Mohenjo Daro receives extraordinary response at Censor Board Screening

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Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro is one of the most talked about films of the year. The buzz and hype have been rising with each passing day. A few days back the film was sent to Censor Board for certification.

As per the insiders, all the members of the Censor Board has loved the film. A source says, "Mohenjo Daro is a visual treat. The climax and the action sequences are spectacular. Hrithik Roshan has given one of his career best performance and will win many accolades. It is a complete family entertainer. The film is going to sweep major awards next year. Mohenjo Daro has the potential to rewrite the history."

Mohenjo Daro has been passed without a single cut and has been granted U/A certificate. The run time of the film is approximately 2 hrs and 29 minutes.

Hrithik Roshan is coming back to the silver screen after two years. Mohenjo Daro has been made on a grand scale so the stakes are high. The film will clash with Akshay Kumar's Rustom on 12th August.

42 comments on “Mohenjo Daro receives extraordinary response at Censor Board Screening”

  1. Comment:Itni shandar he to promo me kyo ni dikha kuch itna ghatiya vfx dikha he hme jo hmne promo me dekha he sharm aati he is movie ke vfx ko bahubali se compare krne me pls bollywood yaha bi ek bahubali ki tarah high visual movie bnao ,mera first day collection 8 corore ,weekend 25 corore nd liftim 45 corore bht he aise movie ke liye

    1. Abe bewakoof. Hrithik ki last 4 movies ne above 25 crore ka collection kia hai. ??aur ab 2 saal baad movie aarahi hai to aur jyada jayega. Samjhe. And bahubali ka bhi trailer ghatiya tha, par movie mast thi. Vfx sirf india ke logo ko ghatiya lag raha hai. Foreign ke review padho pata lag jayega. #mohenjodaro will be epic blockbuster.

  2. Wohooo....it will create havoc at the box office....hritik will win filmfare best actor award for mojo....nd I am 100% sure for kaabil hritik is going to win national award for best actor.....waiting for this epic...movie of the decade...

  3. Im a Akshay fan. I have already wasted my money by watching H3,GiB,Sib,boss,joker. So, I don't want to waste my money anymore. I will watch MohenjoDaro.

  4. I dont trust Censor Board Insiders word s... But hope the movie will be really good..

  5. Comment:I am not anti hritik or anti aushutosh ,but against culture of bollywood if production giv 70 corore to the the actor as a movie then in last we get this type of video gam visual

  6. @saan,..this is not a war film like bahubali, 300 etc.....so need to use heavy vfx....story would be awesome...nd in this have hand to hand combat fight scenes, fight with tigers,fight with crocodiles, fight with bulls in market and so on....so bro keep patience....after releasing the movie all ur doubt nd complaint will be clear...nd trailer was above average I know but just b'coz of editing problem......content wise movie would be great....

  7. those who are complaining ... they also know that this movie is going to be epic... im a bollywood movie fan.. i like and appreciate good cinema ... and this movie will create new standard for bollywood... waiting for this movie...

  8. Sorry no need to use of heavy vfx...hritik was paid 50 crores not 68 that was rumour ...total budget of movie is around 160 crores (acc to boi )...so 80 to 100 crores spend on the movie...nd 20 on marketing ...

  9. You mean the Censor Board that claimed PRDP to be the best film of the year ? The Censor Board that loved RA.ONE ? The Censor Board that wanted to ban a good film like Udta Punjab ? Ok... Well, I'm waiting for real critics to give their opinion.

    1. Comment:Yaar prdp good family movie ti nic one otherwise teri sari baat se agree hu

  10. Comment:yaa to pls mohanjodaro ka naam mat khrb kro ye sare indian ke heritage se juda huwa he bnao lov story no pbm but jb nam use kiya he one of the oldest culture of world ka to yaa to usko recreate kro yaa mat use kro nam ok

  11. Comment:Ghatiya movie he i am 80 percent sure dusri kite he nd rahi baat 20 percent ki to aasutosh sir ki movie he kucch bi ho skta he

  12. Rustom getting free publicity on every single article related to MohenjoDaro, aukat aukat ki baat hai.

  13. well.. the trailer wasnt interesting at all with over the top sets and costumes making it feel like a contemporary film... hope it is a disguise though....

  14. Comment:Rustom is decent movie with strong content which promo reflect nd akshay hav decent fan base in masses so akshya movie easily touch 75 corore lif tim nd thts good amount for akshay kumar lik star which hav limited appel in multiplrxex

  15. its a sure shot flop or in best case not more than average...100% confidence...

  16. Similar Report (in fact with Standing Ovation) after Censor Board screening was published for Fan also...
    It shows how reliable "insiders" of bollyarena, or "bollyarena" are...

  17. Comment:disater of century he mohanjodero abhi koi saheb bta rhe te action movie ni he ye thts why vfx ka kam ni he bhai saab itni purani culture ko parde pe kaise dikhage bina vfx ke buildings,log ,rehan sahan ,janwar all thing vfx chaiye aur itns ghatiya he ki hm soch bi ni skte jo mujhe laga promo dekh ke wo crocodile wala video dekha he kitna funny he aisa crocidile vfx to ab video games me bi ni aate

  18. Salman fans ko sirf Salman ki movie acchi lagti hein bhale usme story ho logic ho ya na ho... Mohenjo dharo acchi movie hogi.. Aur haan PRDP kya movie thi yaar isko to oscar dena chahiye tha..mind boggling movie mein aisi movie na bollywood mein dekhi na Hollywood mein...after all megastar of the world ki movie thi


  19. Haan trailor to waqai koi khaas nahi hai. Par ashutosh par mujhe bharosa hai. He hv made lagaan n jodha akbar ..so i am not disappointed..

