Mohenjo Daro Vs Rustom Advance Booking Report

Mohenjo Daro Vs Rustom Advance Booking Report:

Rustom and Mohenjo Daro advance booking have begun at most of the centers. At multiplexes, Rustom and Mohenjo Daro will get an equal number of shows. At single screens, MD will be ahead.

The early trends suggest that Rustom has taken a lead over Mohenjo Daro in terms of advance booking. There is still one more day left but now it has become a real possibility that Rustom can have a better opening day.

Rustom Advance Booking Report:

Rustom has a good advance booking considering the screen count and genre. The best start has come in Delhi/NCR which is considered as Akshay Kumar's stronghold. It is no surprise that Rustom has sold more tickets at multiplexes.

Even in Maharashtra belt, it has got a good start. That can be attributed to the fact that thriller films tend to do well here. At some of the multiplexes, the morning shows are sold out. In Kolkata, Rustom has got limited screen but still the advance booking is poor. The same is the case with Central India and some of other smaller centers. Tamil Nadu had a decent start.

Despite the fact that Akshay commands his main following in masses, Rustom is taking the lead at multiplexes. The actor seems to have earned good reputation there due to his earlier films Baby and Airlift. Plus Rustom also looked like a multiplex oriented film whose trailer was well received.

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Overall Rustom has sold around 20% of tickets but still at some places the advance booking is not started.

Mohenjo Daro Advance Booking:

Mohenjo Daro has more single screens in North India where the advance booking is okay. However, at multiplexes, Rustom is leading by a good margin over Mohenjo Daro.

In down South, Mohenjo Daro has a very good advance booking and is much better as compared to Rustom. South always contributes more to historical adventure films and Mohenjo Daro is no exception.

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Overall it has sold around 15-17% tickets which is lower than Rustom by a slight margin.

So far Rustom is taking the lead over MD. It is just about the star power and genre which will decide the better opening at different circuits. Akshay is a bigger star in North India and Rustom genre appeals to Maharashtra belt and metros. At these places, Rustom will have a good start. On the hand, Hrithik Roshan has more fans in urban centers and the genre is always super hot in down South.

In the meantime, East India continues to have a poor run. So far the advance booking of both films suggests that none of them will take excellent/bumper opening. At the end, it will depend on the word of mouth. There is still one day left so we can hope that the advance booking will pick up.

Have you booked your tickets and which film are you watching? Also, tell us what are your views about Mohenjo Daro vs Rustom advance booking in the comments section.

32 comments on “Mohenjo Daro Vs Rustom Advance Booking Report”

  1. In Kerala nd Tamil Nadu Mohenjo Daro Buzz is Far Far better than Rustom( even though the buzz is below than previous HR movies like Baang Baang nd Krrish 3)

  2. Will watch MD First Day it self and post the review... 100 peecent... Unbiased....

  3. only Rustom
    because Bhai ne bola hai
    MohanChoo -70 cr lifetime
    26 January
    80cr king vs 70 cr king

  4. Rustom gonna super hit though i am not hater of hritik but trailer and music really disappointed me hope movie will good but I am not gonna watch it in theatre while Rustom music is awesome and story is looking catchi.MD ko single screen jyada mili hai par single screen audience(mass) ko music bahut hi Jyada effect karta hai means agar movie intresting lag Rahi ho aur koi song aa jaye bure song Jo MD main hai to mass public ko wo movie avg. Lagegi aur wo accept hi Nahi karegi.so single screen main shayad Monday se hi rustom k number badh ne lagenge sorry Hritik fans but this true and this is only movie of Hritik that I am gonna watch it in theatre hope kaabil is best and take a top 3 in 2017 according to collection

    1. krrish 3 has the worst song ever in hrithk's movie but it was solid @ single screens & md songs r bad ?? really?? mohenjo mohenjo is a song which will definately work on single screens ,sarsariya too is the great and best song of MD and the songs in MD r situational people will love them with the movie

  5. Rustom will lead on weekend but surprise will be MD will be low throughout theoretical run. Rustom lifetime 115 crore and MD 85 crores.

  6. mohenjodaro surely gonna have a bigger opening .... first day first show ....mohenjodaro

  7. Rustom Guaranteed for three reasons
    i am a fan of Akshay Kumar
    i am a fan of Salman Khan
    i am a fan of Rajni Sir

  8. Dear Bollyarena...even though MD booking is less,dont you think with more prints MD will collect more than Ruston ?

  9. xclusive Review of‪#‎Rustom‬..!! Best film of the Year by so far. Rustom brings to the big screen the scandalous and Outrageous incident that occurred in the 1959. Now to the performances!‪#‎AkshayKumar‬does a complete U - turn with Rustom. Delivering from the mostly comic / action roles he is recognised for, Akshay truly reinvents himself with‪#‎Special26‬,‪#‎Baby‬& Now Rustom. This is, without doubt, one of the most challenging roles in his career. Not only will Akshay's Fans adore him in this new avatar, even the skeptical types will applaud this superb act. National Award Worthy Performance by him seriously!‪#‎IleanaDCruz‬also gave one of the Best Performance of her Career. She Steals the Show all the Way.‪#‎EshaGupta‬also gave TOP Notch Performance.‪#‎ArjanBajwa‬is First Rate. Excellent Performances by all supporting actors. Watertight Story & Screenplay. Dialogues are Clap Worthy. Production Designing is Classy. Music is already Chartbuster.‪#‎TereSangYaara‬is TOPPING the Worldwide Music Charts. Editing is Sharp & Crispy. Direction is simply Mindblowing. On the whole, Rustom is an intelligently woven, slick and smart period Thriller with its subject matter as its USP. It's sure to get listed as one of the most gripping heist dramasbased on real life occurrences. A film that's sure to win accolades, acclaim & awards. Also, Boxoffice Rewards. Strongly Recommended to all of u. Go for it. ☆☆☆☆1/2. 4.5*/5*

  10. In This Case N Season...Its Too Different To Do Well At The Box Office....Even Best Scenerio...Look Like Rustom Is Lead But Around 90Cr Is Enough...MD Is Also Same...But If WOM Turn Out To Be Gud N Better Than Rustom,Expact Around 130Cr-140Cr

  11. whatever I don't want to talk about akshay and his Rustom. .i am a great fan of HR.from Nepal and according to fan following HR MD will be a huge blockbuster ...HR is one of the best actor who can challenge all 3 khans in terms of every aspect ,acting to dance all..We all love u hrithik. ..u r greater than salman in acting..u r as perfect as amir,and u r as equal to srk in romance and sentimental

  12. kisko support ki zarrorat hai woh toh waqt hi batayega. HRITHIK IS GREEK GOD. GOD ko support ki zaroorat nahi hoti.

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