MSG 2 Movie Review

MSG-2 The Messenger Movie Review


MSG 2 Review:

MSG 2 The Messenger is an action film directed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. The film stars Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Arpit Ranka in the lead roles. It has been produced by Hakikat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. MSG 2 The Messenger is releasing on 18 September 2015.


It is a sequel of MSG The Messenger which was also released in 2015. The film received negative reviews though the followers of Gurmeet saint liked the film and are waiting for its sequel.

MSG 2 The Messenger Review

The film revolves around the exploits of the man with the long name and the hairy biceps, who takes on every possible evil in the society. Once he took the task of civilizing the wild tribal people. So he becomes a warrior fighting against the wild & primitive lifestyle of tribal and succeeding in turning them into civilized human beings.

Writer Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has focused on finding a story that elevates his stature among his followers, and has inserted into that story tons of long and sluggish scenes that are also meant to serve the same purpose.

MSG 2 Review: Direction, Editing Screenplay

As expected and projected in its promotional campaign, the film is entirely made on and about one man alone with his name coming up in almost every department in the opening titles. And then further is introduced as a multi-faceted personality who is a spiritual orator, singer, rapper, writer, lyricist, director, music director, art director, action director, choreographer, an active social worker and the enemy of the evil.

The production values are high which has made it watchable. The visual effects are also worth appreciating, as they complement the action in a pretty neat manner. Surprisingly the dialogues are good though the poor dialogue delivery has let them down. Editing is again very bad. The music can bleed your ears.

On the whole we would say that MSG 2 The Messenger is slightly better than its prequel which is an achievement.

MSG 2 Movie Review: Star Performances

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is the only star of MSG 2. He has certainly improved his acting skills. Though he still delivers his lines with a dullness which is too sluggish for the ears, and moves his body like someone else is pulling the strings tied to it.

Arpit Ranka is an actor of caliber but even he couldn’t pull off anything in a space that’s populated with so much nonsense.

What's Good

♦ The unintentional humour
♦ Dialogues


What's Not:

Every thing from

♦ Editing
♦ Screenplay
♦ Acting
♦ Music
♦ Action Sequences


MSG 2 Movie Review: Last Word

Watch it at your own risk.





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25 comments on “MSG 2 Movie Review”

  1. MSG-2 Movie is really good with lot of positive messages to the youth and the whole society. It's gonna leave a good impact behind it.

    The good thing about the movie is No Dirty scenes, No Dirty language, No dirty Dance and No dirty song. No age restriction to watch the movie. I love all the songs of movie.

    I love when I can watch a movie with my family and we always learn something good and MSG's songs and movies and songs are just I want.

  2. I would love to watch this film. Really great with fantastic music. MSG Baba doing great work to reform the society. Specially he want to change the youth from vulgarity to humanity by his films and songs. I must say nobody think of to use the entertainment to change the people ever before. The film industry is just serving adult material with more and more dirty scenes. Hats off to MSG saint to get in the film industry to serve pure and healthy to keep our culture alive.

  3. I've seen d trailer.....n u r talking 'bout its direction;editing....these things r vry gud

    N hw dare u 2 say smthing nonsence 'bout its music

    Everytym i lsten to it n it drives me crazy.....n u r saying its nt gud

    I think u r ryt....its nt gud

    Infact its much more than ur 'GUD'

    itrs faboulous,tremendous....n much more

    So i rate it 6/5.

    Agli baar pese mat lena.

  4. This movie is made to give solid messages for youth . . N definitely it will got success. Everyone should encourage this movie. Modern age really need this.. Waiting 4 18th sept.

  5. I had seen the trailer n songs every thing is superb. The songs are very sweet n party dhoom dham se just rocks.......

    The movie is definitely gonna be superhit


  6. Here i want to Give 10 Point to MSG2-the Messenger out of 10 this is because :-

    1. MSG2 is Reality based movies r the need of our society n this movie is real story of

    uncivilization to civilization of Tribals

    2. MSG2-The Messenger broke d trend set of B-town n gave it its own definition of


    3. It showed dt movie can b super duper hit without expose of actresses, without any

    vulgarity, without double meaning dialogues, abusive words, cheap gestures n item songs...

    4. This movie turned d tables in cinemas n reserved a place for neat n healthy


    5. Millions n millions salute to such saint who z really a true social reformer saving

    today's youth from downfall...

    6. Its a full entertaining which we can watch with our family and has lots of messages

    against social evils if people follow them then India can be best country in the world..