  20. Lol ye sirf Khan ka pair chatenge especially Salman ka fan... Salman last 10yrs main itna ghatia movie dia hai ki sayad koi actor apne lyf main na de paye.....
    aur baat rahi Hrithik ki everyone knows if nyone give contest to star powet of 3khans in Bollywood is he the only one...last 2 movie Krrish 3 241cr Bang Bang 181cr
    Last 4 movie all superhit
    Haters gonna hate Hrithik gonna rock & it's tym for #MohenjoDaro Epic!

  21. bollyarena what are the screening reports of rustom...... and whatever the reports are ...i will watch rustom first

  22. k3 181 cr
    bang bang 147 cr by trade figure
    k3 240 cr
    bang bang 180 cr by producer figure

    producer figure jhutha hota h trade figure shi hota h

  23. Abe bewakoof. Hrithik ki last 4 movies ne above 25 crore ka collection kia hai. ??aur ab 2 saal baad movie aarahi hai to aur jyada jayega. Samjhe. And bahubali ka bhi trailer ghatiya tha, par movie mast thi. Vfx sirf india ke logo ko ghatiya lag raha hai. Foreign ke review padho pata lag jayega. #mohenjodaro will be epic blockbuster.

  24. @kuch log trailer se movie decide karte hai...Blue, tashan once upon a time in Mumbai dobara,combaqt ishq inn sabke trailer bhi impressive the like rustom but inn sabhi movies ke result hum jaante hai just one word flop.....ar dusri taraf lagaan, jodha akbar, 3 idiots, bajrangi bhaijaan ke trailer average the like mohenjodaro but hum final result jaante h hit ...so trailer se movie ko judge mat karo...tu hai, sarsariya, mohenjo mohenjo teeno hi song impressive hai toh movie grand hogi...means a epic...

  25. @saan bhai tujhe dekhne ko kon keh rha hai ??? ni dekhna mt dekhio rustom 5-6 baar dekho tum but kabhi to 140+ crores karo

  26. censor specially praises climax scene which hrithik also said that this scene is my fav. from the movie & those who r comparing vfx of mjd with bahubali ,bahubali's budget was way higher than md and bahubali was a fantasy movie but md is a realistic movie. So ,its illogical to compare these two . and the last water scene ,didn't u find it awesome and ashutosh is a great story teller mohenjo daro will rock after 12th august

  27. Only htittick is a versatile actor and has the craze .......he has very thing to be. A brilliant actor which very few actor has possessed..... 1good looking ...2 brilliant dancer ...3 versatile 4 innovative.. 5good selection of movie....5 now a brilliant actor so ....no khan is ahead of hrittick

  28. Comment:Me na to Rustom ka support kr rha hu na akshay ka fan hu na hritik Se koi pbm he bas sach bol rha hu dono movie 100 corore ni kr rhi he but my guess rustom jyada collection kregi

  29. @ ...trailer se movie hit ya flop nhi hoti hai..content matter karega long run mein...ashu didn't reveal so much...tigers waali fight ar bhi bhut kuch...movie dekhne ke baad hi pta chalega..uske baad criticism karne ka sense banta hai
    ..but release se pahle woh bhi just basis on trailer you can't decide anything...so plz don't spread negativity ...at least kuch toh hat ke socha ashutosh ne....ar hritik chahta toh dhoom type ki movie kar sakta tha... .anyways dekhte hai...

  30. But hritik chose this ambitious script of ashutosh...hritik did guzaarish type movie that was a awesome movie one of the most underrated movie in hindi cinema. ..manoj, nawajuddin, naseeruddin, kamal chillate rahte h log acting mein but they are nothing in front of hritik acting....one of the greatest actor ever produced by hindi cinema ..kya actor hai .....proud to be a hritikian...

  31. Comment:wo ko kite bi select kiya ta 2 saal bad le ke aaya promo bta rha he ye dusri kite he

  32. It will be a great awesome nd spectacular prehistorical film ever had in bollywood nd just 1 word for the film blockbuster...!!

  33. yeh siddiqui vaisab rustam team se money le chuke hai kya negative cmnt karne k liye about mohenjodaro.12 th aug aane de pehele.shit guy siddiqui

  34. Bhai,,,as per the recent hype created by the media; both movies should get equal opening. As mohenjo daro getting screens around 2500 and Euston around 2000.
    If Ruston gets 10% higher opening than mohenjo daro, collection will be equal to mohenjo daro at best on day1. Then content will work and I am very positive mohenjo daro, which will surely work. Akshya's most movies are flopped due to over hype and good trailor, when they hit the theatres; people's reject the movies and film declared flops at the box office. No doubt 2016 is a successful year for akshya, but that can't guarantee the success for rustom.

  35. Those who are saying that mohenjo daro has poor vfx,for those let me tell you that mohenjo daro vfx is created by best vfx supervisor of hollywood yes it is truth if you don't Bleave see the fight of bakar and zokar that fight is better than bahubali(i think it is better than lord of the rings,game of thrones and 300)

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