just like watching Sony TV serial Adalat extended version through out the film akshay was straight face he did not have to act the supporting cast did all the work, it surprises me that it made so much money ....i would rather watch adalat, so something fishy sure is going on in bollywood and due to some egoistic people it the whole bollywood will suffer

  31. Movie should collect much more.. At it was a much better movie then the 100cr club movies.. Which we never want to watch again.. md got very much hard work to come with such gud script and direction.. And rustum do not need such hard work... Bcz it was a story of rustum and he was a great person not the director or actor.. While aki sir is all time gud.. The script of rustum do not need any hard work as it was a biopic..MD is a great movie just due to poor Indian audience.. Who do not know things behind a movie.. Influenced by words of mouth from here and there.. And watch the movie with negative views.. A bad movie will never achieve awards.. And MD have started taking postions even now... You will not understand who likes the movie like "happy new year" "sultan" "prem ratan dhan payeo" lol "humshakals" ohh god " doom 3" (gud but not that much) and so on.. The hit movies...And flop like "guzarish" "lunch box" "sarbjeet" etc..That's reality of indian audience👏👏👏👏

  32. Mohenjodaro was an epic masterpiece! Such a disheartening shame that the mediocre Indian mindset don't appreciate such cinematic epidemics which are rarely made! Hrithik's acting was beyond perfect and phenomenonal. Disappointed in the Indian public. Only a flop in India, not in the international market!

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