Mohenjo Daro Music Review

Mohenjo Daro Music Review

Mohenjo Daro music has been composed by A.R Rahman. The lyrics have been written by Javed Akhtar. The film starring Hrithik Roshan is releasing on 12th August.

The album is quite short with just 3 original songs, one reprise and four instrumental tracks. This time, Rahman has not experimented much like his previous offerings Highway or Rockstar.

Now let’s take a look at Mohenjo Daro music review.

Mohenjo Daro:

Singer: A.R. Rahman, Arijit Singh, Bela Shende, Sanah Moidutty

The title track has pretty much tribunal tunes. It does not have any resemblance to Indus Valley Civilization. The song give you period feel but the lyrics are disappointing. Arijit Singh's brilliant singing makes it a decent song. (2.5/5)

Sindhu Maa:

Singer: A.R. Rahman, Sanah Moidutty

The second track is a tribute to river Sindhu (Indus River in Pakistan). The song has a nostalgic feel and forces you to think about the thousand years old civilization. Special mention to Javed Akhtar's superb lyrics. After few minutes Tu Hai portion from the fourth song gets started which could have been avoided as this was a tribute to Sindhu Maa. (3.5/5)


Singer: Shashwat Singh, Shashaa Tirupati

An interesting romantic track which grows on you. Shashaa Tirupati's soft voice makes it more compelling. But the lyrics are a let down as you will not be able to understand at few places. The tone is also South Indian. Rahman has experimented with the use of various instruments like bass percussion, tabla, flute and mandolin. (3/5)

Tu Hai:

Singer: A.R. Rahman, Sanah Mouidutty

The best song in the album and probably best of the year too. A.R Rahman creates magic not only with the creation but also with his voice. Sanah is also brilliant once again. The lyrics are almost perfect. (4/5)

There are also four instrumental tracks, Whispers of the Mind, Whispers of the Heart, The Summer of Sindhu and Lakh Lakh Tora. First two are quite interesting and grows on you. Summer of Sindhu is an instrumental version of Tu Hai and is quite pleasant to listen. Lakh Lakh Tora is an instrumental version of Sarsariya.

Mohenjo Daro Music Review: Verdict

The magic of Tamasha, Highway or Rockstar is missing this time. A.R Rahman has not experimented a lot though the tunes are original mostly. The album has only three original songs which is a disappointment for such a big film. Overall the songs will appeal to Rahman lovers but it will not help Mohenjo Daro much.

Our Picks: Tu Hai, Sindhu Maa, Whispers of the Mind/Heart
Rating: 3/5

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17 comments on “Mohenjo Daro Music Review”

  1. Just an average songs except " TUI HAY" All r average to above average from MAESTRO.. expecting lot better than this.. Overall disappointed..

  2. Bollyarena don't know on what bases you gave 3/5....it's an average album considering that it is A.R Rahman and MJD Album....all songs are average and slow and few are boring too...not even a single chartbuster song...

    2.5/5 (Max)

  3. When does Rustom music album releases ?? I mean full album.
    Tere Sang Yara is already a chartbuster now.
    Rustom Vahi is a situational one. That too is a thrilling.

  4. Hritik's last film Bang Bang had nice songs. But MD is ancient film so the songs perfectly suit.
    The film now depends solely on the content.
    2.5/5 for Sindhu Maa

  5. Music album is average.i am not gonna watch both MD or Rustom because of some problem but whenever I get free time at that month I will prefer to watch Rustin because Rustom looking far better then MD trailer and music vise

  6. Sarsariya one of the best song of the Year.( slow but very good)

    All others are Avg / Abv Avg.

  7. Huge expectations from this spectacle from such talented people.
    Trailer didn't strike the chord and music really took it down. I still wish the movie will be good.

  8. I was having huge expectation from mj but if mj fails in the box office then hr will definitely push its kabil release date.....

  9. Tu hai is the only Video which I watch & listen also.....A R Rahman & Sanah create magic through their but in the Audio Department & Lyrics make it a Jem &

    The Same things Destroyed the Video Totally the lyrics & The Vocals of Two Singers are totally mismatch with That Time...........I can't understand why they put This Type of Song in a Too Too old time's Adaptation.

    Music is the Legs of Indian Cinema but For Mohenjo-Daro it is Its Most Weak point & Except the Instrumental Songs all Other's Lyrics are totally Mismatch with that Era................My personal opinions

  10. Don't know why but it looks like u r over promoting sultan over all movies even after its under performance in week days..... Mohenjo Daro is a classic movie and music is just perfect to give u a feel of that era.... Mano ya na Mano but u r biased for Sultan (Salman).

    1. I expect something nice from Hritik and a r rehman sir so I am disappointed with music I don't know what is other people's reason may film is better than trailer.but abhi aisa lag raha hai ki sajid Khan ke sath Jo ashutosh ki ladai huyi thi to ashutosh sir badla lene k mood Main hai ki main tujse bhi bade star ko leker tere budget se double budget main Teri humshakal se bhi ghatiya film bana k dikhaunga

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