Mohenjo Daro Trailer Review

Mohenjo Daro Trailer Review

Finally, Mohenjo Daro trailer was released yesterday. The film features Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hedge in the lead roles. The trailer has crossed 1.4 million views on Youtube in 17 hours.


It tells the story of Hrithik as Sarman who is an Indigo farmer. The trailer sees Hrithik’s character based in some other location, but he has a tremendous urge to visit Mohenjo Daro as he always feels a certain connection with this place. He falls in love with Pooja Hegde, who plays the character named Chaani in the film. She is seen in a regal avatar decked in a bejewelled head gear and a blue and red outfit. Kabir Bedi is shown as the ruler of Mohenjo Daro. Hrithik is also seen in some intense action sequences in the film.

The expectations were too damn high from the trailer. However, it is quite safe to say that it has failed to live up to that. But it is Hrithik Roshan's superb act which stands out in the whole trailer. He looks perfect to play the lead role. There are also massive sets, extensive fight sequences and an authentic voice over. It has a realistic touch as compared to fantasy films.

What disappoints us is VFX which is below standards. These days, youth watches Game of Thrones and it will not be easy to fool them. The visuals also remind you of Jodha Akbar and Baahuali. Pooja Hedge's character looks beautiful and shares a good chemistry with HR. The villain should have been better. We also miss A.R Rahman's magic at least in the trailer. Maybe they have saved the best for the film. The trailer is also missing a kick or a mindboggling punch.

One thing more, it has nothing to do with Mohenjo Daro civilization.

Mohenjo Daro Trailer Review: Verdict

The trailer is a good one, however, our expectations were too damn high. The focus is more on the plot rather than showing the actual civilization. Hrithik Roshan is splendid as an ancient named Sarman. It will also be interesting to see how this civilization ended as there is a hit towards the end. We have confidence in Ashutosh Gowarikar as trailer sometimes cannot show the film's scale.

As far as box office potential is concerned, it will depend on the storyline.



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24 comments on “Mohenjo Daro Trailer Review”

  1. Pretty good trailer! Hrithuk was just superb! In terms of rating i would rate it 3.5/5. The opening is gonna be near 20cr , lifetime can be 200cr+ with pos. WOM. if mixed then max 150cr!

  2. @Bollyarena team
    same rating as Sultan with very mixed feedback
    the storyline looks weak or ordinary, poor vfx like shaktiman, and the biggest mistake where is MD era.
    So to what sort of audience it appeals.
    No modern music also hrithik is not so popular among masses, no appeal to mass And class will watch these poor vfx,same old love story or being fooled by comparing this era to MD era?
    Improve yaar

  3. Not even 40% of Bahubali ... very disappointed.Unlike 5ft bbudde khans greek god has lot of potential


    Why he is doing falthu kites,guzarish&now mohenjodaro why??

    2 stars from me.

  4. Poor trailer.. No magic at all.. Hrittik voice is too childish, too husky in such type of role.. It needs a bold voice such as young Amitabh, amrish puri or raja Murad type of voice.. Overall it has no magic at all in trailer.. Rating is 2/5...

  5. Not too much disappointed yaar.....
    The trailer is fantastic but the thing which disappointed is its vfx yaar.....
    But as a whole it is below bahubali but above krissh3(not in vfx) as trailer......

  6. Before trailer I was curious to know about the Genre of the movie.Bcz most of the people have the same doubt in their mind like Is it a Commercial film like Baahubali??? or Is it a niche film like Swadesh and Devdaas ???? Or Is it a mixed type film like Baajirao Mastaani,Jodhaa Akbar,Airlft and Lagaan???

    After trailer I think its not a commercial film like Baahubali either its not a niche film like Swadesh and Devdas.

    Actually its looks like a mixed type film(Commercial + Niche) like Airlift,Baajirao Mastaani, Jodhaa Akbar,Bajrangi Bhaaijaan and Lagaan

    So I am expecting A good/very good opening day collection for this movie (if songs and promos are good then the opening will be EARTH SHATTERING) and a Unbelievable Lifetime collection like Jungle book,Baajirao Mastaani, PK

    For this type of films if the audience accepted content then can create some crazy and Unbelievable records and box office collection in the LONG RUN.

