Mubarakan Trailer Review

Mubarakan Trailer Review

  • Cast: Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor
  • Director: Anees Bazmee
  • Producer: Sony Pictures Network Productions

Mubarakan is a typical Anees Bazmee kind of film having a comedy of errors. The trailer introduces us to a crazy family of the Singhs. Karan and Charan (Arjun) are identical twins who end up becoming cousins. They both have girlfriends, a fact which is not accepted by their families. Here comes their uncle Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) to the rescue. But in doing so, he might make things more confusing.

Despite being a total comedy film, the humour is missing from the promos. Such kind of films may have worked some years back but not anymore as the taste of the audience has changed. In fact, it looks like a Punjabi film from some years back. But even Punjabi cinema has moved on from this genre and is now experimenting with more dramatic themes.

Arjun Kapoor is again perfect miscast especially in Sikh avatar. He has no comic timing at all and also fails to emote in most of the other scenes. Probably comedy is not his cup of tea and he should try something else. Also, one wonders that if an actor knows his limitations then how he can be cast in dual roles.

Anil Kapoor is the only saving grace in this poor trailer. He steals the limelight (if there was any) through his one-liners. Ileana also looks good while Athiya Shetty is a non-actress. It is sad to see some great actors like Ratna Pathak and Pavan Malhotra being wasted.

The music looks decent with a North Indian flavour. But again the first song in the promo has been copied from a very popular classic song Hawa Hawa. Needless to say that another classic will be ruined by auto-tunes.

Overall it looks like a mixture of Housefull franchise and some other comedies. Though the major difference is that instead of comedy king Akshay Kumar, Mubarakan has mostly non-actors.

Rating: 1.5/5

The only plus is that it will be a family entertainer just like most of Anees Bazmee's films. So it has chances to get some initial in the opening weekend.

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11 comments on “Mubarakan Trailer Review”

    1. Bodyguard, , Ready, Dabbang, Wanted, Dabbang-2 all had negative reviews.
      Akki is a flopstar.
      Even footfalls of Jai Ho>>>+ve rating Airlift

    2. @bollyarena...

      Ur review is decent. But why u doing comedy in article? Comedy king akshay? Hahahaha.. what a joke. Which scene u remember of akshay that u laughed a lot in comedy? He is a good actor i admit that but comedy king? What... his costar like pareshrawal,rajpal,johney,reteish they r comedy king not akshay. With out this costar akshay has flop bundle like joker,teesmarkhan,dedanadan,chandnichawktochina,kambaktishq,khattameetha,singhisbling,actionreply,desiboys,khiladi786,theentertainment,boss nd many more. Look at the list is only from last 10 years if i vl count his all filmography film it vl take ages to write.

      One more question. Leave it about is career flop comedy movies lets talk about any perticular scene with his acting. When he did comedy? What scene??

      Like aamirkhan in ishq:- ram ram ram mara mara mara mara..
      Paresh rawal:- 4 khokhe kon deke gaya tha teri maa ya tera baap
      Wo mai fish kha gaya mast fry kar ke
      Rajpal yadav:- apki ladki bhagi q bhagi running champian thi to ap b bhage puri college bhagi (waqt)
      Many actors did wonderful job like this in comedy..

      Pls explain the meaning of comedy king akshay?? Or tell us that u did a comedy with ur viewers ??..

      Thank you.

      Ur fan

      1. You illiterate rickshaw wala fan base what about welcome,hey baby,herapheri,phir Hera pheri,Singh is king,bhullbhuliya,bhagam bhag , houseful123 all are hits and Superhit

        1. Hahaha...

          Welcome:- comedy done by nana anil paresh
          Heybaby:- ritesh,fardeen,boman nd little bit akshay
          Heralheri nd fhp:- mainly baburao (bit akshay nd sunil)
          Singhisking:- bakwas movie it was blockbuster just bcoz song,promo,nd akshay kumar star value after 4 back to back hits in 2006-07

          Bhulbhulaiya:- rajpal yadav.. akshay bit
          Houseful123 :- not bcoz akshay just bcoz all other side actors

          As i said if ur akshay is king in comedy so y all other movies were flop as i mentioned earlier.

  1. Akshay Housefull was good thanks to Ritesh..
    Akshay Welcome good thanks to anil sir and nana sir..

  2. @Austin u idiot
    You have not watched akki comedy movies yet and u are doing comedy in your comment
    @bollyarena u should give answer to haters
    Why akki is comedy king because he is making fun of you

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