Bobby Sidhu's Box Office Prediction for Manmarziyaan

You would be shocked to know that since 2003, director Anurag Kashyap has directed 13 films, and out of those 13, not a SINGLE film was a box office hit! The best verdict that any of his films have gotten was an “Average” verdict, which was achieved by Dev D in 2009, almost a decade ago. Really, how big of an achievement is that?

I am aware that some may find it unfair to speak so negative about a film before its release, but really, when you have a director who has continuously delivered box office duds, and this director teams up with an actor who has been known to give continuous box office duds himself (Abhishek Bachchan), then well, what can you expect? Abhishek Bachchan’s last solo hit was Guru back in 2007!

To make things worse, the film has gotten an U/A certificate, which will restrict a section of the audience from wanting to venture into the theatres. From the trailer itself, one can see that the film has adult-oriented content, with a Punjab setting, a similarity that was there in Udta Punjab which itself only reached Average verdict despite having more starpower in that film and a huge controvsery generating pre-release publicity.

All in all, the film looks set to struggle at the box office!

My prediction of Manmarziyaan's overall box office verdict: Flop

10 comments on “Bobby Sidhu's Box Office Prediction for Manmarziyaan”

  1. Your decision to predict that MANMARZILYAN will flop at the box office without seeing the movie is unfair, and it seems that it was your intention to create a negative impression before it is shown in cinemas. Many of the director's films may have not made money, but it does not mean that they were, but they made enough to finance a continuous flow of films. Many of the films that critics have declared as not good, have gone on to be box office hits. It is why there are many like me who ignore prejudice opinions like yours and flock to the cinemas.

  2. Bobby Sidhu is back and so are crappy reviews ! Kashyap almost never tried mainstream cinema and still he managed some decent success (GOW was a semi-hit, second part was average but could have done better if TZH didn't release just one week after) and most importantly many of his films are considered cult classics : Black Friday, Dev.D, GOW, etc. Also don't forget that this year he had a huge success with Sacred Games.
    Now Manmarziyaa looks way more mainstream than Kashyap previous films, you can feel the Anand L. Rai's touch from the promos. So after all the surprises we've had this year, one can never be sure what will the verdict be. I'm sure your Bobby Sidhu was 100% sure Stree was gonna be a dud...

      1. Netflix confirmed the upcoming seasons and called it a huge success. Reviews were impressive and it even gathered attention overseas. Check your facts.

    1. The so called 'cult' status is given the hypocritical Bollywood people, when some films dont run as they expect... there is nothing like cult status.. a film will be a hit or flop. Unfortunately all his films are flops, which is a fact. Neight class people or mass people like his films. Only a tiny section of the audience (who are not sufficient to make a film a profit venture) like his films..
      There is no way to find out whether sacred games is a hit or flop.. It is a webseries (not even aired on TV so that TRP ratings can be taken as reference) on a Netflix. The Netflix itself has not many viewers in india, except few big cities.

  3. Nothing against anorag kashyap but I find it funny when ppl tell he is the best director in India...films like margarita with.. Or ugli are watched by hardly anyone in theatres..I really liked black Friday and gow1 and 2 but even those do not make money..instead of complaining why Indian audience does not evolve..they should make mass friendly films..
    Anyways hope mqrmarziyan succeeds..sacred games and gow1 and 2 are one of the best things in Netflix and Bollywood

  4. This is the more commercial film of anurag k. I have the feeling it can click with audience. And to be an hit. And I think tapsee and Vicky great performance and talent added to the film

  5. Audiences are more mature now. He has not mentioned that aspect at all. Also that it is the most mainstream AK film. At least he could have made these observations before giving his opinion

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