Mohenjo Daro Verdict: Hit or Flop

Mohenjo Daro Verdict: Hit or Flop:

Mohenjo Daro is one of the biggest disappointments at the box office. The film will cause heavy losses to all the people attached to the film.

Production Cost
100 Cr
P & A
20 Cr
120 Cr
Distributing Price
80 Cr
Satellite Rights
40 Cr
Music & Others
10 Cr
Distributor Share
28 Cr
12 Cr
90 Cr


Mohenjo Daro Verdict: Flop

After the opening day, it was thought to be a disaster. However, it witnessed growth over the weekend which saved it from becoming one of the biggest disasters. Still, it is a huge FLOP.

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The producers are in the loss too. But it will be the distributors who have to suffer from heavy losses as they bought it in 80 cr and the final distributor share in India will be 35 crore even in the best case. The TV channels who paid 40 cr for satellite rights will not be able to recover even half of the amount. Overall the debacle of Mohenjo Daro will send shockwaves through the whole industry.

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11 comments on “Mohenjo Daro Verdict: Hit or Flop”

  1. really sad for ritik ........he gives 2yr for mohenjodharo.....n what happened.........

    1. Don't worry bro ,it was an experiment which failed .He will surely bounce back with kaabil and bang all the records with fighter.

  2. @bollyarena its total cost including advertisement is 115 cr. And satellite rights sold for 45 cr. And music rights sold for 15 cr. and it is officially confirmed. Please correct it.
    thank you

  3. Its prove Indian market has no justice for actually good movies
    Indian public want stupid movies like sultan dilwale bajrangi bhaijan & bla bla bla
    I watched this movie more then 5 times excellent ashitosh & hritik
    Music was terrific much better then expectations
    If this movie will give loss to financiers so it's clear indian market is not for good movies
    You will watch movies like sholay hahk hssh ddlj as compare to mohenjo daro this all movies very small

    1. Indian movies are targeted towards teenagers and not towards mature audiences. That's why it's a flop.

  4. Actually Indian people are not interested in meaningful film that's why!!!

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