Mohenjo Daro Trade Response

Mohenjo Daro has received mixed to poor reactions from trade pundits and journalists. The box office response also seems to be below average.


Amod Mehra: (Trade Analyst)

Shocking !! At PVR Juhu to see #MohenjoDaro.. 9.15 a.m. show.. just 9 people in the audience !! Now I am scared

#Mohenjo-Daro : Interval.. Sad to report.. unbelievable but compared to this film.. #Bombay Velvet was SUPER DUPER HIT

Only on failure a child is scared to show his report card to his parents. Now I understand why he refused to show #MohenjoDaro to his family


Girish Johar: (Distributor)

I should not be doing this but love to share #Rustom advances are VERY GOOD & miles ahead.

In a few hours from now....i am about to say YAAAAAAAAAAAAY.....baazi marne waale hain. Rustom

Early trends... #Rustom opens with a 45% start & #MohenjoDaro opens with a 25% ...in early shows


Anupama Chopra: (Critic+Journalist)

@iHrithik is sincere but much of #MohenjoDaro veers between bewildering and bad


Rohit Jaiswal: (Trade Analyst)

To early to announce who will win this clash battle but Day 1 chances of #Rustom winning is more...

Rustom verdict Avg... #MohenjoDaro verdict below avg... Budget wise #Rustom is safe... occupncy wise #Rustom is ahead...


Prakash Jaju:

Info from CI : total of both the films will be 1 Cr today. 40:60 or 50:50.


Raj Bansal: (Distributor)

The latest Advance booking update across India: @akshaykumar #Rustom is way ahead of #MohanjoDaro

Noon show collections of @iHrithik #MohenjoDaro are disappointing. A huge fall is seen & the reports do not support the film.


Vishek Chauhan (Exhibitor)

Nw u wil c all reports being one sided..one soaring..a clear winner emrging..by night one wud accept defeat..#Rustom #Mohenjodaro ..watch


Box Office India:

Rustom has come out on top initially between the clash of Mohenjo Daro and Rustom basically meaning Akshay Kumar comes out ahead of Hrithik Roshan. The opening of Mohenjo Daro is around 25%.

8 comments on “Mohenjo Daro Trade Response”

  1. Both are average or below average...!!!
    Expectation of both movie are high but both are not up to the mark... Khass kar k Md...... Hope both do well

  2. Bollyarena waalo tumne to 4* star diye the is crap ko aur janta is kabad ki bakhiya udhed rahi hain ! kam se kam ritik ko apna look to change karna chahiye tha, Bang Bang ka look leke sadiyo peeche chale gaya ! it's fully bore movie ! only 1 star for climax scene

  3. Feel shame on some critics.... Watched Mohenjo Daro.... 4/5 Really good... If they didnt made compromise on graphics it could have been next Baahubali... Even though really good.... The climax huge thumbs up.... 頎巾睄纮頎巾睄纮... Detailed review soon

    MD and Fan was my most anticipated films of 2016...and I watched Fan first day itself and openly said that its abv avg for neutrals and good one for Srk fans.... So trust me guyzzz Mohenjo Daro a great film...

    Trust me....

  4. Mohenjo Daro Critical reviews are mixed to negative .. SURPRISED... ...

    I think they were expecting more historic accuracies... . ( may be a documentary on Mohenjo Daro)

  5. I am a long time user of this site and i really liked the film...For me the response is mixed to positive....and.. I think it will be a excellent film for every HR fans

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