  7. @ Dashing RJ agreeing with u bro.....also Bolly arena ur review is really good. The trailer is good and the film is a mix of massy and class sequence like BB,Airlift and Baajirao Mastaani,Lagaan.
    (Its not a film like Baahubali bcz most of the people expecting that that's why some people feels extremely disappointed and also its not a niche film)

  8. If the response from audience is positive then it will perform extraordinarily in its long run ( this type of films will have great hold in weekdays if the response is good) and it can surprise the trade like what happened with Jungle book.

    But if the response is bad then it will be a big flop
    ( Hope it will get solo release nd great response from audience and will be a Blockbuster)

  9. Pathetic VFX...I have never seen a crocodile literally jumping and flying..This is an Ashutosh Gowariker movie... someone who gave classics...but this is just a period drama Bollywood masala movie.. won't be earth shattering by any standards

  10. I have to say BIASED rating this...How on earth you can give this trailer the same rating as Sultan's which has better VFX & better music...
    This trailer has clearly FAILED to live up to their expectations...First this site started to give biased movie reviews now biased trailer review also...

  11. Very dissapointed with the trailer, its about a love story, i thought that the current generation will learn about the civilization and culture. I understand you need to show a story , it could be anything than a LOVE STORY.

    Very bad, I dont care if Hrithik acts well , he is a good actor & performer. But whats more important is the content. The writers and directors have deceived the people by uising the words MOHENJO DARO , it has nothign to do with it.
    No research has gone into making this film surely.

  12. I would give 2.5/5
    Never expected it to be wholly a love story.
    Could have been better film with MOHENJO DARO's History and Richness.
    Below Average Trailer and film will also be.

  13. The trailer is good but i dont think there is any connection with mohenjdaro.
    This is ordinary story & just given name of Mohenj daro.
    its really hard to believe its 2016BC.

  14. I think movie Ka name mahenjo daro nhi rakha chahiye tha....
    Are yaar kuch aur rakh lete kyuki mahenjo daro se dur tak koi bhi link nhi hai....
    Ye movie somewhat masala and hot actress ki hai....

  15. U people's are comparing the baahubali to Mohenjo-Daro a Real story..

    I support Mohenjo-Daro

  16. I bet AG had different plans in mind but after seeing Baahubali, he pressured himself to this and the end result is sub optimal like this trailer. I am also afraid that AG is losing his midas touch. The trailer, at best, was a mediocre work from some of the best names in the industry. The plot has made it even more demeaning as they have reduced this huge potential to a hero, heroine, villain and a french kiss!!!!!! A missed opportunity for AG and HR

  17. bollywood erena ap to great ho sir udta punjab jaisi vahiyad film ko 3.5 dete ho aur mohanjadaro jaise average trailer ko 3.5 dete ho

  18. i saw this trailer and straight away i was hugely disappointed. May be i was expecting something huge. But at least it should have been like must watch on big screen movie. Unfortunately it is not. It is something which can easily be seen on a mobile or computer if audience have time. No originality. Nothing new. Same old stuff. It would probably be competing with Bombay Velvet for biggest disaster till date.

  19. owauuuu I love this trailer ..mahenjodaro beat all flimmmmms.hrithik is no1 super starrrrrrrrrrrrr.... 5 star.......

  20. Film ka COSTUME jaisa hona tha vaisa nahi hai, Heroin to kisi AFRICA country se aai hui lagti hai. Hritik aur kai dusre actors ka dress Arabian jaisa lag raha hai..

  21. Mohenjo daro will rock coz it's a real history than a fictional imagination story like bahubali!!! Go me rating for trailer will be 4.5 for 5 ,hoping movie will be more than expected coz is ashutosh's film .. AMD remember he also gave tremendous movies like lagaan and jodha Akbar which were amazing !! Never underestimate him and his movies!!!....

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