    7. MSG2 is youth of demand and its showing path for making india drug free....

  7. I am in love with this movie, your review is bullshit. I guess you wrote this without watching the movie or something, may be you have something in your mind that keeps saying to you "Baba's movie is bad, its bad, can't be good" stop running from reality! movie was awesome!!

    MSG-2 depicts some real life incidents that transformed the lives of tribal folks living in Udaipur (Rajasthan), and efforts made by Dera Sacha Sauda to rehabilitate them. The movie is basically a success story of joint community efforts, that can inspire the youth who wish to do something for their nation.

    This film will provide a right direction for the creation of a human being who is not just bothered about his own life, but will also work for the unity and integrity of the country and the welfare of the entire humanity.

    The movie is a great mix of gripping storyline, heart-throbbing action, superb background elements, and amazing musical compositions. This film has been shot mostly in Bhan Garh Fort, which is considered to be the most haunted fort in Asia. The eye-catching designer cars, dresses and sets are the center of attraction in the movie. When we look at the sets designed by Guruji, it seems he imports these marvels from the heavens.

    While we look at the actors in this film, most of them are fresh faces, but the way they have delivered their dialogues effortlessly, one can not guess that they are acting for first time in their lives. Under the Reality TV Principle, the amount of humanizing screen time devoted to these characters means that they will either lose (die) or win (emerge as a hero) by the end of the movie. Saint MSG lights up certain scenes with his unabashed panache. The movie gives us a glimpse of that Messenger of whom, our holy scriptures talk about.

    Musical marvels never cease to erupt from Guruji's magical jukebox. Guruji is not just a superhero in the film and real life, but has also written, directed and composed the songs in the film. There are six songs in the movie. One is sung by Amarpreet Kaur Ji Insan, the respectable daughter of Guruji. All the songs are ruling top of the charts.

    While portraying the lives of tribal folks, the movie carries a profound message that when an uncivilized being can live a noble life, why civil people of elite society indulge in filthy acts of binge drinking and obscenity? The movie is intended to evoke selflessness, patriotism and sacrifice among the youth for the country. In short, a paisa-vasool entertainment for your family!!

    The movie has generated a craze that even owners of cinema houses admit they have never seen before for any movie. According to filmy-pundits, the movie will go down in the history of Indian Cinema as not just a blockbuster hit, but also one that generated so much enthusiasm in its viewers and one that changed their lives. Although box office figures are not immediately available, but the movie is slated to enter the 100-crore-club within no time!

  8. Awesome movie... you will learn so many things after wathing this movie, I recommend you to watch this movie...

  9. MSG2 is the awesome movie, this movie give the best messages to the society nd the all over the world

  10. I think the movie was not that bad as the above review says. he might be a hater!

    the movie has a beautiful story line , rocking music that surely will be treat to ur ears. defines party song without any bad indulging activities in it. Giving you a nice social message to eradicate evils from society such kind of movie cant be wrong!

  11. MSG2 has a vry good message fr youth how to bring a change in society nd how to stay away from the bad things.MSG2 has a vry good lesson

  12. Comment: Either these people writing good about this movie are baba ji's followers or insane.This movie is beyond rating and is a self promotion.This movie is looking for a buisness by luring a certain section of people in the name of 'following'.talking bout the action,screenplay,acting,music -just one word 'YUCK!!'. May god give strength to survive to those watchng this crap named 'MSG 2'

    1. you are completely failure to understand meaning of humanitarianism ...means you love only to this physical world.to understand the next world is beyond of power.you did not created this world.you are only iota of this choromondal.

  13. Comment: All your appreciation is sounding absolutely fake as same comment has been posted using name Pankaj Kumar in User review section with 10/10 rating. I have no idea why such a chamatkari baba is using his chamchas to create a fake buzz by posting super positive reviews and 10/10 farzi ratings. Public ko c*****a samjha hai kya....

  14. The movie is SUCKS. Every scean in the movie, i wanted only one thing REFUND. Even though i didn't pay for the ticket but i still want my money back. ??

    Only baba follower or blind n deaf people can resist the movie.

  15. MSG2 changed the movie era.worldly changed the meaning of a film.never came across anybody to this world who won the AWARD DADA SAHEB FALKE ON HIS/HER ONLY 2 nd FILM.

  16. The story of MSG: The Warrior – Lion Heart is the brave story of a medieval warrior who fights for the honor of his land and the dignity of the womenfolk. Paisa vasul movie...must watch it

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