My top-notch scenes in Rangoon were cut: Kangana Ranaut

Director Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon which released today has received a mixed response from the critics. But its leading lady Kangana Ranaut has been garnering great reviews. Though the actress had not herself anticipated that as she reveals that most of her important scenes were chopped off.

“I didn’t think I’ll be appreciated this much. Many of my favourite scenes, which were important for my graph, were chopped off. I prepare my character’s graph in a linear pattern and when I saw the film, Vishal sir explained why he cut those scenes,” Kangana told reporters here at a post-release promotional event of Rangoon.

The actor, however, added that the editing was fair and important for the film. “Of course it was a very legitimate thing to do. But when I thought that several top-notch scenes of my graph have been cut, all my hopes were shattered. I thought now my work will be so-so, it won’t be appreciated that much. But despite that people are loving it. I am very happy,” she said.

Kangana also said that she hopes it is at least able to recover its cost. “This is a business proposition so, all you want is that the investments should be recovered. “With every film there is this expectation of doing 100-crores. But it should be a beneficial business proposition for everyone,” the actor said.

4 comments on “My top-notch scenes in Rangoon were cut: Kangana Ranaut”

  1. For a fine actors it is necessary to do all the scenes top notch not some scenes only.

    Understand u bloody hell

    Learn something from aamir ranbir and hritik. Not from Salman who do good acting in some parts only.

    Example: in prem ratan dhan payo he was excellent in the role of prem but absolutely miserable in the role of that prince(raja)

  2. Kangana has gone mad. When something goes against her she starts giving stupid excuses. She is kind of self obsessed celebrity.

  3. Though I hate her but her acting in Queen tanu manu ,and last rangoooon was just supernbbbbbbbbb
    No words left for praise

  4. Look who is talking about Acting calling Ranbir and Hrithik though Ranbir is ok but Hrithik?
    It will be proper if you substitute Salman name with Hrithik in terms of doing so good roles like ZNMD and Guzaarish if not better call names likes Aamir Ajay and Shah Rukh. Noon can ever compete with their acting prawness that's a reality that should be accepted any day.

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