My Box Office Predictions for Raabta

Just Imagine.....

Five years ago, a song released from a flop film, Agent Vinod. The song's name, happened to be Raabta.

Five years later, a film's title is named after the song. Sure, that's fine and all, if the name seems more coincidentally than anything else, and if the title doesn't have a particular relation to that song. But....what happens when you see that the title song promo is a remixed version of the song from the flop film that just released five years ago, features Deepika Padukone just as a way to attract eyeballs without her even having a role in the film itself, and features similar scenes of the lead couple running away together from baddies, as was shown in the song promo of the original song?!

Does any of the above sound confusing? Don't be confused, because that, ladies and gentlemen, is a nutshell of Bollywood in 2017! Week after week, a film releases. Flops. Seriously, how much energy can I really put into analyzing this "film" if you even want to call it that?

The trailer released some time ago to a mixed response. It failed to create much buzz. That title item song, featuring Deepika (who as I said, is not even in the film) has probably created more buzz for the film than the trailer itself. But then, that's exactly what shows that this film likely has nothing to offer. The Ik Vaari Aa song has also become popular, but it will add little benefit to the film's opening, nothing else.

Also, the ancient theme portion that the film carries rarely works, as seen with recent box office disasters like Mohenjo Daro and Mirzya.

Sushant's last film M.S. Dhoni - The Untold Story garnered a huge 20 crore opening...but that was because of the Dhoni brand more than anything else. I expect Raabta to have opening day collections of around 25% or even less of that film. Sushant's film before that, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, opened at around the 4 crore mark, so it will be a similar region. There is the Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti holiday in a few regions which will slightly boost collections as well.

My Box Office Predictions for Raabta:

  • Opening Day: 4.75 crore net
  • Opening Weekend: 15 crore net
  • Lifetime Collections: 23.75 crore net
  • Overall Box Office Verdict: Disaster

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21 comments on “My Box Office Predictions for Raabta”

    1. Abe paheli baar isne sahi prediction kiya hai
      But my prediction will be 30
      I am with u bobby this time but ur prediction for BKD and half gf was totally wrong
      So I req to arena for not posting his article anymore

      1. @ Bobby sidhu dont care about these stupids . U carry on your work. I know your all predictions have came true . And will also become true . U please dont care about these stupids who bark. Now u please write an article on Toilet Ek Prem Katha . I am eagerly waiting for that movie .

        1. I will write a prediction for Toilet during the week of it's release. Thank you for being appreciative!

  1. @Bollyarena
    How HRITIK is a bigger star than Akki

    Often we hear questions like who is bigger star between Hritik and Akki. I will show you now.
    Few notes:
    Hritik has only two festive releases-Mission Kashmir and Krishh-3. He made his debut 9 years after Akki. Akki on other hands has most no. of holiday releases-Suhaag, Garam Masala, Jaaneman, Action Replay, Saput,Blue, Aitraaz were all Deewali releases whereas TMK, Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathi ho, Hum Hai Bemishaal were Christmas releases.

    2.2015 clash
    The clash between Rustom And Mohenjo Daro cant decide who the bigger is. Buddha mar gaya won Marigold in clash. Anthony Kaun Hai opened 3 times more than Shaadi karke phas gaya yaar. So are Rakhi Sawant and Arshad Warshi bigger stars than Salman?? Akki has lost clashes against Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan. Are Ajay and Saif bigger than Akki?

    Lets have a brief comparison
    *Highest grosser of the year
    Hritik-3 domestically, 4 worldwide(including K3G)
    Akki-0 domestically, 0 worldwide

    *No. Of Blockbusters
    Hritik-5(KNPH, K3G, Dhoom-2, Krissh, Krissh-3)
    Akki-2(1 was in 1994, 6 yrs before Hritik’s debut)

    *All time Highest grosser
    Hritik-1 domestically(Dhoom-2) and worldwide

    *Record openers
    Hritik-5(Mission Kashmir, K3G, Dhoom2, Krissh and Agneepath)-4 solo

    *2cr+ footfalls
    Hritik-4(KNPH, Dhoom-2, K3G, Krishh-3)

    Hritik-2(KNPH, K3G)

    *Highest opening in national Holiday
    Hritik-20cr +
    Akki-17cr(Singhh is Bling)

    So Hritik is always a bigger star than Akki.


    1. @ samy tu mujhe hritik ka fan kam aur koi mil gaya ka rohit zyada lagta hai. Tujhe mental treatment ki zarurat hai itna bada article likh k tune yeh prove kr diya hai ki as a hritik fan tu insecure hai . Akki to hai hi no 1. And thank u for telling everyone that he is better than hritik.

    2. Carrear analysis between Akshay and hritik
      100 cr movies
      Akki 7
      Hritik 3
      Successful movies
      Akki 45
      Hritik 10
      Akki 26
      Hritik 7
      Superhit /bb
      Akki 10
      Hr 5
      And Akki crushed badly in clash between both superstar
      Rustom collects double of mj in both opening and lifetime in both domestic and ww so akki is bigger star than hr

      1. @Utsav
        LOL Hritik has done very few movies. So how can we compare HR and Akki's no. of movies

        If no. of 100crs mattered than SRK would be a bigger star than Aamir today.

        HR Bang Bang in Non-holiday>>Akki's RR in non-holiday

        And as far as clash is concerned Ajay's Golmaal3 had crushed Axn Replay domestic,ww So is Ajay>>>Akki???

  2. You are wrong ..film will not be disaster ...film will get minimum opening 7-8 cr....mark my words...yours article is a big joke.....next time give a better article...best of luck...

  3. Good to see this idiotic canadian aka Akki compatriot still writing after two consecutive wrong predictions
    This was the same Canadian who said
    Half gf-101cr
    And didnt bother to predict Hindi Medium
    Three canadians(Bobby, Akki, SunnyL) destroying Bollywood.

  4. @samy
    Tum question Bhul gye ho lgta
    Hrithik vs akki krne se kuj nhi hoga
    Ask bollyarena, which is hrithik's next movie lol
    Or otherwise we akki fans have to send tweet to akki sir, please sir give one script to hrithik??

    1. Hritik's next movie is Krissh-3 and that will earn 250cr+(Even as per BOI since u Canada fans keep on blabbeing manipulation everytime)
      And that will be in a "LEAD ROLE". Not Akki type role in 2.0(Uday in Dhoom-3 , Chatur Ramlingam in 3 idiots)

      1. I think sami is mad . Koi isko batao ki hritik aur uske father taklu ji manipulation masters hai . Krishh 3 collection was around 175 cr but they said that it collected 245cr . Similarly Krishh 4 will collect 120 cr and they will say 250cr . Jaisa hritik Waise hi uske fans @samy. Haha haha . Shame on u.

  5. Bollyarena - in which basis you published this person's article in your website? I totally disagree with this prediction. Lets see how Raabta film perform in the box office...

  6. biased and ridiculous reporting. did a weird deepika fan write it? her item song is a huge flop and she is looking so scary.

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