Naino Ne Baandhi Song Video - Gold

When words fail, let the eyes do the talking. Presenting the first video song ‘Naino Ne Baandhi’ from Gold, a heart touching melody that will pluck the strings of your heart in the voice of the melodious Arko and Yasser Desai.

11 comments on “Naino Ne Baandhi Song Video - Gold”

  1. my production for Gold

    first day 23-25 in 3200-3500 screen do to the clash with SJ
    lifetime collection +220cr with excellent word of mouth

  2. I read DDLJ was first offered to salman khan and than he rejected. Bollyarena's featured artical. I mean hehe hehehe ☺️☺️☺️???

    Any comments?

  3. Salman phobia everywhere if the post related to Akshay but some people speak about Salman.
    We know some KRK type mind people always speak Salman to get footage.
    KRK always take Salman name to abuse or down grade him even the article related to politics same KRK mentality people I find here also always take Salman name it shows Salman power ...agar log hit b horae hai to Salman ka naam leke.....

  4. Guys akshay fan don't see dream to this film will do 150CT n don't hurt yourself to see dream it will collect 200cr.
    It will do Max 130cr even less.
    Reason Satya meva jayate have more appeal than Gold n got more likes than gold in YouTube.

  5. Satya meva jayate likes 418k
    Gold likes 372k.....
    SMJ have more craze than gold source youtube.
    Before dislike my comment please go n check in YouTube n accept truth.
    SMJ trailer newer than gold still got more likes in YouTube.

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